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by Steven Carney on January 20, 2014

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Many Americans have unhealthy or high blood pressure. It’s not something most people feel and there may be no obvious symptoms. That’s why it’s called a silent killer!

High blood pressure (or high BP/hypertension), are all names for blood pressure that is too high, and if chronic, it can injure blood vessels and organs throughout your body. It can also cause a deadly heart attack or stroke. For too many people, their first heart attack is their last (it’s true, a heart attack can occur without any warning).

High blood pressure will often cause small injuries to arteries and their ultra-thin lining, called the endothelium. The arteries become stiff and inflexible and can’t expand as they normally should, such as during exercise or exertion. That’s why those activities are sometimes associated with heart attacks.

But it’s not the activities that are a problem, it’s the stiff vessels that worsen over time. They become less supple, flexible and unable to accommodate the need for extra blood during exercise. Plus, when your arteries are less flexible or able to expand, your heart has to work harder to move blood throughout the body.

Surprising stats

Here are some surprising stats about high blood pressure, including the high number of young adults who have it now:

  • About 33% of American adults have high blood pressure
  • Over 65 million U.S. Adults have high BP
  • The total cost for treatment and related costs is over 90 billion
  • About 20% of young people, ages 24-32 already have high BP
  • Your heart arteries are very small, only about 1/8″ in diameter
  • You have about 60,000 miles of blood vessels in your body

Blood pressure is measured by 2 numbers, systolic and diastolic, such as 120/80. Systolic is the measure given when the heart beats (contracts) and diastolic is the measure between beats, and indicates whether your arteries can relax sufficiently. Healthy BP should be below 120/80 while high BP/hypertension usually exceeds 140/90 (sometimes, just one number is high).

One new study shows that even borderline high blood pressure (ranging from 120-139 systolic) is tied to significantly more deaths (see link below), here is a quote:

After analyzing results from 20 previous studies that included more than one million men and women, researchers calculated that 15 percent of deaths from stroke and 11 percent of heart disease deaths would be avoided if so-called prehypertension were eliminated.

High BP is damaging over time

If your blood pressure is chronically high (except during activity, exercise or nervousness like white-coat hypertension at your doctor’s office), it means the heart and arteries are working harder than they should and they will be strained and damaged in the process.

As mentioned above, the lining of your arteries is delicate and only a single cell thick. When healthy, those endothelial cells help release Nitric Oxide (NO), a gas that helps arteries to relax and widen to allow more blood to flow.

If the endothelial layer is damaged from high BP, the body tries to heal the wound (often using cholesterol and /or minerals like calcium to stabilize the wound, creating inflammation. That means the artery is less able to expand and is more susceptible to atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis, a narrowing and stiffening of the artery due to the presence of inflammatory and other cells. Over time, deadly heart attacks and strokes can result.

High blood pressure is also stressful for the heart muscle because it has to work harder. And unfortunately, it’s not like real exercise for the heart. Hypertension causes the unique heart muscle, called the myocardium, to thicken, making it less able to flex and pump effectively. High BP can also damage the brain, kidneys and other organs, including your eyes! So it really can harm your health and organs in significant ways.

Like other lifestyle-driven conditions, you don’t catch high blood pressure like a cold or flu, and it’s not from aging, it’s driven by an unhealthy lifestyle. And even if your parents had it, it’s a myth that you will get it too, unless you follow an unhealthy lifestyle. That’s good news because you have lots of influence over your blood pressure!

Will drugs cure me?

No, like most other drugs for lifestyle-driven conditions, drugs for high blood pressure don’t cure. They are designed to only treat symptoms and keep you dependent on the drugs, as a customer for life! Drug companies are after profits, not improving your health for the long term.

High blood pressure, like most chronic, non-contagious disease is not a disease! I don’t buy the self-serving, “everything’s a disease” model of modern medicine, especially because most doctors don’t study nutrition, health, lifestyle or prevention. They rarely look at origins, just symptoms and hand you a prescription to treat that symptom, disrupting normal functions in the process.

High BP, like excess weight, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune problems, pain, and other conditions are often a reflection of a lifestyle that is misaligned with your body and your goal of enjoying great health! For me, those so-called diseases, especially in the early forms, are really just symptoms; ones that show your body is out of balance, usually from an inappropriate diet, activity, lack of sleep, hydration, etc.

Still, most doctors buy the myth that treatment with drugs is somehow meaningful, and they prescribe drugs for high BP, such as diuretics, ACE inhibitors, Channel Blockers, and Beta Blockers. But none will cure the problem! Why not avoid all the side effects (see link below to Drugs.com) so you will know the harm these drugs cause.

Some side effects are really serious! For example, common ones are dizziness, weakness, drowsiness, dehydration, constipation, ED, fluid retention, irregular heart beat, palpitations, swelling, joint aches and pain, headaches, fever, cough, vitamin and mineral loss, and many more, depending on which drug you are prescribed.

Can BP be lowered without drugs?

If your BP is higher than 120/80 (mine is usually 115/75), it’s best to take action and not wait until it gets worse. And it’s not hard to lower high blood pressure. That’s because the origins are often in lifestyle! No need to feel guilty, the good news is that the problem is really under your control! Most people can lower high blood pressure with some lifestyle tweaks. Yes, you can enjoy normal blood pressure within a few weeks and you can keep it there forever!

For example: 

  • Use less salt and more spices/herbs on your food (read labels, salt is everywhere)
  • Eat more potassium-rich foods (veggies, fruits, nuts, fish, chicken and turkey)
  • Take a good quality multi-vitamin/mineral supplement (minerals play a big role)
  • Lose weight, even 5 pounds will drop BP (I teach you easy weight loss without dieting)
  • If you smoke, it’s best to get help and quit!
  • Beware of fast food/restaurant food (lots of salt and unhealthy fats)
  • Lower stress/get help to manage it!
  • Lower chronic inflammation, an epidemic in U.S. and other Western cultures
  • Be more active (even walking at least 15 minutes, 4 days per week can help)!
  • Take quality fish oil

As a health and life coach, I can help you take the small steps to lower BP naturally, without drugs. If you are taking drugs now, you should realize that they will never cure you, just mask the symptom and give you side effects, sometimes quite dangerous and destructive.

Together, we can make small lifestyle changes to cut or eliminate your need for drugs, starting by giving you more energy so you feel like being more active. There are also supplements that can help to lower BP naturally.

With my expertise in health and prevention, I can teach you to end high blood pressure forever! I’ll design a custom plan just for your individual needs and I guarantee results, even if you are on some BP drugs now (they will cost you money month in and month out, with no end in sight)!

Think about your friends and family and how you want to be around for them and live a long, healthy life! High BP no more!

Important tip:

I recommend that you take your blood pressure only after sitting for 10 minutes! It’s called “resting” BP for a reason, but many health practitioners shorten this time and don’t seem to realize that the BP and heart rate numbers can look higher if you haven’t been quiet for at least 5 minutes! Also, the measured arm should be elevated so the cuff or wrist site is near the same level as the heart.

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