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by Steven Carney on March 25, 2013

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Want to reach 100? Take a moment to imagine the possibilities. . .what could you do with an extra 15 or 20 healthy years in your life? Would you start a new hobby or embrace a true passion you never indulged? How about spending more time with friends and loved ones, traveling, or starting a small business at home? Maybe volunteering to help others or give talks to people who need what you know?

It’s possible for many of us to reach 100, with good health and vitality! If you prefer, it’s easier to reach 85 or 90, with great health and vitality and without the chronic disease and disability that’s so common today! I know this sounds crazy because so many people in their 70s and 80s take multiple drugs for their health problems and/or disability, often with significantly diminished quality of life.

Why not make different choices and enjoy a much better outcome? You have control of your future health! The best experts agree. You can choose how long to live and how healthy you are as you age!

3/20/14 NOTE: At the end of this post I included some links. The last link is to a brand new, breakthrough post on genes, lifestyle and aging. It contains some new secrets to healthy aging!

Some important things to consider:

1. Taking drugs for chronic conditions will not cure you. Those drugs treat symptoms, which are the indicators your body gives you to warn you that things need attention. It’s magical thinking that a pill will fix health problems and chronic pain so many people develop when they don’t eat the right foods or maintain the right lifestyle. If people valued health more, most wouldn’t need pills! I don’t take any and I would refuse anything that I had to take for more than 30 days.

2. Living well into old age is entirely possible but most doctors can’t tell you how to do it! Their focus is on disease, drugs and procedures after you’re sick. That’s where they make their money. Sick people bring in lots more cash compared to prevention so most doctors don’t emphasize it.

The key to a long, healthy life, free of disability and health problems is not luck, fate or bad genes! It’s knowing how to live better! I can teach you how in a few hours of time by phone and e-mail. It doesn’t even mater what state you live in. I’ve also worked with people in the UK and Canada.

3. Too many of us have forgotten how to maintain optimum health and good muscle tone. As a result, most Americans and Westerners live with mediocre health and a faulty immune system, unable to fight off annual colds, flu allergies, infections or chronic disease, including cancer. With a few, key lifestyle updates, these immune and health problems are often reversible, allowing you to live without common diseases or health problems. You can also have the healthy, vibrant energy you need to keep you going, good sleep for rest and tissue repair, etc.

4. One big reason we are so unhealthy is that too many of us have become dependent on carb and chemical-laden processed foods, even though there are healthy alternatives. Do you realize that those refined carbs cause toxic glucose levels and harm your digestive system, organs and blood vessels? Plus, there are thousands of chemicals (artificial colors, preservatives, chemical flavors, etc., in those foods)! Many are never disclosed on the labeling.

We’ve used these unhealthy foods for a generation and we’ve forgotten how to nourish ourselves with simpler, more balanced foods (vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants). We also need to have drinks that contribute to our health and longevity rather than ruin it (soda and sugary drinks)! Sadly, many people obsess more about how they look (hair, clothes, grooming, etc.), compared to taking care of their bodies on the inside. If you want to look younger than your age, elevate your health focus and work on the inside!

The unnecessary use of processed and junk foods (terrible on our bodies, especially as we get older), contributes to the breakdown of our bodies and speeds aging (see first link below for some info about how processed foods age you). We are more tired and worn out. We feel less youthful and less interested in play or activity. Our muscles become weak when we don’t use or challenge them, and they become permeated with fat.

The SAD (Standard American Diet) and the unhealthy lifestyle choices we make give us muscles that look like fatty meat! When that happens, our muscles work less efficiently and that increases weight gain and lowers energy. Excess weight (BTW, it’s a myth that gaining weight with age is normal) contributes to a host of inflammatory and metabolic problems, sending us down the path to a weakened immune system and more chronic disease. Soon we are tired and worn out, gaining weight year after year, with fading hope for a long, vibrant life.

It’s reversible starting today!

The good news is that as long as you are alive, and you really want to improve your health, it’s entirely possible to reverse many of your health issues and problems. It’s possible for most of us to toss those high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood sugar, arthritis and pain pills in the garbage, where they belong (as you know from my previous comments and posts, drugs for most lifestyle conditions are designed to treat symptoms but never cure)! Sadly, the system is designed to bring maximum income for the drug companies by creating life-long customers, while never improving your health!

If you are taking any of those pills, ever wonder why you were told to take them? A diagnosis from a doctor who probably had no training in disease prevention, nutrition, fitness or lifestyle improvement told you to take these drugs. He or she doesn’t know how to find the origins of your problems or help you change your unhealthy lifestyle habits because they get little or no training in improving your health and immune system when you suffer annual colds, allergies flu, infections and chronic conditions.

