Medicine is the Top Killer

by Steven Carney on May 24, 2016

This is post #129 on the site, about the millions of preventable deaths and injuries caused my medicine. Medicine destroys 100 times more lives than other industries combined!

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Every year, modern medicine is the top killer in the U.S., largely caused by unproven drugs and preventable medical errors (shocking details and source links below). For example, numerous statistics, including those from the FDA, show that prescription drugs, when taken as directed, kill about 125,000-150,000 annually. Over 30 years, that’s about 3 million unnecessary deaths, and rising!

Add 400,000-450,000 additional deaths from preventable medical and hospital errors and medicine causes well-over 500,000 preventable deaths annually, or about 5 million every decade and about 15 million over 30 years (see links below).

Include an additional 4 million people who need treatment for drug side effects annually, and another 15 million who are addicted to, or abuse prescriptions drugs, killing thousands every year. Medical misdiagnosis? Add another 10 million annually.

These staggering numbers expose medicine’s unacceptable level of destruction of human life! No other industry kills and injures so many without accountability. Indeed, medicine is the number one killer by far, killing 100 times more people annually than other preventable deaths in risky industries like construction, mining, manufacturing, agriculture and defective products (those categories total about 5,000 deaths annually, a mere 1% of medicine’s carnage). And most shocking? These millions of preventable deaths and injuries are medicine’s customers.

Yet we spend about 3 trillion on this industry annually, much of which is waste, fraud and abuse (remember that about 75% of all medical costs are spent on preventable chronic diseases, ones the average doctor gets little education in), while the average doctor makes about $150,000 to $500,000 in annual salary (excluding generous perks like consulting or speaking fees). Do you see the corruption?

We also spend more than any country on earth on medical care (about $8,500 per person annually), but our longevity continues to rank well below many other countries (often #30 or less, depending on which global surveys are used). These terrible numbers are inexcusable!

By every available metric, medicine is a destructive force of horrific proportions, enabled by government agencies, the congress, universities, The AMA and other medically-based organizations, hospitals, clinics and your family doctor, all of whom dismiss these grim statistics! The following source links are packed with more detail on these gruesome statistics and corrupt medical practices:,_Evidence_based_Estimate_of_Patient_Harms.2.aspxthat 

Medicine and Pseudoscience: New insights

The only bright spot in this house of horrors is emergency medicine, which does save lives after accidents, injuries, heart attacks, strokes, etc., but emergency care accounts for less than 10% of total healthcare dollars.

How did we create such an insane and destructive system, so massively expensive and yet so grossly ineffective? Why do we accept so much human carnage at the hands of so-called licensed professionals? How is it that drug and device companies make tens of billions in profits while so many are killed and injured by their products? And why is their obvious greed and self-enrichment enabled at the retail level by your doctor and the network of specialists who all profit from this insane death industry?


There are many roots that explain how our system of medical care became so horribly corrupt and destructive. Part of it goes back more than 100 years, to the early history of allopathic medicine and the AMA (see shocking videos and links below). The AMA’s history makes it clear that they have been driven by profit and greed for over a century, while they have worked constantly to eradicate all forms of alternative care (their competition). And for decades, the drug and device industries have been relentless in extending the tendrils of influence over medical education and research, spending about 50 billion annually (much of which is given as behind-the-scenes grants to favorable research and teaching institutions).

FYI, your doctor was not just educated about the human body, its organs and systems in medical school, he or she was indoctrinated into a belief system about Western medicine, complete with religious-style dogma and practices. As you will soon see, it’s a system riddled with bias, myths and self-serving falsehoods, putting your life at risk anytime you or a family member rely on that system.

This monopolistic, corrupt system preaches that only Western-style treatments are acceptable: drugs, procedures and surgeries. Safer, alternative-style approaches (nutrition, nutritional supplements, exercise, stress management, coaching, etc.), are often dismissed as unproven, dangerous or quackery. Medicine’s unfounded attacks on other forms of care have gone on for more than 100 years, and they continue to this day, even against well-educated, legitimate or licensed practitioners.

