Medical Corruption: Don’t be a Victim!

by Steven Carney on August 26, 2013

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I’ve written other posts about our corrupt, broken medical and healthcare industry. Recently, I found more research and articles, and I decided to include the new info in a post. This post represents the most comprehensive expose´ on medical corruption I’ve ever written. If you think medicine is science-based and effective, prepare to be shocked!

In this post, I also include important information to help you to avoid being a victim of that deeply corrupt system, a system heavily focused on power and greed. True health? Not really. The system is also riddled with waste, fraud, abuse and neglect, leaving you at significant risk of injury or death anytime you use it.

Our healthcare system causes millions of injuries and deaths annually, but I bet you haven’t heard about that! The media ignores this annual carnage, even as they reach out their hands for more ad money from drug and medical companies.

Except for ER/ED and trauma care, where the docs and staff do heroic things to save the lives of accident and crime victims, most medicine is no longer about healing. Your ability to prevent disease and achieve optimum health in the current system is doomed to fail for reasons (and links) outlined below.

The system is designed to maximize profits through biased, fraudulent research, billions in insider gifts, bribes and perks, selling drug dependency and pushing expensive procedures. They count on you being ignorant about your body and your health! They want you to be dependent on them when you get sick. The less you know, the more profit they make.

I’d like to highlight this stunning quote from Dr. Marcia Angell, a Senior Harvard Lecturer and former Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), talking about drugs and medical research:

It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.

Did that hit you like a ton of bricks? Read it again so every word sinks in. Yes, it’s shocking! Dr. Angell has also written a book, called:

The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It

The title should give you some insight about her views and experience. I’ve included links to her work, as well as many additional links below this post on medical corruption and related topics. They are some of the most stunning links, quotes and references I’ve ever collected (over 60 below).

It’s clear that the medical and research industries are heavily influenced by money, power and ego gratification. Many researchers are hungry for grants, and willing to play a role in fraudulent studies for the right price (both pro-drug and anti-vitamin).

Doctors have become little more than drug pushers and sales people for expensive surgical procedures while ignoring more affordable, alternative-care options. Marketing money often drives doctors to recommend the most expensive approaches and procedures compared to more natural alternatives.

And yes, I have been a victim of that corrupt system and I know how hard it is to recover and fight back! The docs often pull together; they circle the wagons to help each other and attack the patient!

The greed and corruption that fuels current medical system is traceable to billions in marketing dollars. Money and profit goals even permeate once respected “peer review” medical journals as Dr. Angell and others so clearly point out.

Those journals are willing to publish biased, manipulated research if it brings media attention, new subscribers and more ads. These publications, like the rest of the modern media, are all for sale. Your doctor is too.

The result of this structural corruption is a level of injuries, deaths and carnage that should be major news (with thousands effected daily), but the story is ignored by corporately-owned, profit-driven media outlets across the U.S.

Medical statistics are grim

Here are some shocking numbers on injuries and deaths attributed to our medical/healthcare system:

  • About 125,000 people (or more) are killed annually by taking drugs as prescribed!
  • 200,000 people are killed in hospitals from preventable errors annually, costing an additional 19 billion for treatment.
  • 1.5 million patients are injured annually by medication errors and side-effects, costing billions more for treatment (these numbers don’t include injuries that aren’t reported).
  • 575,000 people died from preventable hospital mistakes between 2000 and 2002 (that’s real carnage).
  • Dozens of drugs have been pulled from the market (or require new black-box warnings) because they cause so much injury and death after approval.
  • The US spends the most on healthcare by far, but is way down the list for longevity and health quality! The system is utterly broken!

And there’s more! Look at this recent study information about injuries and deaths from medical misdiagnosis (again putting you at serious risk). See updated study link from 8/2014 with numbers over 10 million now:

The study showed that every year, at least 150,000 people are misdiagnosed with the wrong condition or disease, resulting in deaths and serious injuries. The misdiagnosis studied covered a wide range of health conditions, including:

  • Heart failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Cancer
  • Pneumonia
  • Other conditions, such as stomach aches and shortness of breath as a source of wrong diagnosis.

Those 150,000 injuries and deaths are often from medical incompetence. Women are especially susceptible because doctors are known to misdiagnose a range of digestive, hormonal, metabolic or other problems as stress or emotional issues. They often refer their female patients to a therapist or psychiatrist for possible evaluation and drugs. I’ve heard stories about this problem for decades, especially with male doctors.

Addiction, abuse and vitamin attacks?