The loser in this formula is you! You are not healthier because of drugs (just because some blood tests look better doesn’t mean the root cause of the problem is ever found or fixed. If it was, you would only need the drugs for a few weeks). You are being warehoused like the people in the Matrix movies, given the false projection of a healthy life when it isn’t true. And remember, people taking those drugs for non-contagious diseases die every day, often years younger than they should! It’s both tragic and true!

I can help

For most adults, even if you have some health conditions, you can change your fate whenever you want to, especially if you are in your 40s to 60s! It takes knowledge and skill your doctor probably doesn’t have, but I can help you take control of your health and aging now, allowing you to reach 100 by:

  • Helping you to boost your immune function (have fewer colds, flu and infections)
  • Helping you to lose excess pounds without dieting (easy, natural weight loss)
  • Helping you to get the best blood screenings to track your health proactively
  • Helping you to improve energy, sleep and resolve most health conditions
  • Helping you to improve muscle tone without hours at a gym
  • Helping you to feel more vibrant and youthful, including looking younger

Now I’d like to inspire you with some stories about people who remained active and engaged in their lives, well into older age, even reaching 100. They all have good health and vitality in their 90s and beyond!

Yoga teacher 91 years young

Bernice Bates is passionate about practicing and teaching Yoga. Even more amazing? She is 91 years young, and holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest Yoga teacher! She has been practicing and teaching Yoga since 1960! That’s more than 50 years, and it keeps her young, lean and limber!

In spite of her age, Bernice has no health problems and is as healthy and fit as someone half her age! She is  humble and grateful for her ability to serve others, giving much credit to her students when she was told about the Guinness record she achieved. Many of her current students are mere youngsters, in their 60s and 70s!

Bernice also loves to garden and stay active, and she is doing great for her age! She understands how to live life to the fullest every day and she keeps herself healthy and fit! I also practice Yoga most days and she inspires me! I’m always after results and she reminds me to stay with it! I hope you are inspired by her youth and health as well!

The 100-years-young swimmer

The second story is about 100-years-young Jaring Timmerman, a Canadian swimmer who broke a new world record in the backstroke recently. What’s truly amazing is that he was a late bloomer, becoming involved in swimming in his late 70s! He has won over 150 medals and a great example of how you’re never too old to start something new and succeed at it!

He attributes his longevity to the same things I focus on: healthy diet, exercise, with a positive spirit and outlook! He has learned how to keep his genes working for him. Timmerman was quoted on Canada AM, “If genes are formed by bad habits, and they are.  .  .then good habits should be able to make good genes.”

This is great insight because, indeed epigenetics (the study of how genes are influenced by environment and lifestyle), has shown exactly that: a healthy lifestyle turns on healthy genes and turns off disease genes. The opposite is also true: an unhealthy lifestyle activates disease genes, which is why so many people develop chronic disease when they live an unhealthy lifestyle.

Keep working to reach 100 years young?

The third story is about Eddie Horst, who still works at a publishing company he owns (since 1955)! He really loves his work and celebrated his 100th birthday in 2009.

Eddie’s son observed that his dad loves his work and that it keeps him young. Had he retired, his son believes he wouldn’t have lived past his 80s. Eddie still sees his loyal customers and he loves being engaged and active in the business! It’s powerful, life-affirming activity for him!

The concept of staying engaged and active has been studied and indeed, people who retire and become disengaged often lose their health and positive outlook. They become more depressed and develop more chronic health problems. In fact, all 3 stories demonstrate that people who stay engaged, healthy and active as they age enjoy a more youthful outlook and a longer life. It’s clearly an important element in living to be 100!

A new program for you!

I’m working on a new program built around these concepts for people who want to reach 100! Yes, I can teach you how to slow time! I can teach you how to age more slowly so you can live a longer, healthier life! Imaging that you are a spry 100 but look and feel like you are 65 or 70!

If that inspires you, I’ll be offering special rates and long-term support to the select clients I work with. Each client will get lots of attention and TLC! I’m thinking of 4-6 calls to help train and coach you so you too can live an amazing and long life, without disease!

We’ll cover areas like power foods and nutrition/supplements, common aging myths, easy fitness in minutes/day, the most important blood tests you’ve never heard of, no-diet weight loss, and keys to improve hormones, stress and sleep. I think 4 calls could cover the basics, maybe some additional calls to make sure everything is working well for you.

For this project, I’m looking to find and build a special group of people who really value their health and who want the most out of every day, regardless of age! If you are a seeker, a visionary, and someone who likes to be proactive, then you will appreciate the secrets I can give to you!

Feel free to comment or drop me a line (see e-mail icon in social media links). Your feedback is appreciated!

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