Tips to Boost Energy Today!

by Steven Carney on June 9, 2012

Do you find yourself reaching for soda, candy, or coffee with sugar during the day? How about energy drinks or shots? These cravings are often a sign of blood sugar spikes and drops and you probably have cravings for sugar and refined carbs, considered to be addictive by many health experts.

A roller coaster inside!

Without realizing it, you’re riding a roller coaster! When you have sugary foods early in the day (donuts, refined-grain or sugary cereals, pancakes, toast, etc.) that spike blood glucose in a short time. You feel energized for about an hour. Your brain gets stimulated from the release of “feel good” neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

But those glucose spikes are toxic to your arteries and tissues so your pancreas releases insulin to bring those levels back down. The excess goes to storage in your liver and your fat cells, causing weight gain and liver problems.

In an hour or two, your glucose drops back to a normal level and you feel withdrawal. You crave more! This cycle of hyper stimulation of your metabolism and energy system is very unhealthy and is at the root of numerous health conditions!

Feel energized all day

It’s not hard to tweak your lifestyle to include more Power Foods and Drinks (See my previous post called: Blast 5 Pounds and Boost Energy for more). Switching to more healthy, whole foods will provide more sustained energy throughout the day.

Include more lean protein with meals. Instead of candy or carb-based snacks, try munching on toasted nuts, olives, fruits or veggies, low-sugar yogurt or string cheese. These are more complete foods with vitamins, minerals, fiber and proteins. They digest more slowly and provide more sustained energy. And they won’t cause cravings, setting you free of those addictive tendencies! You’ll feel better overall with better energy and mood all day long, without crashing!

For beverages, try flavored tea or water instead of sugary beverages. How about adding some natural fruit juice to your water for some fun flavors? Be creative!

As a health and life coach, I’m here to help you make these transitions. My approach is to provide personalized support so you can make the small steps that will bring you the biggest rewards! If you have some extra weight, this approach will help you shed pounds without dieting! Plus, I offer a 2 for 1 personal mini-coaching package for just $29.00! Once you try it, you’ll wonder why you waited. You’ll get results in a week or two with 1 call per week!

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