Here are some shocking numbers on drug addiction and abuse for prescription drugs, a growing epidemic:

  • The most common drugs teens get high with are prescription drugs from their parents or friends (after marijuana).
  • Prescription drugs are abused by teens, ages 12-17, more often than ecstasy, heroin, crack/cocaine and methamphetamines combined!
  • About 20 million Americans have abused prescription drugs (taken for non-medical reasons), with addiction a growing epidemic.

In spite of the deaths, injuries and addiction outlined in the above sections, the medical industry loves to distract you by attacking supplements. How? They use millions of dollars to fund fraudulent, anti-supplement research (see my previous post Fish Oil and Cancer: Research Fraud below this post for more details about this issue).

Although there are occasional issues with supplements, and we need to keep educating people to use them wisely, injuries or deaths are quite rare and often tied to a handful of people who treat themselves with mega-doses of supplements.

The comparisons aren’t even close. As shown above, millions are killed and injured by preventable drug and medical mistakes annually (thousands daily), compared to much smaller numbers with supplements. Yet the medical establishment has attacked supplements as harmful or dangerous for decades! It’s amazing how medical practitioners blatantly ignore their own carnage!

I’ve never seen a single anti-supplement that used credible research design or scientific methods. That’s how bogus and phony those studies are (see links below for how research is manipulated to make vitamins look ineffective or dangerous).

The attacks on supplements are often fueled by drug industry money (or those who believe in drugs). Most use poor methodology and are motivated by power politics (see the info and videos below about how the AMA and the medical establishment has attacked anyone who challenges their power and domination, even when the alternatives are better at helping sick people).

More corruption: waste, fraud and abuse

But there’s even more to condemn in this massive and wasteful system and those who profit handsomely from it (if you feel you’re being ripped off for medical costs, you are)! That’s because the medical industry is riddled with massive amounts of waste, fraud and abuse, money that lines the pockets of medical provider’s daily. Medical providers get rich off your pain!

Here are a few “low lights” from a study done by the IOM (Institute of Medicine):

  • Unnecessary services waste 210 billion annually
  • Excess administrative costs waste 190 billion annually
  • Overpricing of services and fraud wastes 180 billion annually
  • Inefficient delivery of care wastes 130 billion annually
  • Prevention failures waste 55 billion (a number I would put much, much higher as the whole system fails at prevention! About 75% (and $3 of every $4) of medical costs are for lifestyle-driven, non-contagious health conditions/diseases).
  • Up to 75,000 people died in 2005 from substandard care

The shocking total for waste, fraud and abuse is more than $750 billion annually! It comes out of your pocket, whether in higher insurance premiums or in extra taxes. I think the waste, fraud and abuse is much greater, probably over a trillion annually. Remember, healthcare takes 2-3 trillion from the economy every year (much of it from seniors), so there is a deep incentive to keep people sick. Disease pays everyone very well!

Bribes, fines, and fraud in drug marketing

Here are some shocking numbers of additional medical corruption, especially for drug companies. Drug company fraud and corruption occurs on many levels. Read this stunning quote from Erika Kelton, a contributor to Forbes, regarding a recent bribery scandal with drug companies using almost $500 million to bribe hospitals and doctors in China and elsewhere (see link below for more):

Big pharma’s woes in China underscore that the industry – despite huge penalties and a long string of public mea culpas – has a fraud habit that is just too profitable to kick. Finding a cure should be a top priority of regulators worldwide.

Here are some additional tidbits you should know about prescription drugs and company practices:

  • The drug industry has now paid more than $30 billion in criminal and civil penalties and fines for false and illegal drug marketing, bribes, etc., including pushing drugs on children, seniors and vulnerable populations overseas.
  • The drug industry is built on corrupt marketing practices, including trips, vacations, gifts and bloated speaking fees for doctors to speak at industry-sponsored “educational” conferences.
  • Pfizer was recently fined another $491 million for off-label marketing of Rapamune, a drug normally used for organ transplants (off-label marketing is when a drug company gets drug approval for a one use, then they market the drug for other, non-approved uses, often causing harm).
  • The average American spends almost $1,000 on drugs every year, helping to support the conveyor belt of cash right to the company’s front door.

Given all the injuries, mistakes, preventable errors, waste, fraud, addiction, death and corruption why do we accept it? If the car industry made products that caused this level of carnage, would anyone buy them? Wouldn’t someone step in and tell this company to fix their problems?

I’m sure medical people will say it’s the patients who are sick, but the vast majority of those patients get sick because the system isn’t focused on improving health, effective prevention or education! So either way, the industry is liable!

