Secrets for a Long, Healthy, Prosperous Life

by Steven Carney on May 19, 2013

Welcome to the world of total health, wellness and prosperity!

If you want to live a long life or have specific health concerns (prevent disease, weight loss help, better nutrition, more energy, better sleep, longevity, depression/mood, anti-aging/looking younger), or concerns about chronic conditions like hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, etc., you can read below or scroll down to see previous articles.

I can also help you with a broad range of life issues along with business challenges and making more money (feel free to ask me a question too).

You can also use the new search engine (the whole site is indexed), or use the Categories section (I have one for Aging and Longevity), both located in the right sidebar. Don’t forget to explore the Tips, Health News, Life Issues and Biz Coaching tabs for more info and resources!

If you’ve wondered how to live a long, healthy and prosperous life, I have the secrets for you! That’s because I’m trained and experienced in a unique mix of coaching, consulting and training, and I can help you unravel the challenges and complexities you face, then help you find solutions. In just a few calls, I can help with a broad range of health, life or money issues!

My mission is to help you live the healthiest, happiest, and most prosperous life possible, so you can enjoy your life and see consistent forward progress. Leave your problems behind where they belong! Yep, imagine seeing them in the rear-view mirror. Notice how small they become as you move quickly forward!

I’ll help you overcome all your issues, giving you more success in areas you might be struggling with (we all have strengths and areas where we can grow). Let’s look at how and why this works, including several areas where I can help you have the life of your dreams.

General coaching/training

In general, my unique methods will help you uncover possibilities and explore new horizons. Imagine a close friend who points out something new and exciting. Perhaps you’re on a hike or outdoor excursion and they spot something, exclaiming, “Look over there!” That’s part of what I do, help you gain insights and solutions so you can overcome the challenges you face.

Unlike therapy, my coaching/training is meant to get you out of the starting block fast! When I work with clients for the first few weeks (by phone once/week), they usually see improvements already. I went through therapy years ago, and although I don’t have anything against it (it can help people with deeper trauma’s and histories of abuse), things often progress very slowly. I can help you do in weeks what would take months in other approaches!

The reason? My approach, by design, is focused on the future, not the past. It helps you look forward to clarify where and who you want to be. It helps uncover new ways to overcome the obstacles and frustrations in your path, clearing the way for growth and forward progress.

In short, the methods I use are designed to free you from fear, doubt and the things that burden you. You will feel free, light, and enjoy more success. Yes, you can have the life and success of your dreams!

Because I have taken 4 coaching courses (including a wide variety of life challenges and experiences of my own), I’m able to draw on multiple methods and approaches to best fit your needs and desires. Let’s look at some specific areas:

Holistic Health/Wellness

Unfortunately, our medical industry is built on a system of profit and greed, where most symptoms of hormonal, metabolic or other dysfunctions are called “diseases” and treated superficially with drugs or procedures. Those approaches almost never cure anything! The system sucks money out of our economy at astonishing rates (trillions annually), based largely on influence peddling, lobbying and corruption: Science is often misused for marketing; studies are often hyped using misleading headlines, and surprise, the media covers it all breathlessly! It’s a massive industry who’s goals are profit not true health.

Did you know? Most drugs, by design, never cure you or your loved ones; they are designed to treat the symptoms mentioned above (but not underlying causes). The system is also designed to make you fearful and dependent.

What’s worse, many treatments are built on myths, such as dietary fat and cholesterol causes heart disease (sugar, carbs and inflammation generate the most athero), or that all calories are equal (that was never true either), or a host of aging myths repeated daily (there are dozens of those). You go back month after month and get your prescriptions filled but for most chronic conditions (non-contagious), you are not getting better.

Drugs are designed to warehouse you. You won’t get any healthier because the underlying cause (rarely genetic) is still there, masked by the drugs. A few things might look better but they are really not. It’s a pretend system designed for maximum greed!

Why it works better with me

I work with you holistically, meaning I work with you through body, mind and spirit because that’s how we all function! You are a total being, not merely a collection of body parts and organs. Your thoughts and attitudes play a significant role in healing (or remaining sick), along with numerous lifestyle choices. I work with those and all the other levels too (stress, sleep, activity, etc.). Did you know? Most chronic diseases, costing $3 of every $4 of medical care, come from our lifestyle choices, not genetics or fate!

The good news is that lifestyle also offers the solution, and I can help you to improve a whole range of health and related life conditions more cheaply and effectively, such as:

  • Colds, flu, infections
  • Easy weight loss (no dieting)
  • Diabetes/blood sugar problems
  • Arthritis/pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Mood and depression problems
  • Cognition/dementia
  • Cancer (rarely genetic)
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Better relationships
  • Improved work/life balance
  • Any many more health and life concerns

I can even help you reach 100 (with good health and vitality) if you want! Imagine what you could do with the extra 15 or 20 years! You could spend more time with loved ones, travel, take up a new passion or hobby, whatever you want! The choice is yours to make. I can show you how to reach for the stars in life and have the health you dream of! And in only a few calls. No dependency here!

