The Answer Lies Within You!

by Steven Carney on December 5, 2012

The answer to your health, wellness and longevity is within you! It’s true! It’s not found with drugs or medical procedures outside you unless you have an accident or become critically ill. Most drugs, especially those for lifestyle conditions like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, pain, digestive and autoimmune problems, don’t really heal or cure you.

But no worries, you have the solutions at hand, based on choices you make every day. Those include using the power of your mind to support great health. The challenge is that most people don’t know how find the answers within them!

When you don’t feel well, you’ll probably see your doctor for answers. The doctor offers a diagnosis (sometimes they just guess) and a prescription, maybe giving you some samples. Every day, the drug companies try to sell you on taking drugs for your chronic health conditions. But remember, most drugs treat symptoms; they don’t improve your health fundamentally.

Drugs trick you into thinking you’re better when you’re not! Even when drugs make things seem better, the problems are still there, hidden behind the curtain. It’s like the Matrix movies, where people are warehoused and given a false projection of their life: it’s a well-orchestrated illusion! And remember, many drugs for chronic conditions work because of the placebo effect, an effect which is in your mind!

Treatment illusions

It’s estimated that the drug industry spends around 50 billion annually on marketing, far more than they spend on research (and far more than our last election)! And they’ve convinced millions of people and doctors that their imaginary world of “treatment,” is real when it’s not. They’ve created a well-designed structure of dependency, using fear and indoctrination to keep you taking their pills. The process is designed for their long-term profit, not health restoration! And consider this: people don’t suffer from a deficiency of drugs!

I’ve studied nutrition, health and disease for 20 years, and for more than a year, I’ve been certified in several personal coaching programs. I’ve built up a large, online research library (see Health News) with hundreds of research links. I’ve written more than 75 articles and posts on nutrition, fitness, health, lifestyle and disease. Unlike your average doctor, I think about your health more globally so I can understand how all areas of your lifestyle interact. That’s why I can offer more vibrant health at any age.

The intensity of this work has opened my eyes to new insights and deep understandings about how we can all live without disease and often recover from chronic health problems without drugs or procedures, including their risks and side-effects. I’m amazed by what’s available (including lots of lifestyle alternatives to drugs), and also by how little most medical providers know or understand about true health and wellness! The truth is that most of us create our own health conditions, we really do!

Meanwhile, the medical establishment is focused on disease diagnosis and treatment, not improving health to optimum levels so you don’t need them anymore (if you did, they might lose you as a customer)! They resist new ideas, especially ones that challenge their beliefs from years ago; they defend myths and old ways of thinking to preserve the status quo.

Three examples

1. Most doctors will still tell you that high cholesterol causes heart disease (based on very basic tests and biased research), and that if your cholesterol is high, you need a statin drug (even though most people don’t need them). But know this: cholesterol is not the cause heart disease, a fraudulent claim that has cost countless billions over the years, along with millions of lost lives!

Information about the root causes of heart disease and atherosclerosis has been around for more than 5 years but most doctors are 10 years behind the newest research! Heart disease and athero is mostly driven by diet and inflammation: sugar and refined carbs, processed foods, and chronic inflammation (from excess weight, unhealthy diet, smoking, too little activity), along with oxidized LDL from too many fried foods and veggie oils. Those are the same things that contribute to a host of modern, chronic health problems. See my posts and articles under the Heart Health/Disease category on the right side for more articles on theses issues!

2. Modern wheat is also far less healthy. It doesn’t resemble original wheat or even the wheat we had 50 years ago. Yet most doctors (and the government) still tell you to eat your healthy grains! Again, most docs are way behind the learning curve and give out wrong advice about wheat all the time, which can literally make people sick (see my post on “Wheat: The Bad and the Ugly” for more)!

3. Most doctors will tell you that atherosclerosis can’t be reversed, another falsehood. Even a 20 or 30% reversal in plaque can mean you never have a heart attack! And again, you can do it with improved nutrition, fun activity, and more appropriate vitamin, mineral and antioxidant intake (see my many articles on heart disease and inflammation for more details). Athero comes from how you live and you can improve it with: how you live!

Sadly, even the most common-sense approaches to restoring optimum health are met with doubt or attacked as “unproven” by the established medical system. And the government supports many of these myths about health, aging and drugs as well, because many groups and medical boards are made up of doctors and those friendly to the drug industry. Again, their focus is on disease and symptom treatment, not improving health permanently (if you need to take a drug for more than 30 days, you’re probably missing the real problem)!

So even though we are told to ask your doctor for everything from nutrition to disease, most won’t give you good answers or keys to finding wondrous health. Did you know? Most MDs don’t study nutrition, fitness, optimum health or lifestyle modification! The do have a heavy emphasis on drugs and pharmacology. Most doctors can’t even tell you what optimum health is!

The future is within you!

Still, I’m convinced that progress will come. A group of future-oriented doctors has achieved deeper understandings about the true causes of chronic disease. These are people I follow and respect because they are on the right track! Doctors like Dr. Oz, Dr. Weil, Dr. Hyman, Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Davis, Dr. Lustig, and others, along with breakthroughs in epigenetics, functional and lifestyle medicine are providing lifestyle changes and cures for problems most doctors prescribe useless drugs for.

I can help you (the whole you) unlock the secrets to wondrous, optimum health, vitality and longevity at any age!

I’ll help you map out a plan and uncover hidden skills and abilities you have to help you succeed. We’ll work out the timing you desire, and you’ll be on your way! Expect to feel better and slim down in a few weeks, without dieting. If you’re over 40, I can help you turn back the clock 10 years in a matter of weeks!

In the end, you do have the power to change the world, starting with yourself, then expanding to your friends and family. And because the answers lie within you, the sky’s the limit! That’s because you have no limits! Come home again and discover your true path! The benefits and rewards are valuable beyond measure!

If you would like to experience fantastic, wondrous health, explore this site and drop me a line with a question!

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