And if you see these as just numbers, consider this: Each person who is killed, injured, abused or addicted by this corrupt system is a unique individual; someone with hopes, dreams, friends and family. Their death or injury probably caused great suffering and upheaval with those who cared for them. That means for each million directly affected, millions more were probably impacted to a degree. Especially for those who died, there is grief, suffering and loss, along with financial upheaval and a family without a loved one. This is the terrible price people pay when you trust this corrupt system and don’t make your health a top priority!


A short quiz

Many people are prescribed drugs starting in childhood and by age 40, a significant number of adults take drugs for lifestyle conditions. To see if you have a sense of how the medical and drug system works, here’s a brief, fun quiz. They are all True/False questions (either remember what you would answer or write T or F on a notepad): 

  1. T or F:   Most drugs are proven to be safe and effective?
  2. T or F:   Most drugs help to improve your overall health?
  3. T or F:   Most drugs restore physiological balance? 
  4. T or F:   Most drugs cure within about 30 days? 
  5. T or F:   Most drugs have mild side-effects?

These are common questions and they reflect common beliefs about what drugs do for health. Many people think they know the answer. This is an easy quiz because the answer to every question is false!

What drugs do and don’t do!

Many patients and their doctors “believe” that drugs and pills are safe and effective, but that idea is often misguided. Many drug studies are manipulated and exaggerated to boost marketing, headlines and sales! Again, profits ahead of health.

Here is a stunning quote from Dr. Peter Parry and his colleague Dr. Glen Spielmans, as reported in the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry:

Drug marketing is a very sophisticated system which corrupts every part of the scientific and medical network. Science has largely been taken captive in the name of increasing profits for pharmaceutical firms.

And if researcher’s efforts to cook the books result in null or problematic findings (often studies are ended early for those problems), the study is hidden away, never offered for publication because it brings negative news for the prospective drug and drug company.

Even if injuries or deaths occur in the study, you won’t hear about it, putting your life at risk. Recent guidelines that require all research findings to be available for broad review are being ignored. They don’t want you to know! They want you to continue to believe that every new drug is miracle cure. They will stop at nothing to keep you misinformed!

Here is another quote from Dr. Peter Parry and his colleague Dr. Glen Spielmans on these issues:

Suppression and spinning of negative data and medical ghostwriting have emerged as tools to help manage medical journal publications to best suit product sales, while disease mongering and market segmentation of physicians are used to maximize profits.

In truth, many drug companies control the entire research process (design, subject selection, location, metrics, analysis, conclusions, titles/headlines, etc.), so they can manipulate or change the outcome at will. And many medical journals are packed with drug ads, adding financial bias and corruption to their journals and content (both pro-drug and anti-supplement).

By design, most drugs are created to treat symptoms; they aren’t designed to cure you or your loved ones or ever restore health (see numerous links on the subject below). The drug companies want you to be dependent on their drugs, not cured! And it’s common that small benefits of just a few percent are exaggerated using additional math to show big, impressive numbers, even when they have no basis in fact!

Drugs neither nourish, nor improve essential nutrients. They don’t restore balance to your bodily functions or health. Most do the opposite. They work by disrupting normal functions and the side effects are often what you feel as the drug interferes with normal processes. Even if a screening test looks better after taking the drug, the underlying cause often remains. How come I understand these obvious problems but your doctor doesn’t?

The drug industry counts on your ignorance and your doctor’s gullibility so you both accept the illusion that drugs improve health. They want you to be a customer for life so you (or your insurance) keep paying and paying, month in and month out. And they want you to be afraid to stop. Drug reps will often use fear as leverage when they visit your doctor, and the docs often pass that fear along to you. Doctor’s often say, “Don’t stop taking your meds on your own.”

Read this additional quote from Dr. Angell, showing how money has deeply corrupted the medical industry (I used a quote from her at the beginning of this post):

No one knows the total amount provided by drug companies to physicians, but I estimate from the annual reports of the top 9 U.S.-based drug companies that it comes to tens of billions of dollars a year in North America. . .the pharmaceutical industry has gained enormous control over how doctors evaluate and use its own products. Its extensive ties to physicians, particularly senior faculty at prestigious medical schools, affect the results of research, the way medicine is practiced, and even the definition of what constitutes a disease.

That should give you great pause about the motivation and domination of drugs and their aggressive marketing.

If you can read this next section completely, your eyes will be opened forever! This next section will help to exemplify the bias, manipulation and fraud the drug companies rely on. The example demonstrates how drugs for non-contagious diseases do little overall and almost never help to restore health. This drug is a top-seller taken by tens of millions of adults daily, and one constantly being pushed on more women and younger populations.

Cholesterol and statins: 50 years of fraud!

