As part of my mission to End Sickness Now, here are some general tips for better nutrition, non-drug alternatives for better health, energy, sleep, disease prevention/treatment, longevity, etc. Because everyone is unique, I’m happy to help with more in-depth guidance and support during weekly phone sessions. 

General health tips:

Most adults over 30 can benefit from a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement because lifestyle  and high-stress living can lower immune function and overall health. For example, as you age, your ability to digest and metabolize junk and processed foods can decrease. It’s important to build your diet on more whole, healthy foods, lean meats, fish, with healthy fruits, veggies and fats (see my numerous articles on these nutrition issues). Avoid fast/junk/processed foods with lengthy ingredient lists (a handful at most). Stress also causes imbalances in your hormonal systems which affects immune function.

Most stores have multi-vitamins on sale all the time. Some decent brands that are worth considering  are Nature Made and Nature’s Way Alive. Nature Made has a line of age and gender-based multi-vitamin/mineral supplements with good vitamin D3 levels for proper immune function, and they have the USP seal (United States Pharmacopeia) for quality, purity and potency. NW Alive has extra enzymes and antioxidants. If you have your own favorite brand, that’s fine too! Make sure it’s tested for good bioavailability.

Be sure to take your supplements with the healthy foods recommended on this site, and a glass of refreshing water or coconut water. These will keep you hydrated and feeling fuller. Coconut water is low calorie (under 50 per cup) and is a good source of electrolytes. These are especially important if you work out a lot or sweat noticeably. 

For your spine and joints, consider a chiropractor trained in the Activator Method. It’s a specialized type of chiropractic considered low-force, low pain. If you are over 40, I recommend a wellness approach for your spine and joints, meaning see a chiropractor every 4-6 weeks to stay well adjusted! I can offer more detail depending on your specific needs.

Here are 3 supplements worth considering (they can help support  weight loss and good energy):

1. Co-Q10. The body’s supply of Q10 often diminishes with age.  

2. NADH can also add feelings of improved energy and well-being.

3. L-carnitine fumarate. L-carnitine can help support fat burning and energy. 

These are all available at good prices from I-herb (shipping is especially cheap) or check your local vitamin store. I can provide more specifics if you need them.

Here are 3 relaxation and sleep aids worth considering:

1. GABA (a calming, anti-stress neurotransmitter).

2. Theanine Serene (a relaxing herbal/GABA formula) or similar blend.

3. Sleep aids with 1-2 mg of melatonin (the sleep hormone) and herbs like valerian, hops, and passionflower. Melatonin can decline with age and that can lead to insomnia or restless sleep. The herbs can help with relaxation.

With the melatonin-containing formulas, try to rotate off a few times per week (or when you are sleeping better) so your body doesn’t develop a tolerance or become dependent. 

Some tips on hormones/HRT:

Although most adults tend to have changing hormones over time, women often have more drastic changes during and after menopause. Basic nutrition and activity are still the foundation for good health, including minimizing the effects and symptoms of lower/dropping hormone levels. There are  supplements (both oral and topical creams) that are worth considering to help support and balance good hormone levels, depending on your needs. See my Articles link on home page: “Aging and Hormone Options” or use this link:

Here are 2 human studies that show that pine bark extracts can help with menopause symptoms:

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Some tips and ideas to consider if you want to quit smoking (I can also help as I quit cold turkey years ago). It starts with a better diet with more fruits and veggies (like is usually recommend) which can help your hormones and your ability to stay off cigarets, to addressing other emotional and habitual behaviors. Last link is about extra insurance premiums for smokers and overweight employees:

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