The following videos expose the long history, deep corruption and aggressive, monopolistic practices of modern medicine:

A key example of medical indoctrination is that your doctor is taught to believe that “peer-reviewed” studies published by their favorite medical journals (JAMA, AIM, NEJM, etc.), meet the highest standards of accuracy. That’s false. A majority of studies are based on ghost writing, manipulation and falsehoods, cursory peer review, reductionism and other marketing ploys, something your doctor should know about and protect you from but doesn’t.

Yet your doctor’s indoctrination serves the drug and device companies well, risking your health daily (the drug and device companies, along with the AMA, have influenced medical education and government regulations for decades). Your doctor’s belief and blind trust in journal research is largely unfounded. Here are 5 key reasons why medicine kills and injuries so many:

1. Many studies are ghost written

Did you know? More than 50% of medical studies are ghost written by the drug company or a contractor they hire (there are hundreds of these medical “communications” companies now). The drug or device company has significant influence over the design and analysis, and they direct the study toward the positive outcome they desire. Then, more prominent medical specialists and doctors are paid to be listed as authors. It’s outright fraud, but a standard practice in drug research. 

2. Only positive drug studies are published

Adding more deception to medicine, did you realize that studies are not automatically published, they have to be submitted to a journal for publication? That gives the drug or device company complete control over whether a study is submitted for publication or not. Studies that have null or negative results are not submitted but hidden away (often called publication bias). This means that published research and medicine is artificially slanted, showing mostly positive outcomes while the negative studies on the same drugs with serious side-effects are hidden away.

Those positive studies then receive heavy marketing and blanket press releases, sent to hundreds or thousands of mass-media writers to garner positive press. Retail ad campaigns are often added (TV, radio, magazine, online, etc.). This pervasive industry manipulation and marketing creates a grossly-distorted view of drug safety and benefits, while side-effects and risks are often minimized. It’s the same for devices. Yes, you’re being played for profit daily!

A recent example of this pervasive medical fraud involves the anti-depressant Paroxetine, AKA Paxil. Independent researchers forced the release of hidden studies and unpublished side-effects like dependency, increased suicide risk, serious withdrawal problems, and other serious harms. It was done through litigation (see links below).

Similar problems were found with other anti-depressants, and like most drugs, many were found to be little better than placebo when those hidden studies were uncovered and analyzed (most statin drugs are only a few percent than placebo too): 

Did you see that Glaxo was fined $3 billion for illegally prescribing Paxil and other drugs to children when it wasn’t approved for them? Drug companies have been fined about $30 billion by state and federal governments for these types of illegal activities over the years. Did you also notice the studies were ghost written and that adverse events were left off of the studies?

What’s more, most anti-supplement studies are designed to fail and are almost always submitted for publication! How’s that for sweeping medical bias and deception? It’s a pervasive double standard, and it’s been going on decades, misleading the public and your family doctor all the time. After all, supplements are seen as competition and abusing science for economic and political gain has been a cornerstone practice of medicine for over a century! I explore this shocking problem in many more links below and in the recent Frontline Scandal post.

3. Research manipulation is widespread

Did you know? Most drug and device studies are manipulated in many ways, from selecting pro-drug authors, to subject numbers and selection (age, gender, health status, location, etc.), setting up or changing endpoints to improve apparent outcomes, biased methodology and analysis, ignored poor compliance levels and high dropout rates, a too-short time frame, the extensive use of relative risk (RR) to exaggerate minor outcomes to gain more press coverage, while side effects are often minimized with Absolute Risk (AR), and many more. Researchers have identified more than over 200 possible bias areas common in medical research. 

4. Peer review is marketing not science

Remember my initial comments about peer review? This term is often used by medical doctors and their spokes-people to imply rigorous checks and verifications for published research. In reality, peer review is often more cursory and non-rigorous, lasting only a few hours for a complex, 20-page study (that’s not enough time to check and validate all the details, charts, graphs, subject data, citations, etc.). So again, it really a marketing ploy, not rigorous science at all!