You might believe that statins help to lower bad cholesterol, and hence, your risk of a heart attack. So let’s start this section with some honest, but shocking quotes from cholesterol experts. The first is from George V. Mann, MD, and Co-director of the well-known Framingham Heart Study (sadly, he passed away this July at age 95. RIP George. . .and thanks for your wisdom):

The diet-heart idea (the notion that saturated fats and cholesterol cause heart disease) is the greatest scientific deception of our times. This idea has been repeatedly shown to be wrong, and yet, for complicated reasons of pride, profit and prejudice, the hypothesis continues to be exploited by scientists, fund-raising enterprises, food companies and even governmental agencies. The public is being deceived by the greatest health scam of the century.

I think Dr. Mann was being nice in the way he worded that, but the meaning is clear: high cholesterol is a massive scam and deception! Here is a related quote from Edward Pinckney, MD, former co-editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association:

If you believe that you can ward off death from heart disease by altering the amount of cholesterol in your blood, whether by diet or by drugs, you are following a regime that still has no basis in fact. Rather, you as a consumer have been taken in by certain commercial interests and health groups who are more interested in your money than your life.

Dr. Pinckey also worded his quote carefully but his meaning is the same as Dr. Mann’s: high cholesterol is a fraud! So I hope you ponder those quotes carefully. They should at least cause you to question your beliefs about cholesterol and heart disease (don’t worry, I’m just getting started)!

In recent years, independent researchers have done comprehensive reviews of drug studies. Their conclusion? Many studies for a broad range of drugs, including statins, are indeed biased and manipulated (see quote at end of this section).

But don’t we have the FDA? Unfortunately, the FDA is heavily staffed with drug-industry insiders and friends. They tend to go along with the drug-industry, seeing drugs as “real” (see links below for how far the FDA goes to support fraudulent research practices). Everyone gets another nice paycheck, putting their financial gain ahead of your health and safety!

In fact, read this shocking quote about cholesterol guidelines from K. L. Carlson, a former pharmaceutical sales rep. It will cast a bright light on how those cholesterol guidelines were influenced by industry money and pressure:

Cholesterol guidelines have been created to increase pharmaceutical profits, not to improve peoples’ health. I know from my experience as a pharmaceutical sales representative for a statin drug. We were trained to emphasize to physicians the new lower LDL guidelines that were ostensibly created by health experts. The truth is the majority of the experts who created the lower guidelines have multiple financial ties to pharmaceutical companies. One expert was found to have ties to ten drug firms.

So in spite of numerous challenges to, and the lack of scientific evidence for cholesterol as a cause of heart disease (or any disease), it’s estimated that 30-40 million people in the U.S. are taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol, with no real proof that these drugs make any difference (genetic problems for high cholesterol are quite rare, perhaps a few percent).

It’s an example of how billions in marketing dollars used to repeat the same false message over and over gets results. Like politics or other advertising, a dishonest claim repeated thousands of times sounds true, and people “believe!” The billions spent have moved public opinion and the medical-industry to acceptance. . .of a fraud! That’s why modern medicine is more religion than science.

Even the congress was mislead about cholesterol decades ago. Having little background in science and research, they were quite gullible and trusting. They bought the lies and joined the anti-fat and cholesterol fray! Millions have died needlessly since.

Whether or not you’re taking a statin, you probably believe that high cholesterol causes heart disease. The underlying claim for these overly-prescribed drugs, that high fat and cholesterol levels cause heart disease, has been debunked by many health experts, including me, for years. Why doesn’t your doctor know?  

The cholesterol-heart theory gained a foothold because of biased and manipulated research going back about 50 years. A scientist named Ancel Keys, considered a key insider and AHA (American Heart Association) power player, helped to originate the cholesterol-heart disease theory.

In truth, the origins of HD are far more complex and are largely driven by other influences like inflammation and the SAD (Standard American Diet). Lifestyle choices also play key roles. Let me summarize it this way: Dietary cholesterol or blood cholesterol from fat is not the cause of heart disease! (I included a notation and video below on Key’s history and work, and how it mislead a generation).

The real cause of heart disease

So if high cholesterol and fat from food isn’t the cause of heart disease, what is? Foods like refined carbs, wheat and sugar, plus refined, easily oxidized veggie oils. Also fried foods, tran-fats and habits like smoking and inactivity contribute to HD. Eggs, butter, cheese and Greek yogurt? Not really, especially in moderation (1 or 2 servings per daily should be okay for most people, especially if they replace refined carbs/processed and junk foods)!

The real process of athero/HD works like this: Once the delicate artery walls are inflamed (often by the unhealthy dietary and lifestyle habits listed above), they begin to accumulate more fats, oxidized LDL (think rancid oil), and immune cells as the body tries to repair the damage.

