Think Drugs Are Safe for Kids?

by Steven Carney on July 2, 2012

This is a breaking post! Today, a dominant pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) agreed to pay a fine of 3-billion dollars for off label/non-approved use violations (a common practice for these aggressive companies), and influencing doctors to peddle those drugs!

One very egregious violation was to promote the use of the drug Paroxetine (under the name Paxil) to children, even though it was not approved for anyone under 18 years of age. It was known that some children were more suicidal if they took the drug! Another violation was hiding safety problems in their marketing for Avandia, a common problem found in biased drug research.

The doctors were bribed/given expensive trips, resort vacations, and cash-rich speaking engagements, to induce more sales of these drugs for unapproved uses.

The truth is that these kinds of corrupt practices have gone on for years and the media often ignores them or gives little coverage. They want the drug money for their program advertising and tend to give the industry favorable coverage! This is a rare instance where national and local outlets are covering the story in some significant detail.

My post last week was about how many drugs fail to cure, and included information about corrupt drug company practices and the high number of injuries and deaths resulting from prescription drugs (see second link below).

A few other violations (there are more):

  • GSK was also fined 750 million in 2010 for their poor manufacturing practices for baby products, Paxil, and other drugs (20 total)!
  • AstraZenica was fined 520 million in 2010 for illegal marketing of Seroquel to children and the elderly (Think they care about you or your family’s safety)?
  • Pfizer was fined 2.3 billion in 2009 for illegal marketing of Bextra and other drugs.
  • Update: Pfizer was fined another $491 million in 2013 for off label marketing of Rapamune (see link below).

I don’t know why people trust these companies or take these largely ineffective and expensive drugs. Lifestyle drugs like those listed above are often unnecessary and barely better than placebo! It’s a myth that they cure because they don’t! If you are taking drugs for lifestyle conditions (non-contagious ones), I can help you to explore alternative approaches if you would like to stop taking expensive drugs that won’t cure you!

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I saw this info on teen drug abuse on 12/4/12 and thought I would add it to this post:

On 8/11/13, I saw this new information about $491 million in fines against Pfizer for more off label marketing:

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