In truth, the vast majority of flawed, pro-drug and anti-supplement studies pass their superficial, peer review, allowing biased, ghost-written, error-filled studies to get published often. The result is pseudo-science marketed as science, with well-financed campaigns to bring increased sales along with ever more deaths and injuries. So when doctors put on their science swag touting the study’s “peer review” claim, know this: It’s often a bogus claim that is neither trustworthy nor reliable!

5. Reductionism: more false dogma

Did you know? Most medical studies are based on the often false Western approach of reductionism. Reductionism is an artificial focus on a single cause or magic bullet for complex systemic imbalances or disease origins, often driven by unhealthy lifestyle choices over many years of time (unhealthy nutrition, inactivity, high stress, poor sleep, etc.).

No matter, reductionism is a cornerstone of Western allopathic medical research! And it carries though many research studies, both pro-drug and anti-supplement. Reduction often fails to find truth because it tends to ignore the truer, multi-factorial causes of illness. Reductionist-style treatments like drugs or procedures almost never cure or restore health (meaning that the symptoms permanently resolve because the underlying metabolic, hormonal, immune or other systems have returned to homeostasis and balance).

This 2012 quote from the link below is telling:

Reductionism, by its nature, cannot comprehend the complexity of biological systems, the properties of which cannot be explained or predicted by studying their individual components. Scientists now understand that the individual components of biological systems such as molecular pathways never work alone—they operate in highly structured and integrated biological networks. 

A familiar example of reductionist thinking and medical dogma is the unproven, oft-repeated theory that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease. This theory goes back to the 1950s, based on the biased, associative (non-causation) research done by Ancel Keys (the 6-country study) and others. The theory is overly simplistic (like most reductionist science) and largely disproven for decades, yet many doctors still preach those falsehoods today, unwilling to open their eyes to truth or admit they were wrong because the have been indoctrinated to “believe” the false dogma.

The following article exposes the flawed history of this theory and it totally debunks the unproven theory in detail (consider that no replicated studies have ever proven the fat/cholesterol-heart disease connection for most people). The article also includes more detail about why medical reductionism misleads so consistently:

Dr. David Seres Debunked Again

As these opening issues about medical indoctrination and dogmatic belief are so critical, I decided to add some additional links, ones that expose persistent patterns of medical bias, fraud and corruption in detail, including the sordid history of allopathic medicine, characterized by aggressively monopolistic practices and greed (including the constant attacks on alternative health practices). These nonsense attacks are often based on those largely debunked claims that medicine uses peer reviewed studies and that alternative health practitioners are quacks and dangerous.

In truth, Western allopathic medicine, drug companies and the AMA have always put the interests of doctors and their careers ahead of patients. (Lobotomy, anyone? How about the latest in radium, mercury or lead treatments?):

Medicine and Pseudoscience: New insights

Dr. David Seres Debunked!

Drugs Don’t Cure!

Although your doctor has probably never mentioned any of these troubling issues to you, the only viable conclusion to those 5-problem areas of research fraud is that most medical research is untrustworthy; they are exercises in marketing not science. Yet, your doctor often plays along, risking your life, your health and those of everyone he or she treats on a daily basis, never questioning the system or the destruction it causes. It’s inexcusable!

And clearly, the entities with the most to gain (drug and device companies), with tens of billions in sales and profits often have the most influence the process, and this influence is both hidden and wide-spread: from driving the research process toward favorable outcomes, to offering grants to friendly universities, teaching hospitals and clinics, to putting medical school faculty on company boards, to influencing medical education and CE classes held in upscale resorts with free travel and meals, the sweeping corruption in medicine is like an advanced, stage-4 cancer that has spread everywhere, voraciously consuming our tax dollars and vulnerable patients at will!

Evidence-based medicine or marketing?

It’s all too common for medical doctors to boldly proclaim that the drugs and medical procedures they prescribe and follow are based on evidence, while alternative health approaches and supplements are not.

Given the realities outlined above, we know that many drugs and procedures are based on outright research fraud and manipulation, misleading the public often. It’s marketing dressed up to look like science. Sadly, it works, largely because people want that free lunch; the quick fix and easy way out of the decades of abuse they have done to their bodies. In truth, the medical industry is largely a mirage. The proof is found in the millions of annual deaths and injuries caused by drugs and modern medical procedures (see initial information and 5 links above for lots of grim statistics, human suffering and daily carnage).