Overall, you’ve been lied to all your life! Your family and loved ones too! A deception that makes billions for the drug industry and your doctor every year! A big lie that puts your health and those you love at risk daily.

Many experts say the accumulation of cholesterol and later calcification is the body trying to stabilize and patch over the lision (the lining of your arteries are only a single cell thick and heart arteries are quite small, under 1/4″ in diameter)! So cholesterol is not the cause, it’s part of the solution! Once inside the artery wall, those cells continue to trigger inflammation and the lesion (or wound) grows.

It’s important to recognize that the process goes on for decades and is mostly driven by an unhealthy lifestyle, not genes or aging. Heart disease is often present without symptoms until people reach their 40s to 60s when artery damage is more significant and the person might have chest pain, shortness of breath or other symptom as the artery blockage becomes more obvious.

Did you know? Autopsies have shown that many young people in their teens to 30s already have early heart disease. Catching it early is key and can give you a chance to stop or reverse it (yes, it’s possible to reverse some arterial plaque with the right steps, no drugs needed).

As for statins (and many other drugs that treat symptoms), they are far less effective than most doctors and patients think, especially for healthier individuals. It should be more clear now that moderately elevated cholesterol is not a disease. It’s treated like one because it makes billions! If you fear a heart attack guess what? You can still drop dead when taking a statin drug (remember Tim Russert? I still miss him.).

Recall that the main causes of HD are helped little by statins: dietary intakes of sugar (it’s everywhere), wheat, refined carbs, easily oxidized veggie oils, trans-fats, fried foods, along with ongoing inflammation all help to create small, dense LDL and oxLDL particles, highly atherosclerotic! Statins treat the wrong problem. Again, how come I know that but your doctor doesn’t, giving many patients a serious drug that really doesn’t help?

If you take a statin and believe you are protected from a heart attack, you are not! You can still have a heart attack without any warning, and about 50% of people do. You can die from the very first attack, as many do (and don’t forget, heart disease is the number 1 killer of woman)!

Doctors will shrug their shoulders, saying, “Well, they did have high cholesterol!” They are in denial about their gullibility and most won’t admit their mistake! Keep this in mind: statins generate $20-30 billion in global revenue annually. It’s a massive, massive fraud!

If you are ever in a position to be put on a statin, based on the standard cholesterol tests (HDL/LDL/triglycerides), ask for a VAP or NMR test first! Those measure cholesterol particle sizes and provide far more important information that can show your true heart disease risk and its origin, such as the carbs and wheat mentioned above.

In truth, statin drugs only lower risk of a heart attack by 1-2%, about the same as placebo, but show no benefit at all for all-cause mortality. That’s because people who take statins often get serious side effects, including muscle weakness/pain, liver problems, diabetes, strokes, nerve problems and a weaker heart from lowered Co-Q10!

I have included more than 60 links below that expose the shocking degree of research manipulation and fraud used by drug companies, researchers and related info., including many on statins. Expect to feel total disgust and feelings of betrayal from your doctor and the drug companies. They have exploited you and loved ones for decades, in the name of profit and greed.

Modern research: hype and headlines

As other experts and I have stated, many drug studies are known to be biased and manipulated. That’s because it’s really not about science, it’s about getting attention, getting interviews and generating headlines! And those are all about getting more money and power! A favorite research approach is to use a ratio of a ratio so a small difference of a few percent becomes much larger, often growing to 10 or 20 times the true difference!

The approach I’m thinking of is to use something called Relative Risk (RR) for statins and other drugs because it highly exaggerates the outcome. Here’s an example: if you were told by your doctor that a drug lowered your risk of a heart attack by 1-2%, would you be impressed? Would you bother for so little benefit? Probably not. But when the drug rep tells your doctor (and the doctor tells you), that the statin lowers the risk of heart attack by 30% or 35%, it’s much more dramatic, even though it’s not what the study actually measured. RR is a projection based only on those who might have had an outcome in the trial, like chest pain or a heart attack, often a much small number of people who were in the trial. These outcomes can also be changed and manipulated to pump up the numbers! (See links below in the statin section for more details about this and how little benefit these drugs provide.)

Read this stunning quote that covers the widespread bias and manipulation in drug research, including statins. See links below for the full study and similar resources:

Regarding pharmacological [drug] interventions, cases of reporting bias were, for example, identified in the treatment of the following conditions: depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, pain, migraine, cardiovascular disease, gastric ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, urinary incontinence, atopic dermatitis, diabetes mellitus type 2, hypercholesterolemia [high cholesterol], thyroid disorders, menopausal symptoms, various types of cancer (e.g. ovarian cancer and melanoma), various types of infections (e.g. HIV, influenza and Hepatitis B), and acute trauma.

