More Fit in 15 Minutes per Day?

by Steven Carney on May 12, 2012

Do you feel that you don’t have time to have regular activity or exercise? I’d like to offer an insight: It doesn’t take hours at the gym to have good fitness! That’s a myth!

You can start with activities that are fun and enjoyable for you! Then add other exercise as needed. I’ve created a modular program based on 15-20 minutes of activities and exercise several days, allowing a client to mix and match the type and intensity that works best for them. You don’t even need a gym membership (although if you have one, that’s fine too).

For example, let’s say that you are in reasonable shape, carrying a few extra pounds, but you’ve been less active in recent months. It’s not hard to get started. Even a brisk walk several nights a week (or dancing, sports, gardening/yard work, etc.) can all get your heart going for some basic cardio. This can have you feeling more energized with lower stress levels too.

Over several months, you can add more, with 1-2, 15-minute modules several days per week. How about 15 minutes in the afternoon and evening? You can do the modules at times to fit your lifestyle and schedule, whether morning, afternoon or evening with a few days off!

A few examples of good activities are:

  • Cardio workouts, such as brisk walking, dancing, light jogging, etc. for 15-20 minutes
  • Upper-body exercise, using free weights, doing push-ups, etc.
  • Lower body and core, using squats, crunches, leg lifts, or use exercise ball
  • Stretches and/or Yoga for a few minutes to start the process and warm up.

I usually do 15 minutes most afternoons, starting with basic Yoga, then adding some weights, or core work on my exercise ball (lots of possible movements), push-ups, and sometimes a whole session of stretches/Yoga. I take a brisk walk most evenings and add jogging/sprints a few times a week for another 15-20 minutes. Under a simple program like this, I’ve added muscle and strength. I’m in better shape than I was 20 years ago, including recovering from a serious car accident!

The bottom line is that improving fitness and strength is not hard to do, and activities like these can be a big contributor to health and longevity. Exercise also helps to combat many health problems (heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, inflammation, cancer, etc.), and can improve mood and cognition.

Activity and exercise can literally turn on lots of healthy genes. As a certified coach, I can help you create a custom program that gives you maximum benefits in a small amount of time, whether you need to start or for more advanced fitness! Also, see my longer article, “More Fit in Just 15-30 Minutes a Day” on Links page above.

© 2012 by Steve Carney/End Sickness Now

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