What’s more, the oft-touted claims that modern medical practices are based on “Evidence-based Medicine” (EBM) are demonstrably false. For example, over several years, the BMJ’s journal called Clinical Evidence has reviewed 2,500 common medical drugs and treatments. They found that many are not supported by evidence at all, with just a small percent (about 15%) of treatments supported by one good study (the majority lacked good evidence or were probably harmful). Similar reviews by governments and independent researchers (including U.S. researchers) have come to similar conclusions in recent years. See previous links and these links below:

In this video, John Oliver mocks science reporting and how it’s turned into theater for TV and other news outlets, including the pressure to publish for money and career, the lack of replication in science and journal hype:

Another troubling area of medical research is how rarely studies are replicated. Those big medical journals (the ones that make millions from all their drug and device ads), and mass media writers love to brag about the latest medical study or miracle treatment with big headlines and article claims.

But guess what? The approach is fundamentally flawed! Science is a process, it’s ongoing. Studies need multiple replications in large human trials over many years before conclusions are remotely credible. Single studies prove nothing because they aren’t replicated!

Even more troubling is that many key studies can’t be replicated, including 47 of 53 landmark (significant) cancer studies, showing that they were never trustworthy to begin with, yet used to give dogmatic treatments to at-risk patients (basis of this fraud is outlined in all those research problems covered above). 

Now ask yourself if your doctor has ever mentioned a word of what I’ve included above. Then ask yourself if there is any excuse for he or she not to know about these shocking problems occurring right under their noses and the very basis for the treatments they prescribe you. We both know the answers to these questions.

Now we will drill down a bit further into why your doctor is probably so driven to push drugs and procedures that don’t cure, while glossing over safer, more common-sense treatments that can actually restore your health.

Nutrition and health rarely taught

Given that many independent experts now agree that about 80% of all chronic disease (like heart disease, high BP, stroke, cancer, type-2 diabetes, arthritis, pain, excess weight, dementia, mood problems, etc.), are driven by unhealthy lifestyle choices, and that nutrition is a cornerstone of this problem. Junk and processed foods are everywhere and are known to have numerous adverse health effects (see more details and links below).

Yet, nutrition is rarely taught in medical schools, with many offering little or no significant class work. Around 70% of medical schools do not offer even 25 minimum hours of recommended nutritional class work, and many schools offer less detailed nutritional instruction than they did in the 1990s (which wasn’t enough then)! Only about 10% of doctors study any nutrition. This 2015 quote from the link below captures the lack of good nutritional education and ability to give good advice to patients:

The result is that many graduating medical students still lack a solid understanding of nutrition science and therefore are unable to apply the skills needed to provide nutrition education in their current medical practice.

This 2014 commentary is called, The Neglect of Nutrition in Medical Education: A Firsthand Look. It exposes the shocking and indefensible reality about medicine’s intentional ignorance about nutrition and prevention education or training and the mere 9 hours of nutritional education (covering 3 afternoons, about 3 hours per class): 

This quote and link explores the need for more lifestyle and how those choices affect your genes and health. It’s from a previous post called, For Long Life Talk to Your Genes (see link below):

I’d like to start with some basic info about how the daily lifestyle choices you make affect your genes. Genes are not just your eye or hair color, thousands turn on and off every day. Consider this: every meal you eat triggers thousands of genes (digestion, metabolism, organs, hormones, etc.)! So does activity and exercise. Even your stress levels, sleep quality and thoughts all play significant roles in how your genes function (and whether you experience great health or develop chronic disease). This comes from a field of science called epigenetics; it looks at how the environment and lifestyle affect genetic activity and health.

