New Year’s Resolution Success!

by Steven Carney on December 27, 2012

Now that Christmas is over, many people are looking forward to New Year’s celebrations and resolutions for 2013. Many people resolve to improve their health and fitness in the new year, along with a better career and income. Common resolutions are:

  • Lose weight
  • More exercise
  • Quit smoking
  • Eat better
  • Better job/career
  • More money
  • More organized

I know many people start the new year with great intentions (I’ve done it myself). Then, life happens, they get busy, think change is too hard, and revert to the very behaviors they planned to change! The result? Before January is even finished, many people have given up on their resolutions and reverted to their previous habits, including the unhealthy or unproductive things they were doing. Their resolutions fade until the next year, when the cycle repeats.

Why it happens

There are several reasons why people don’t follow through:

1. They don’t have a partner or support system.

Changing eating or exercise habits requires more skill and understanding then people realize. Without the right foundation in place, people will often revert to what they did before.

2. They set goals that are too hard to achieve.

This is also common. People wait, then want to lose 10 or 20 pounds in a week when several weeks is more realistic for those amounts, so many people give up in a week or two. Plus, people often use failed approaches, such as dieting or calorie restriction. Both are doomed to fail!

3. They try for drastic changes that disrupt their lifestyle.

Many people resolve to become healthier, exercise more or quit smoking but without a plan based on small, achievable weekly goals, it probably won’t work! People often return to old habits again, one’s that are comfortable, even if they are unhealthy!

When it comes to areas like job/career and money issues, many of the same challenges and issues arise.

1. They don’t have a partner or support system

Finding a new career or job search takes some planning and the right steps. Without an effective structure and map/outline, it’s common to revert back to what you have been doing or just giving up!

2. They set goals that are too hard to achieve.

Often, people wait so long they feel like they have to do something now! But taking on a big challenge, such as finding a new career can take months! When people set themselves up by thinking things can happen overnight, they often fail. That can also lower confidence more and the movement is backward, not forward.

3. They try for drastic changes that disrupt your lifestyle.

Trying to make lots more money or find a new job can be challenging in this slow-growth economy. It’s best to create a plan, like new business owners do. You can map out your skills, options, resources, etc. Without a plan and setting some short-term goals, many people flail around and don’t get results, so they give up.

Here are some key questions:

1. How would you like to achieve your New Year’s resolutions this year?

2. What if you achieved them in a few weeks or months, depending on what you want to do?

3. What if you decided this year would be different and you achieved real success?

I can help you do all those things! I’m here to give you a leg up and help you achieve the success you desire, whether for your health or career issues! I can help you to see new horizons and help you apply old skills in new ways. I can offer insight, clarity and encouragement to move forward. You’ll achieve the success you need faster than you can do on your own. See my special offer of a 2 for 1 discount on New Year’s resolutions on the fees page.

The future awaits!

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