The Myth of Disease

by Steven Carney on August 6, 2012

This post is focused on chronic conditions/diseases that are common in most U.S. adults. It doesn’t include contagious diseases like polio or TB (although your immune system and lifestyle are still critical for fighting all contagious diseases).

We are the leaders of lifestyle-driven disease, ones that account for $3.00 of every $4.00 of healthcare costs. You don’t catch chronic, lifestyle diseases you mostly create them! I often use the term “condition” instead of disease because many conditions have few or no symptoms, are often reversible (especially in the earlier years), and reflect our bad eating, inactivity and lifestyle habits. Some examples of lifestyle-driven conditions are:

  • Chronic inflammation (widespread, driven by sugars, refined carbs, processed foods, etc.)
  • High blood pressure (affects about 65 million adults and 20% of those age 24-32)
  • High cholesterol/triglycerides (affects about 70 million adults)
  • Heart attacks and stroke (kill about 800,000 people annually and affect many more)
  • High fasting blood sugar/diabetes (over 100, affects about 60 million adults)
  • Excess weight/obesity (affects about 65% of most American adults)
  • Cancers (most are driven by smoking, nutrition, environment and activity levels)

Add these chronic health conditions with more noticeable symptoms, also driven by chronic inflammation and lifestyle:

  • Arthritis (affects about 50 million with 60% of those cases under age 65)
  • Chronic pain (affects about 100 million Americans)
  • Autoimmune conditions (affects about 25 million)
  • Alzheimer’s (part of dementia, affects 5 million or more)
  • ED (affects about 30 million men, an indicator of circulatory problems/atherosclerosis)

These lists are not all-encompassing but show a variety of conditions that we falsely think are diseases, ones we catch or inherit. In the U.S., we have been misled by drug companies and the government for decades because there are a few common lifestyle habits that cover both lists: an unhealthy diet with toxic levels of sugar (sodas, sweets, cookies, etc.), refined carbs/wheat and processed foods (containing trans fats, nitrates, chemicals), etc. Add destructive habits like smoking and too little activity, and that covers the majority of reasons you have health problems!

Those destructive lifestyle habits often lead to extra weight (even 5 pounds can be harmful) which add more inflammation and hormonal imbalances, increasing the problems you may already have! Obese people often develop metabolic syndrome and other problems that are considered separate conditions or diseases but they all reflect the same bad lifestyle habits (we have that ineffective 1-pill, 1-disease approach). But it’s really simple! Buy tweaking your lifestyle, you can either prevent or treat these conditions in a matter of weeks, and potentially end them forever!

Unfortunately, the drug industry markets heavily, in order to convince you and your doctor that you need their drugs to treat your health conditions. But their drugs won’t cure those problems! You’ll take them day after day, and you will mask the symptoms (I call it warehousing), but you will never be cured because the underlying lifestyle causes are still there! Drugs should be the last resort when all other lifestyle approaches are followed for at least 90 days, not given out like candy!

That’s one reason why statins do not lower overall mortality (besides, high cholesterol by itself does not cause heart disease. See my previous posts on heart disease and statin myths)! Meanwhile the drug companies make billions creating drugs that don’t cure you! The system is corrupt to its very core and it’s driven by simple greed: they want more billions every year. They help sponsor lots of biased, pro-drug studies and anti-supplement studies to scare you! I’ve written many posts and articles about these bias and fraud issues, see links below).

Food for thought:

About 100,000 people a year are killed annually by taking prescription drugs at the recommended dosages! Why do we accept that? Why are so many unnecessary deaths okay?

Why lifestyle evolution works

Not only will an unhealthy lifestyle drive many of the critical conditions mentioned earlier, but your bad lifestyle will activate more disease genes! I’ve written an article about how improving your nutrition and activity (see Links/Articles tab), can turn off disease genes and activate healthy ones! Research has shown that a healthy lifestyle/activity can activate hundreds of genes that will help you fight disease and keep you healthy. This is good news because you have far more control over your health and longevity than you think! But changing these things by yourself, without knowing what to do of when is challenging.

The key is coaching!

The key to improving your health, energy and life is wellness coaching! In a matter of a few weeks, I can help guide, support and encourage you to make a few small lifestyle steps that will bring big rewards (lots of people imagine that it’s too hard to change their eating or activity habits but that’s a myth).

With a coach, It’s easier to take small but effective steps to improve your eating habits and activity levels! Unlike your doctor, who often has little training in nutrition, fitness or lifestyle change, a certified health or wellness coach is trained to help in these areas and to customize a program for your lifestyle! I help you clarify goals and make changes in a way that’s workable for you. I support and encourage you once per week as you progress. I make the process much easier, not harder, and I can help you live a longer life!

In a few weeks, you will be amazed at how much better you feel, often losing a few pounds without effort and feeling more energetic! It’s really not hard at all, it’s only hard in your mind, based on fear of change and wanting to stay in your comfort zone!

Helpful links (because this post takes on many myths, I added more links):

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