This quote shows how far and wide research fraud goes and how the drug industry routinely deceives its customers! The truth is that many drugs do only perform a few percent than placebo on some patients. For example, recent studies show that anti-depressants are as phony as statins in their effects. They basically work because of the placebo effect (which often reach about 30%), nothing more than the brain at work!


Don’t be a victim!

Here are 3 tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of the corrupt medical/drug industry and its greed:

1. Focus on your health every day and don’t take it for granted!

If you don’t value your health daily (even when you are younger), you will lose it! It’s that simple! And even if you feel okay, it doesn’t mean you are. Many screening tests can uncover early problems that lead to serious health problems over time. The longer you wait, the worse things will get.

2. Learn how to control inflammation and keep your immune system at its peak!

Diet, the right supplements and overall lifestyle play important roles in immune health and inflammation. Make health a priority and you won’t get sick as often. And don’t assume that you do or don’t need supplements. Key blood and other screening tests are often necessary to see what’s happening inside. They can help to keep your health at optimum levels. I can coach you and train you through that process in a few calls.

3. If you do see your doctor and he/she wants to prescribe drugs for lifestyle conditions, ask these critical questions:

  1. How soon will I be cured if I take the drug?
  2. What alternative lifestyle therapies are available?
  3. Can I have 60-90 days to try alternative approaches?

If your doctor is honest, he or she will say “Never” to question #1.

For question #2, they will offer little help (perhaps a few vague generalities about improving diet or exercise).

And for question #3, they should always give you time to explore alternative methods unless you are critically ill. Even then, improving your lifestyle will often be key for your return to health!

You also have a right to know if your doctor has read and analyzed the actual drug research or studies for any drug they want to prescribe to you, including claimed benefits and side-effects. Also, ask if the benefits are given in Relative Risk terms (as mentioned earlier, many drug studies rely on this math manipulation which can turn a small difference 1-2% between the drug and a placebo into a whopping 20%, 30% or more). But it’s not real!

Only Absolute Risk (AR) is relevant for claimed drug benefits. Relative Risk isn’t real science, it’s made-up; it’s designed to generate dramatic headlines for journals, brochures and the mass media. There is no scientific basis for using Relative Risk!

I predict that your doctor hasn’t spent hours reading research studies for all the drugs he or she prescribes. They rely on the attractive drug reps who visit your doctor several times a month. 

Did you know? The drug company carefully matches each sales rep to your doctor’s personality, style, interests, etc. And they leave slick marketing brochures, designed to convince your doc that a new drug is yet another miracle pill, even when it’s no better than a previous version.

After all, billions in potential sales are at stake, and these companies know how to use every trick they can (see shocking video links below from K. L. Carlson and Gwen Olsen, both former drug sales reps/insiders and whistle blowers for explosive details).

What happens from all the phony marketing is that your favorite doctor believes that drugs are scientifically proven, even though he or she is often gullible about research fraud and ignorant about the truth. Where is the science they claim to follow?

This pattern of misinformation puts you and your loved ones at significant risk for injury or death! So unless every answer from your doc sounds acceptable to the questions and sections above, don’t take the drug for lower-level (non-serious) health conditions! Alternatives abound for most problems and they don’t risk your life. Most will improve your health for the long-term. It’s what I do!

Your doctor’s favorite crutch

Here’s an insight that may shock you: Most doctors use drugs as a surrogate for care, replacing more personalized help. The drug is a crutch the doc leans on; it replaces more personal interaction and becomes a substitute for skill in health improvement or disease prevention. It also speeds up the appointment, offering a “quick fix.” And because most drugs never cure or improve health, the heavy reliance on drugs is a failed promise. It sets you on the road to long-term dependency. Most drugs have little to do with actual healthcare!

Sadly, most doctors get too little training in disease prevention, nutrition, supplements, fitness, health improvement, coaching or training methods, lifestyle modification, alternative health, etc. What happens is that they end up telling patients a few generalities (eat more fruits and veggies), and they fade like a forgotten New Year’s resolution. Most patients fail to make long-term changes without ongoing support and encouragement. When the doctor’s simplistic advice has little long-term effect, they often blame the patient!

Because doctors have so many skill deficits for health improvement and prevention, drugs become an easy alternative; they are a handy substitute for more hands-on care. And the quicker your doc moves on to the next patient, the quicker they get done and the more money they can make. There’s a drive to keep patient time short, around 10-15 minutes (some say it’s because insurance reimbursements are not enough, but what kind of luxury car does your doctor drive?). 