So feel free to explore the site for health and disease prevention info, as well as weight loss, aging myths, longevity, etc. I’m including several links at the end of this post to give you additional information.

Life Issues and challenges

We all have life challenges (relationships, money, career, organization, etc.). And we all have strengths and skills, as well as areas we can grow and progress. By design, my unique coaching and support methods will give you a big edge! You’ll discover more clarity about the origins of problems (many clients said it was one thing at first, later saying it’s really another issue they need to work on) and, most importantly, I help you to overcome all your issues as quickly as possible. I’ve faced and overcome many life challenges myself, including injuries and depression (see my “About Page” for an overview).

So the things that are holding you back, and the things that are daunting to face because you don’t know how to solve them will fade away with my help! I’ll help you chart a path so you can overcome many issues, including:

  • Career/Job issues
  • Money issues
  • Family challenges
  • Relationship issues
  • Organization and time issues
  • Confused or stuck in life
  • Stress/frustration
  • Work/life balance
  • Whatever else you need to work on

As with health coaching, I offer you a safe, supportive environment in which you can articulate your needs and issues and get the affordable help you need to move forward. As I mentioned earlier, we’ll focus on the future and emphasize forward progress rather than looking back.

Like my health coaching/consulting, I offer the same affordable structure and fees with a free trial session (2 for 1 phone calls for new clients), and affordable fees allow almost anyone to get some helpful sessions, all done by phone. You can talk in your robe and slippers if you want!

Feel free to explore the site for more life challenges and related posts and resources. I’m including some links at the end to give you additional information.

Business issues

Running a small business can be very challenging. Every business owner has strengths and areas where they need help, support and guidance. It’s not a sign of weakness to seek out help and guidance, it’s a sign of strength, courage and a focus on success! We can all benefit from new learning. It’s perfectly normal to seek out growth and personal development. Successful people do it all the time! That’s why they’re successful!

I’ve gone through my second biz coaching course and I’m almost ready to take the exam. For perspective, I’m already certified as a RCC (Registered Corporate Coach), but I plan to offer more small business coaching with the new training. I’ve built and run several small business before, including a manufacturing company. It’s great to take another course because the coaching programs overlap to a degree, yet have interesting differences. By taking the biz coaching course, I’m adding new skills that I can offer clients who need coaching focused on their business, career and money issues (they overlap because again, you are one being).

My mission for biz coaching is to help people have the business of their dreams, one which brings excitement, fulfillment and better ways of making more money. So I’m here to help you overcome whatever blocks your success or future success! Here are some common areas I can help small business people with:

  • Map out important challenges
  • Be a sounding board for ideas/plans
  • Help you overcome obstacles
  • Help you make more money and improve business success
  • Help you become more clear in your mission/vision/USP
  • Improve your marketing effectiveness
  • Support more growth and forward progress
  • Biz coaching has a great ROI, often 3-5 times your investment
  • Plus, I offer a guarantee that you will make $2-$3 for every dollar you spend on my biz coaching

So when you feel stuck or challenged by your life/health/biz situation, or you hit a wall, no worries! I’m here to help you overcome the obstacles and to be able to more forward again. Even 2 calls will give you a great start. If we do 1 call per week, that 2 weeks to benefit from a sense of renewal and progress, whether it’s feeling better, making more money or working through relationship/life challenges with a renewed sense of confidence. For the price of a modest dinner out, you can literally have a better life! Which will you choose?

As always, feel free to send me a question or request a free 30-minute introductory call:

Helpful links:

I saw this interesting analysis of how much bad habits cost over a lifetime. You’ll be stunned:–203305526.html

Yet another study that shows eating more fruits and veggies leads to a longer life:

An amazing new study showing how genes are positively affected by a sense of purpose as opposed to simple gratification:

A new inspiring story about weight loss, building great muscle tone and health recovery even when older:–abc-news-health.html 

This new study from December, 2013 supports the idea that excess weight is really not healthy, per the so-called overweight and healthy myth: 


© 2013 by Steve Carney/End Sickness Now


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I rarely allow links as other sites can get a virus and I can get blacklisted on Google (some of the research links have picked up viruses and I’ve had to delete them)! I also try to remain objective and I haven’t included other commercial interests. The US medical industry is corrupted by money and influence so I need to stay independent.

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Gosh, I often start posts a few weeks ahead, and they go through extensive developemnet, research and editing. The whole process is many hours for every post. If you are blocked initially, try starting some notes or an outline and come back to it. See if that helps!


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