Sleep Like a Baby Tonight!

by Steven Carney on June 11, 2012

Remember the good old days when you could sleep through the night and awake feeling energized and refreshed? You can sleep like that again, with a few tricks and tips.

Why is sleep so critical for optimum health and longevity? Because it’s the time when you heal and rebuild your tissues and metabolic functions. Many studies have demonstrated the importance of quality sleep and how without it, you can develop a whole range of serious health, mental and emotional problems!

Poor-quality sleep can contribute to:

• Weight gain
• Hypertension/high BP/heart disease
• Decreased immune function
• Higher stress levels
• Memory and learning problems
• Mood, anxiety and emotional disruption

As you can see, it’s critical to get quality sleep each night if you want to keep your health and mental clarity/emotions at their peak! Most experts recommend 7-8 hours for optimum health.

Tips to improve sleep:

• Avoid coffee or alcohol several hours before sleep.
• Wind down and relax for 30 minutes before bed.
• If you tend to worry a lot, write down your thoughts/plans before bed.
• Make your bedroom quieter if necessary (add sound buffers if noisy).
• Consider natural sleep aids with herbs and melatonin (see Tips page above for important details).

With a few small tweaks to your lifestyle, you can sleep soundly again without taking prescription drugs, many of which have very troubling side effects.

As health coach, I’m happy to discuss your needs and help you choose the most effective approaches to give you the greatest benefit in the shortest time! You can improve your sleep tonight!

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