And never forget that there’s much bigger income at stake when patients get really sick, compared to helping people improve their health and immune system so they don’t get sick!

The little pad to nowhere

If you go to your doctor and he or she scribbles a drug name and dosage on their little pad (did that ever strike you as odd?), their work is mostly done. It’s designed to be a quick process and ritual if you see the doctor as an authority on sickness. Think about how often you’ve heard those messages in drug ads or in disclaimers when they say, “Talk to your doctor” or “Ask your doctor” when seeking drug or health advice. You’re heard it a thousand times, even if you don’t remember where or when. That’s how they have conditioned your thinking and behavior. You’re being directed and controlled.

So when your doc gives you an RX from their little pad, it’s like a small map. Sadly, it’s not a map for the road to better health, it’s a map for the road to long-term dependency!

As I’ve said many times in other posts, we don’t suffer from a deficiency of drugs! Drugs for lifestyle-driven conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, high glucose, pain, weight, etc. (costing $3 of every $4 of healthcare), neither nourish nor cure! From a health view, they’re a dismal failure, but from a financial point of view, a total boon to drug companies: low-cost/high profit/long-term dependency! A perfect recipe for endless profits and greed!

The bottom line for me is this: drugs should be considered as the last resort, the last alternative, not the first. There are safer, lifestyle alternatives for almost every health condition and drug.

Keep in mind that about 80% of those people using drugs don’t have significant genetic abnormalities, just unhealthy lifestyle choices day in and day out. Those chronically bad choices add up and lead to chronic health conditions! It’s inevitable!

More diseases, more drug sales

As K.L Carlson stated above, the drug industry and those friendly to their marketing cash and perks have significant influence over drug research. They also influence the naming of conditions and diseases, allowing more drugs to be prescribed for all those new “diseases” (I think about the recent example of osteopenia, supposedly an early form of osteoporosis mostly resulting from a Merck marketing plan in the 1990s).

In fact, here is a quote from Dr. John Kanis,of the World Health Organization’s Collaborating Centre for Metabolic Bone Diseases, about the definition of osteopenia and how it was set:

We never imagined that people would come to think of osteopenia as a disease in itself to be treated.

Merck had developed the whole program in a marketing campaign: Create a board to set the thresholds and help manufacture and distribute machines to measure bone mineral density (BMD), all in order to drive more diagnosis and drug sales (their market research projected that 8 million women would now be diagnosed with osteopenia). They sell the ineffective drug, Fosomax, a bisphosphonate, now known to cause jaw-bone death and leg fractures after several years of use (see links with more shocking details below).

Here is a quote from Dr. Adriane Fugh-Bermanas about the myth of osteopenia as something that people need treatment for:

Osteopenia is a term that’s become popular recently as a way to expand market share for bone-building drugs.

If you read the quote about the cholesterol guidelines earlier, you can also see how this back-room, money-fueled process works. As corrupt and misguided as it is, most doctors routinely call symptoms by a disease name and never try to look deeper into why you have that symptom. All of this goes back to money, not your health! See link below with notation, it will show you how the drug industry makes diseases to be treated with their drugs.

The entire system is structured to expand and drive disease diagnosis, and tests like those for osteopenia or cholesterol that may show no actual “disease” at all. But prevention doesn’t buy that new luxury SUV, second home or European vacation the doctor wants.

Once a doctor can label a “disease” (often just a symptom of metabolic, hormonal or other systemic imbalance), you think you have an answer and he gives you some pills. You end up being warehoused, not on a return path to health, the underlying cause still there.

If most doctors offered what I offer, chronic illness would plummet and you would enjoy good health and vitality well into old age. You wouldn’t need to see your doctor nearly as often because you wouldn’t get sick! 

Did you know? In most states, consumers can order online blood tests at a discount and get your own screening tests easily at local labs. In fact, I have links to 3 sites on the Tips page where you can buy them online at a great discount; they are done by the same labs doctors use everyday! And I can help you understand how those reflect diet and lifestyle choices so you can improve your health!

I value a whole, healthy you

When I work with a client, I see them as a whole being, with a physical body that wants to heal and function as efficiently as possible. I also see each client as someone who has needs and emotions beyond just their physical body. The doctor sees a collection of organs and tissues, often in isolation: “Which one needs a pill?”

Too many doctors embrace the phony science of “a pill for every ill” or condition (as I said, drugs for high BP, statins for cholesterol, pills for pain, arthritis, diabetes, inflammation, allergies, etc.), all treat the symptoms, not the real cause or basis which is often lifestyle.

