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by Steven Carney on May 30, 2013

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I hope your 2013 is going well, but if you are challenged and frustrated by relationship, health, job or business issues, I can now help you achieve more success in all areas of your life and business. I recently completed a new business coaching program (I also completed a corporate coach training several years ago).

Many of those business and organizational skills can be applied to individual job, career and business problems (organization, unique branding, marketing, employees, etc.). I’m here to help you gain more wealth and happiness in whatever way you need it!

Why my approach is better

As I worked with previous clients, I’ve been struck by how each one represented an integrated, whole person, a unique individual and spirit who’s life, health and money issues all overlap and interrelate in ways large and small.

Almost all my clients with health issues have had life and money issues too. And almost all my clients with life issues have had health and job/career issues. And anyone who owns a small business knows the stress and challenges they face every day, leaving them with little time for loved ones or for keeping their health at optimum levels.

When there are significant life issues or problems, we all have a hard time preventing them from affecting our lives in other areas: our focus, mood, vitality, happiness, etc., will all be affected by significant struggles and challenges no matter what their origin! And I can help you with all of your issues now!

I offer a unique blend of training/coaching and experience to make a real difference in your life and business. I’m here to help you overcome the obstacles and challenges that you feel are blocking your success, prosperity and happiness. And we all have them!

Let’s take a small business “must have” and also look at how it can apply to other areas of life.

UBO (Unique Brand Offer)

This is an absolute must for any business, but individuals, groups, and organizations can all benefit from having one. It will help to position the biz or group for optimum success and growth. And it needs to be great, not just average.

The UBO is an outline or statement that communicates the unique benefits you or your business offer to your market, clients, customers or members. It should highlight what is unique, innovative and memorable about you or your group (or an individual looking for a job). To start, here are some key questions:

1. Unique: What’s unique about your background, training, skills or innovations?

2. Brand: What do you do better, faster, etc., than everyone else in your area or industry?

3. Offer: And most importantly, how will that benefit people and improve their lives for the better?

When you answer these questions, focus your responses on the third point and how you can benefit clients and customers (or members of a group or new job/career, etc.). What does your audience or market need? What are they after? What will they respond to?

Distill these answers down to a few memorable sentences and you have the beginnings of a powerful marketing tool that will clarify your unique brand and what you offer. It will significantly enhance your marketing and stature!

Here is another way of seeing the situation: rather than trying to “sell” things to people, offer them compelling benefits! Offer them ways that you can improve and enhance their lives (make things faster, easier, better, happier, etc.).

A clear, powerful UBO (or USP, Unique Selling Proposition) is a must for any successful business or company. It’s also important for individuals, groups and organizations. Like Vision and Mission Statements, a UBO clarifies and anchors your activities; it tells others what you can do for them and how you can meet their needs. It outlines how you can help them, not pressuring them to buy from you. That distinction is critical these days! This “helping” approach is more welcoming and integrates naturally into social media, live networking and social gatherings where hard sell tactics are discouraged.

You’re a customer too!

Remember the last time you were a consumer or client, thinking about a purchase? Before you made the decision or gave someone your money, you needed to know that the purchase would satisfy a need or a want. You had to answer the “What’s in it for me?” question before you bought it. That’s an important view many customers have. So why not tell prospects what they can have early on?

You can include some key UBO points on your website, business card and other marketing and advertising materials. The UBO can expand into multiple areas and really help to define you and your activities in a way that will attract more clients and customers. Show them you care!

For an individual in a job search or career move situation, it can help articulate some of the unique skills, experience, innovations and ways you can help a prospective employer or move ahead with your current one. It will make you more memorable and stand out. It will give you a personal brand that will put above the rest! It will give you an edge and demonstrate a clarity of purpose other’s rarely have!

The big picture

As a business/life/health coach/trainer, I can help you with a whole range of issues and challenges:

  • Identify your main challenges
  • Be a sounding board for your ideas/plans
  • Help you overcome obstacles
  • Help you uncover why you haven’t had the success you want
  • Help you make more money and improve your overall success
  • Help you become more clear in your mission/vision/USP
  • Support forward progress with more growth and income

And most clients see progress in the first week or two! Plus, I’m not one of those people who tries to make you dependent on me. Most clients only require a few calls and they are on their way!

If you would like to get expert help in creating your own UBO for yourself, your business or a group, I have this special offer (I need help in building my new biz coaching so I’m willing to help you get ahead too):

If you are a small biz, solopreneur or individual, I’ll help you develop your own UBO to get more clients or better job! If you sign up for 2 sessions before June 10, 2013, (I work by phone so you don’t have to travel or live near me), I’ll give you a special price of 2 sessions for $29.00 (see fees page)! If you want a third session, I’ll give you an additional free session for a referral or testimonial! As a special bonus, I’ll give you an additional secret to help boost client response!

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