Shocking Doctor Nutrition Myths

by Steven Carney on February 11, 2013

We are often told, “Ask your doctor” to get advice about diet, nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle changes. But if you are one of those enlightened adults who wants to be healthy and youthful as you age,  you need to know this: Only about 30% of doctors study nutrition in medical school.

And as far as I know, they don’t get any training in easy weight loss (without dieting), exercise, fitness, boosting health and energy, preventing colds, flu or chronic disease,  or other ways of improving health and well-being. In other words, most doctors know little about improving your health and vitality so you don’t get sick! It’s crazy!

Instead, most medical schools are heavily focused on disease diagnosis (seeing you not as a holistic being but a collection of organs and tissues) and treatment, using drugs or surgical procedures. There is little emphasis on how to prevent the diseases they treat (many are just ailments or conditions but are called “diseases” so drugs can be prescribed), especially the chronic ones driven by lifestyle! The curriculum does not emphasize boosting immune function to prevent colds or other infections (I haven’t had a cold or flu in about 5 years since I’ve fine-tuned my lifestyle).

Several surveys have uncovered some startling results:

  • Only about 25% of medical schools require nutrition courses
  • Only about 27% of medical schools met the minimum of 25 hours for nutrition, a 40% drop from previous years
  • Most medical students failed a test about nutrition and heart disease

Medical schools and research institutions are heavily influenced by the drug industry and those corrupted by their money. Millions are given to schools to maintain the dominant focus on drugs and procedures (along with the power and influence of the AMA).

As a result, many medical people “believe” that drugs work (even though most cure nothing while they disrupt other body functions), and those same people will claim that nutrition or supplements are unproven for supporting health or as treatments (ignorant and ridiculous)! For most, medical training has a narrow, cult-like focus on disease and drugs. More holistic, effective approaches (nutrition, activity, supplements, chiropractic, etc.) are often demeaned!

They are wrong to do this, of course. But I’ve encountered these exact problems with many arrogant, narrow-minded doctors who have talked down to me (even though I do know more than they do in many areas of health and longevity), and encountered additional medical people online, like Registered Dietitians, heavily influenced by their food industry benefactors, who often defend sugar and carb consumption. BTW, the food industry spends billions annually to get you to buy their junk and fast foods).

The bottom line is that most doctors and their treatments aren’t based on real science at all. The drug industry manipulates their research to fit their aggressive marketing, with many of their studies known to be biased, corrupt and fraudulent.

This western medical approach kills well over 100,000 annually and injures millions more every year (somehow that’s acceptable?). Many studies for drugs and procedures have been shown to be heavily slanted in favor of the drug or device company who paid for the research (see link below for more details). They have also been fined billions for their false marketing and deception. Research is all about marketing rather than improving your health. Their profits come well before your health needs!

Did you know? The drug industry spends about 50 billion (yes, billion) annually on marketing, a massive amount of money by any measure (as a comparison, our last election cost a mere 5 billion, and that was bad enough)! The drug companies have indoctrinated many doctors and their patients to this basic falsehood: drugs are safe and effective for your health problems.

Most drugs cure nothing, they only treat symptoms while the underlying source of your health issues remains! And ask yourself this: Do you really suffer form a deficiency of drugs? Deep down, you know the answer: you don’t! Drugs for lifestyle-driven conditions (heart disease, hypertension, cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, most cancers, etc.) constitute one of the greatest frauds in human history (see You Tube video link below for shocking revelations from a drug industry rep).

Examples of the simplistic advice and drugs doctors prescribe for health:

  • Cut fat/cholesterol intake (high cholesterol was never the cause of heart disease)
  • Eat your fruits and veggies (without any useful detail)
  • Quit smoking (and offer a patch or prescription only)
  • Take pills for chronic, lifestyle-driven conditions (hypertension, arthritis, pain, diabetes, etc., pills that never cure anything)
  • Antidepressants for depression (most are no better than placebo)
  • Antianxiety pills for anxiety (not a cure, keeps people dependent)

Many of these simplistic suggestions are misguided or wrong! And just telling a patient they should make some changes or take some pills is not very effective. Where’s the support, encouragement or effective lifestyle modification? They don’t know how, they’ve had no training in it!

Holistic approaches work!

This is why a more holistic approach with personal support is more effective! If you want to be healthy, prevent disease and find alternatives to drugs, a holistic approach is the way to go. It will help you to understand the benefits of feeling better through easy weight loss and improved well-being. It can help you make positive, long-term changes.  You can take back control and become more involved in your health and life directly, without dependency.

When challenges come up, a coaching model provides help and support, with healthy alternatives and forward progress toward your goals. Coaching helps to make those positive changes more long-term! And coaching really does involve skills, support and encouragement, making changes easier. It’s not just telling people what to do.

Modern pioneers

Although there are some ethical, caring doctors (especially ER docs who save the lives of those with serious injuries), most doctors are more narrowly focused on disease diagnosis, followed by drugs or procedures like surgery. These non-curative approaches waste billions annually! The good news is that there are some legitimate medical practitioners who are pioneering new lifestyle breakthroughs and treatments.

There are functional and lifestyle doctors who rely mostly on diet, supplements like vitamins and  minerals, and lifestyle for health, prevention and treatment, such as Dr. Weil, Dr. Hyman, Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Davis, Dr. Lustig, all experts I follow and admire.

Like me, these experts have great success in helping people make small but effective changes to their unhealthy eating and inactivity, and they naturally lose weight, feel better, and age more slowly.

Like me, these experts know that food and lifestyle choices have a powerful influence on health and disease, in many cases, more powerful (and more effective) than drugs! And like me, they can help with boosting your immune health, an important key in fighting off everything from colds to flu and cancer! Like me, they know the basis of these effects is something called epigenetics.

Epigenetics and chronic disease

The relatively new field of epigenetics is the study of how environment and lifestyle (nutrition, activity, sleep, smoking, etc.) affects genes, metabolism, health and disease development. And many health experts now say that 70 or 80% of all the chronic diseases we suffer are not from the genes we inherit but from the way we live and the lifestyle choices we make. Those choices can change our functional genes for the worse, triggering 75% of all the chronic disease people get (and $3 of every $4 in treatment costs)!

It’s clear that these lifestyle approaches really do represent the future, with ineffective drugs and procedures representing the past!

If you value your health and would like to prevent disease with better health and slower aging, we share the same values! It’s not that hard to get the benefits of improved nutrition and health! I can inspire you to make a few small changes that will quickly boost energy, health, and help you to lose weight and age more slowly and gracefully! I can even help you turn back the clock!

Now look at your palms. A future of wondrous health, free of chronic disease lies within your grasp!

As always, feel free to ask a question or comment. As a health professional, I’m here to help you enjoy much better health, true wellness and prosperity!

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© 2013 by Steve Carney/End Sickness Now


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