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by Steven Carney on February 20, 2013

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If you have struggled with your weight and you’ve tried fad diets, calorie restriction, cleansing, pills and potions, etc., you probably already know that most of those approaches don’t work! You may have tried those things for years, and find yourself back where you started. I know that can be really frustrating!

Worse yet, you might have gained more weight because short-term diets or calorie restriction often result in weight gain later! There’s a reason why most fad diets and pills aren’t working for you.

Why most diets fail

There are a host of reasons why most diets fail:

  • Temporary changes in nutrition are temporary! Once you go back to your previous eating patterns or habits, you will tend to gain the weight back!
  • Short-term approaches will often turn on your “starvation/survival mode,” resulting in a slower metabolism and added weight, the opposite of what you wanted!
  • Pills and potions like HCG drops are mostly fraudulent, unhealthy and don’t resolve the real causes of your extra weight.
  • Cutting calories also cuts important nutrients, which can rob your body of important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins. You’ll be less healthy, not more!
  • Any loss of muscle or bone while following fad diets will set you back months or years.
  • Yo-yo dieting adds stress to the body and stress can add more weight!
  • Weight gain is really more of a symptom. It’s your body’s way of saying your lifestyle is not working for you; it’s not a good match for your metabolism!
  • Many people suffer from stress and anxiety eating, plus cravings (salt, sugar, carbs, fats, etc.). A temporary diet will not resolve those underlying emotional issues and may actually increase them!

To summarize the above information, any short-term diet is doomed to fail! Loss of nutrients, muscle, and a slower metabolism will all contribute to weight gain once the temporary diet is over. Pills and potions create dependency but those won’t fix any underlying metabolic or emotional-eating problems you might have. If you stress remains high, that also contributes to more weight. And none of the approaches work with the whole you, the entire individual (physical, emotional, cultural, etc.) in a holistic way.

You might not realize it but your muscle is your main fat-burning engine! If you lose even a single pound of muscle on a diet, you will lose the ability to burn about 50 calories/day. That’s pounds of extra weight each month when you return to your regular eating. If the diet slows your metabolism, you’ll tend to add more fat from that too. Together, you have guaranteed more weight, not less!

And diets which cut calories below about 1,500/day for women will often add more stress (I’ve seen some that are 500-1,200)! Stress raises cortisol levels, which adds to weight gain, especially in the abdominal area (the worst location). Yet, millions are spent to convince you to buy these fad diets, pills and potions! The reality is this: They are too good to be true. Don’t waste your money ever again!

If there is anything I want you to remember from this initial overview, it’s this: Do you really suffer from a deficiency of weight loss pills, potions or fad diets? Think about it.

Excess weight is a symptom of a metabolism and lifestyle that isn’t working for you! Put simply, pills, potions or short-term changes will not solve your weight or health challenges and most will make things worse later on!

What can you do?

There are better alternatives that work long-term and the great news is this: You don’t need to count calories, cut calories, or take pills or potions to have a healthy weight and feel great!

First, I want you to close your eyes and imaging that all the weight loss fads, pills, potions, and other things you have tried are on a table in front of you. See each one and remember the frustrations and money and effort you wasted! Look over the whole scene.

Then I want you to imagine that you sweep all those pills, potions and fads into a large garbage can! Yes, sweep them all into the trash, where they belong! Notice the clean, uncluttered table top: it demonstrates a fresh start, a new beginning! Keeping your eyes closed, take 3-4 deep breaths and relax. Give yourself this message: You don’t’ need to worry or fear you weight again ever again! Let those feelings, frustration and sadness go. They are in the past! No open your eyes. The answer is in front of you so keep reading!

A new future awaits!

The way back to health and wellness is to chart a new path! That path will work for you if you adopt a “small changes” or “small steps” approach to your lifestyle issues! For example, a high sugar and refined-carb intake, whether from soda, candy, snack cakes, muffins, crackers, or other sweet/wheat foods will spike your blood sugar and that will add pounds quickly. In reality, refined carbs and sugar = more fat daily! Plus those foods cause bad digestive bacteria to grow out of control, causing cravings for more! More!

Think about all the snacks you have that come in a bag or box. Look at ingredient labels for the foods you buy and any food or snack that has over 10 grams of sugar per serving is a fat-making machine on your body! Yuck!

Now imagine switching to more whole foods, such as crunchy, satisfying nuts (toast at home in a few minutes), low-sugar Greek yogurt, string cheese, olives, crunchy veggie snacks or whole, unprocessed fruits (grapes and berries are fun and portable with no peeling)! All these choices are better alternatives and usually result no weight gain in a snack portion (a handful).

For beverages, what about the myriad of green, white, or herbal teas instead of soda or diet soda? There are hundreds of varieties available now! There’s also coffee (a tablespoon of milk is okay), water with some citrus or fruit juice, or just water to feel satisfied and hydrated!

By making a few small changes 1-2 times a week, you will stop gaining weight and start losing. No dieting at all! No calorie counting, restriction or pills needed! Just simple, easy substitutions, adding in more whole, unprocessed foods in place of processed/junk foods. In a week or so, most people I work with lose 5 pounds. Stay on your new path and you should keep losing. No muscle or bone loss either!

Of course, having expert guidance, support and encouragement to make the best changes for you is important! It will help you get the maximum benefits as fast as possible. Studies have shown that having support and encouragement from another person (especially a professional) is the key!

As a holistic health practitioner, I can help you create a custom lifestyle plan, just for you! I work with the whole you, not just a slice of you!

We’ll discuss a range of possibilities and we’ll follow the same, “small steps” approach so it won’t disrupt your busy life! In a few weeks, you’ll lose weight, have more sustained energy and you’ll sleep better too! How about less wrinkles and better skin? That will also happen.

And if you have depression, anxiety, arthritis, pain, high BP, diabetes and other health conditions, I can help you improve those too (many of those issues are tied to extra weight and the same dietary foods I help you move away from)! The solution to many health and emotional problems are the same, so reaching optimum health and weight happens at the same time!

No matter your age, you can enjoy the optimum health and longevity you desire! Why not start today? Your new life and future can start now! Drop me a line for more details.

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Kurt March 20, 2013 at 8:25 AM

Your own post has proven helpful to me. It’s very useful and you’re naturally very well-informed!

Steve Carney March 20, 2013 at 8:29 PM

Thanks! I do lots of research every day!

Kelvin March 21, 2013 at 3:53 PM

You have a way with words. Excellent work!

bernice March 29, 2013 at 11:01 PM

Your post is quite educational and you’re obviously very experienced in the weight loss area!
You have my focus with your intriguing content. Thanks!

Lino Fetch April 1, 2013 at 5:35 AM

More investigations are being done to examine the efficiency of bio supplements for low Testosterone levels. Another natural supplements which is known to improve T levels is from Ayuvedic Medicine.

Steve Carney April 1, 2013 at 7:43 AM

Yes, hormone levels are improtant for stable weight or weight loss.

In many cases, diet and activity will improve hormone levels with my guidance.

I also recommend supplements when necessary but it’s per each client.

Cyril April 8, 2013 at 8:30 PM

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You hit the nail on the head my friend! Some people just don’t get it!

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