Here are some helpful links (body calculators, etc.):

1.  Activities and Calories Burned (This has activities and exercises to check your favorites.)

2.  BMI Calculator (This calculator can give you an idea of your body mass index/BMI but always include the Body Fat Percent info below)

3.  Body-fat Calculator (This calculator can give you a more accurate idea of your fat percent.)

4.  Body Fat Percent Charts (Gives you the percent ranges for gender, age, etc.)

4.  Calorie Needs Chart (Age and gender overview for how many calories you need daily.)

5.  Calories in Foods Database (Helpful for those who want to know calories.)

6.  Fun Body Facts  (I use this for Friday Fun Facts!) 

7.  Cool 3D Views of Body Areas (Get a look inside from all angles!)

8.  Affordable Lab Tests (A link to a site for affordable lab tests where you can get the blood drawn locally).

9.  Dr. Amen Explains His Diagnostic Methods (Dr. Amen outlines his expert diagnostic and treatment approaches to brain and mood issues. You’ve probably seen him on his PBS specials). 

Here are some links to my articles:

1.  Weight Gain and Aging: Fact or Myth? 

2.  Will Sugar and Refined Carbs Shorten Your Life? 

3.  Lifestyle and Disease: Cause and Effect?

4.  Aging and Hormones: Solutions Abound

5.  You Are What You Eat: Lifestyle Alters Your Genes

6.  More Fit in Just 15-30 Minutes/Day

7.  Inflammation, Lifestyle & Disease: New Insights & Solutions

8.  3 Steps to Regain Your Health

9. Research Hype & Media Misinformation (A shocking new article on corrupt research). 

Here are links to other articles and info:

1.  The Dr. Oz Show

2.  Health Issues Cost $150 Billion/yr.

3.  Shocking Video from Drug Industry Insider

4.  More Shocking Video from Drug Industry Insider

5.  Another Video About Pervasive Drug Research and Bias

6.  Another Video About Drug Corruption!

7.  New Research on Red Meat and Health!

8.  Obesity expected to Rise 50%

9.  Some Basic Stretches

10.  Great Article on 91 Y.O Yoga Teacher

11. Photos of Exploding Portion Sizes

12. Photos of How Bad Lifestyles Age You

13. Video of ramen noodles and Gatorade surviving the stomach!


15. Video about medical errors:

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