Why is Coaching The Missing Link?

by Steven Carney on May 15, 2012

For a few years, I’ve been aware that personal Life and Health coaches are less understood by people in the U.S. compared to other places. I thought I’d explain the personal coaching process a bit more, and how it can change your life for the better!

Some people think personal coaching is like talk therapy or sports coaching. It’s not like either! Although talk therapy is a great profession (I studied Psychology for years), it tends to look backward at your history and your responses to life events and relationships.

Neither is personal coaching like sports coaching, where the coach is often seen pacing the sidelines and yelling at their players! Good personal coaches are not that way!

Personal coaching starts where you are today and looks forward. It is uniquely structured to help you to make significant progress toward reaching unfulfilled goals and dreams. Coaching offers unlimited potential for what you want to accomplish, at any age and in all areas of your life!

For example, coaching can:

  • Help you become more clear about what you want to achieve (short and long term).
  • Help you to overcome obstacles and blocks that can limit your progress.
  • Help you set realistic goals so you can reach them and build on that progress.
  • Reinforce and acknowledge progress as you go, helping to improve your confidence.
  • Help to empower you by discovering untapped skills that can help you grow and prosper.
  • Help you to make decisions for yourself, with increased independence and freedom.

In short, coaching is a unique process because it offers the greatest help in a relatively short time (weeks) for the broadest range of the issues and problems you face! Hence, the missing link!  

An effective coach is your advocate and mentor. He or she is compassionate and supportive, helping you on your journey toward greater success. A trained Life, Health or other coach can help you solve a range of frustrations and problems, including job, career, relationship, organization health/wellness, or business issues so you can have the life of your dreams!

On a deeper level, a good coach will help inspire and motivate; support and encourage you on your journey toward greater success! As a result of the coaching process, your self esteem will be renewed and your confidence restored.

Some things a coach should not do:

  • A good coach should not be the primary talker but a good listener, focused on your needs and desires!
  • A good coach is non-judgmental; he or she should not talk down to you or degrade your efforts! No coach, consultant or advisor should do that!
  • A good coach is organized and focused. He or she takes notes during every call to help track your journey. They remembers your goals and interests, and will consistently acknowledge the progress you make.
  • A good coach is highly ethical. He or she does not manipulate your relationship to exploit you, treat you unfairly, or pressure you to join other ventures or to make money off you!

As an example of how a personal coaching relationship works, think about Batman and his loyal servant, Alfred. The best coaches are not the center of attention, focused on their life and plans! They behave more like the loyal servant, Alfred, committed to serving your needs and desires during each call, e-mail and communication you have.

Beware of anyone who claims to be a “Coach” or offer “Coaching” services if they are not trained and certified in a viable program. I’ve encountered this problem myself and it’s been a very bad experience. This coach violated my trust in multiple ways; he did all of the things in that list that a coach shouldn’t do!

So if you want to have more success in all areas of your life (no matter what your age), and to work through issues and difficulties, a trained and certified Life, Health or Business coach can be a great way to go! They will help you overcome those feelings of being stuck or trapped, healing you to have the life of your dreams!

As a coach with dual certifications in Life and Nutrition/Fitness Coaching with 20 years of passion for health, I’ll serve as your trusted friend and mentor. I’ll help you grow and progress in any area that you need help with! Often, you’ll see changes in a matter of weeks!

Your dreams are only a few steps away! Yes, you can achieve them soon!

Remember, ask a free question or request a free session to try out the process and decide for yourself! Use the e-mail contact icon in the sidebar or the link on the About or Fees page!

© 2012 by Steve Carney/End Sickness Now

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