I try to understand how all your related conditions come from systems that are out of balance, and how those express themselves as symptoms, including excess weight. Yes, for me, excess weight is a symptom of digestive, metabolic, hormonal, and nervous systems no longer in balance. Many other health conditions express themselves in the same way. They are really symptoms, not diseases at all.

Ever hear of epigenetics? It’s a branch of science that looks at how the environment, including diet, lifestyle and activity, turn on health or disease genes (I’ve covered this info in previous posts and articles).

How you live will activate health or disease genes depending on the daily choices you make. Some researchers have even shown that people who live well into old age have significant gene defects but their daily choices, if healthy, keep those genes inactive! That’s the key to what I do. I help you use your lifestyle to turn on your health genes and turn off the potential disease genes.

Because 75 or 80% of most chronic conditions like high BP, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, pain, allergies, digestive disorders, etc., are driven by lifestyle, not age, genetics or fate, it also means you can improve your health with some minor changes to the things that are harming your body.

And that leads to good news, you can overcome most of these conditions with small switches to the foods you eat, improving the sleep you get with supplements, being more active, lowering stress, etc. You have always had the power to change these problems and get off drugs if you choose to! What you lack is the knowledge and support to make those small changes, ones that return big benefits for the rest of your life! If you want to live to 100 with good health and vitality, let me know!

In a few phone calls, I can help you turn your health and life around! I guarantee results (all my clients have improved their health, life and business challenges) so you have nothing to lose! Yes, you can have the long, healthy life you desire!

If you would like to know more, contact me at: I offer a free, 30-minute consult/get to know you call.

Helpful links by category and in overall order of article (I saved the best for last! Please review these, especially if you think much of my post was opinion. If you read all these links, you’ll be even more shocked by the breath of fraud and corruption):

And this NY Times book review about Dr. Angell’s work, revealing deep, structural corruption, secret financial influence, bloated consulting/speaking fees and general fraud between doctors and drug research:

Yet another article condemning the manipulation of drug research:,0,1228881.column#axzz2j9vHnd78

I found this credible and damning info on 10/24/13 from an MD:

Another great story exposing deep, insider information about how doctors are played and corrupted by drug money cash, training, and more:

More shocking articles about big pharma and doctor corruption (I’ve noted this pay-to-play issue in posts before) showing some good examples of how doctors are paid:

I added this new shocking article on 9/17/13 about bad doctors who keep practicing:

Another expose´ about drug money and corrupt research and medical practice:

Here’s another on medical and research corruption: 

Here’s one from Dr. David Katz about HRT and research bias:

A stunning overview of how a drug company researcher literally faked dozens of drug studies and articles, published in medical journals for more than a decade (if this post and links haven’t shocked you yet, this will):—/-How-Drug-Company-Money-Is-Undermining-Science/show/1860689

An incredibly shocking video that demonstrates the money influence and complete corruption of drug companies, doctors and the FDA for mental or emotional illness/depression/anxiety. You won’t believe this video: 

Here are some additional videos and articles that undercut the legitimacy of most mental illness, including the process of making up disorders and the false science of psychiatry: 

This video offers a gut-wrenching, historical perspective on cancer politics, corruption, money and the suppression of potential cures:

I include some of my own personal history with the medical industry in this post:

An insightful video from a respected, mainstream doctor and his poignant apology to the patients he harmed by following standard medical dogma for diabetes and obesity:

Shocking insider videos from Gwen Olson, a former drug sales rep who dispels any myths that drug companies care about health or healing you:;year=2013;volume=4;issue=2;spage=144;epage=147;aulast=Gupta

An study that shows how doctors continue to over-proscribe antibioitics, even for the wrong conditions:

Note: These links below are more specific to cholesterol and statin drugs although statins are also mentioned in some of the links above. 

These next 2 links have formatting and typo issues. I’ve tried to get them fixed but so far, no luck):

This is a link to a series of videos linked together, with a short pause between each one. It’s mind-blowing:

A shocking, myth-busing video that captures cholesterol and statin fraud, and the early history of Ancel Keys and his manipulated research (still used today by drug companies, doctors and medical practitioners). Keys became a power player in the AHA (American Heart Association) and his bogus research is the foundation of current medical practice (NOTE, there are some pauses in the video, but I runs about 13 minutes total):

This study about statins and kidney disease came out after this post so I decided to add it:

A story about how often people with surgeries end up in the ER from complications shortly after:

These osteopenia links exposes the scam process of how drug companies push diseases names for their drugs:

8/2014 Update on misdiagnosis numbers:

New study showing that about 12 million people are misdiagnosed in the U.S. annually:

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