I’ve collected many other articles that explore the effects of lifestyle on health and prevention, and it seems clear that about 80% of all chronic, non-infections disease is driven by lifestyle areas like nutrition, activity/exercise, stress, sleep and thoughts and beliefs. Here is the link:

Here is another important article with similar connections between lifestyle, health and prevention:

For Long Life Talk to Your Genes

This link exposes the shallow, dated, amateurish level that doctors use for “prevention” (these beginner-type recommendation are little more than cringe-worthy platitudes):


Although I’ve covered some of the same areas in the link above, my site probably has hundreds of pages of information, source links and ore how-to suggestions! This 2014 quote and link has more info about how doctors fail to adequately help patients with lifestyle behaviors and prevention and health improvement:

Currently, there is no model to integrate the discipline of lifestyle medicine (LM) into undergraduate medical education. Furthermore, there are no guidelines, validated assessment tools, or evaluation or implementation plans in place.

This insightful 2012 quote and link is about a study into the lack of most doctors’ lack of nutritional and supplement education from some medical insiders:

“Nutrition is really a core component of modern medical practice,” said Kelly M. Adams, the lead author and a registered dietitian who is a research associate in the department of nutrition at the university.

Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP, agrees: “Most medical schools fail in nutritional instruction. Doctors tend to underestimate the importance of nutrition in general. No wonder: most doctors receive a mere few hours’ nutritional training in med school, and lack adequate time to keep up on the latest research. Their practice is based on disease screening, not prevention, with an emphasis on drug therapies, not nutrition.”

Dr. Pick added that ”Such doctors naturally think that nutritional supplements have little therapeutic value.”

Solmaz Amirnazmi, MD, also agrees: “We as physicians do not receive adequate training in nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices, and disease prevention in general while in medical school or in residency.”

This link says only about 50% of patients are told to quit smoking:

Many doctors fail to understand the math of cancer prevention

This quote and link covers more physician failures to offer prevention or health advice to those with chronic disease (see link below):

Health education was not routinely provided to patients who had a chronic condition. The percentage of patients who received education on their chronic condition ranged from 13.0% (patients with COPD or asthma who were provided education on smoking cessation by nurse practitioners) to 42.2% (patients with diabetes or obesity who were provided education on exercise by physician assistants). For all conditions assessed, rates of health education were higher among physician assistants and nurse practitioners than among physicians.

One of the grossest examples of medical hypocrisy is that those of us who do help clients with their lifestyle for weight loss and health improvement based on science and rational thinking are routinely called quacks, dangerous, wackos, and other derogatory names by doctors and industry practitioners. These are the same people that routinely kill and injure millions annually (see first Dr. Seres link below)! Talk about gross ignorance! Talk about pompous and arrogant.

Those ignorant, biased grandstanders (such as Dr. David Seres, Dr. Paul Offit, Dr. Pieter Cohen and many others), have little or no credible nutritional, supplement or health education. Yet they often make bold, pompous proclamations about nutrition and supplements, including the oft-repeated claim that supplements are useless or dangerous, even as their industry kills, injuries and addicts millions every year. Is that biased and arrogant enough for you?

Those big-mouth doctors love to get their ridiculous quotes in shallow, mass-media articles by hack writers like Anahad O’Connor of the NY Times (he recently exposed his continued ignorance about diet, fats and heart disease, see second Dr. Seres link below for a detailed history of the extensive fraud and bias in 50 years of heart disease research and false proclamations about fats and cholesterol causing heart disease). I will probably debunk him again in a future post.

In truth, those medical big mouths are the true quacks of our world as they routinely spread misinformation through their mass-media junk writing and easily debunked quotes. I’ve rightfully called them out before:

Dr. David Seres Debunked!

Dr. David Seres Debunked Again

Frontline Scandal

Forbes Bias and Misinformation 

Search for a new doctor if:

1. He or she has little knowledge, training or skill in prevention, wellness or lifestyle modification (just telling someone to do this or that is an authoritarian approach, known to be ineffective)! Doctors who practice Lifestyle Medicine or Functional Medicine are better choices and can help you return to real health and vitality, often without drugs. Even a good health coach can be a huge asset for improving your health and finding a better balance for improved wellness.

2. He or she prescribes drugs, procedures or surgeries without first reading all of the studies behind the drug or procedure. That means every study, all the way through (and looking for errors or weaknesses), not just skimming the headline or abstract, which are used to “sell” the study to mass media. He or she should also see through the new drug industry ploy of manufacturing ailments and early diseases to sell more drugs (called disease mongering): OAB, Osteopeina, Restless Leg, Low T, ED and on and on (See 5 Big Medical Lies and other links above for more details).

3. Any drugs or procedures that simply treat symptoms but don’t cure the problem in 30 days or less (ask them) are probably designed to treat symptoms but nothing more. The whole business model behind drugs and procedures is making you dependent on treatments over the long term, not getting to root causes. It’s about the money and cash flow that supports the drug company’s profits that is at the heart of this approach. (I’m not kidding)! Remember, symptoms are your built-in smoke alarm: they alert you to a problem. Don’t buy your doctor’s nonsense claims that these are “effective” or “proven” treatments. If they don’t work in 30 days, they are not cures! Only you and your body can cure. Get the support you need to make permanent changes, not mask the very symptoms that can lead you to the solution!

4. He or she routinely attacks alternative health providers and practitioners like nutrition/health coaches, activity and exercise trainers or coaches, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, lifestyle coaches or hypno-therapists for stress management, improved sleep (even if you need some herbs or small amounts of melatonin for a week or two) or things like life or health coaching to help you identify the lifestyle causes of your conditions that can improve your health and life issues for the long haul.

5. Only gives you brief consultations of 10-15 minutes, then quickly offering a diagnosis and treatments like drugs or procedures. Don’t be a pill-popper or let anyone cut you open unless you are at risk of dying or serious illness! Short-term pain relief is only okay if you decide to get to the bottom of your pain (musclo-skeletal issues, muscle imbalances or injuries, nerve or spinal issues, systemic inflammation, lack of muscle tone, etc.). There are alternatives to pain pills and I know of many. I recovered from a serious car accident, with just occasional baby aspirin. I had 5, torn and herniated neck discs, muscle tears, a dislocated sacrum, etc. So I was severely injured and I had to walk with a cane for a time. But with the right combination of alternative health, all 5 discs healed up. I have no pain or disability (I was declared 25% disabled after the accident).

More lifestyle and prevention links:

Aging is Not a Disease

Immune Health Secrets

In closing

Medicine routinely kills over 500,000 annually and injuries millions more every year. There is no doubt that medicine is the number one killer in the U.S., and it has been for many years! The reason for this horrific carnage is that the much bragged about science behind drugs, devices and procedures is consistently manipulated and often fraudulent, covered in detail above. Modern medicine follows a simple formula and philosophy: profits ahead of patients, and the AMA and other medical organizations have followed that misguided, destructive approach for 100 years.

Also, those fake comparisons for medical deaths to disease is nonsense PR, designed to mislead you. A disease that someone dies of, and a death caused by a licensed professional in a position of trust are totally different. Would you see a doctor and agree to a drug or procedure if you knew how easily it could kill you? Probably not, but that’s the reality of medicine and the millions of deaths they have caused!

It’s been known for a decade or more that most chronic disease is driven by lifestyle, but prevention doesn’t pay like disease does! Think about it: your doctor expects to profit from your disease or illness handsomely, and prevention won’t buy him or her that new Mercedes, BMW or luxury SUV. Nor does it buy a nice second home of European vacation.

Your doctor often feels entitled to the good life and seeks it out with speaking fees, phony authorship fees (even when they don’t actually write the study), consulting and other rewards and perks. Like drugs and other’s in medical practice, greed is a cornerstone value. It’s long past the time that everyone stands up to this highly destructive and corrupt industry.

Take your health seriously and seek out educated and trained alternative practitioners whenever possible. Take back your health and your quality of life. At every 10-year birthday (30, 40, 50, etc.), reassess your health with full blood testing and tweaks to your life-long prevention program. Feel free to read this site info, now including about 1,000 pages of nutrition, health, anti-aging and disease topics with credible source links.

And only take drugs as a last resort and only for a short period (30 days is best). Don’t buy the hype that treating symptoms is meaningful: it’s not! Don’t turn off your smoke alarm, use it to find permanent solutions!

To your health!

Questions? Send me a message at: and I will usually respond in a day or so. And feel free to send the link to this post to a friend or loved on too.

© 2016 by Steve Carney/End Sickness Now


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