Life Challenges

Life issues and challenges often stress health and can contribute to declining health, energy and sleep. When people feel life and economic stress, they cut back on good nutrition or exercise which can add to your challenges! When you work with me, I put my 20 years of experience and research as a holistic health/wellness professional to coach you in all the areas that you want or need to improve. Yes, you can take back control of your life and health in a few weeks!

Here’s the interesting part: Once you begin to have more success in one area, the process often carries into other areas! Many clients have that experience! My goal is to help you reach your goals and dreams in all areas of your life! It doesn’t matter what the issues are, I’ll be there  to help you clarify what you need and support your forward progress, bringing you a more prosperous, healthy life!

The life coaching process is beneficial for a whole range of life challenges:

  • Career/Job issues
  • Money issues
  • Family challenges
  • Relationship issues
  • Organization and time issues
  • Confused or stuck in life
  • General emotional frustration

As with my coaching approach to improving health, I apply a similar process, meaning it offers a safe,  supportive and motivating experience. For those who don’t know how coaching works, it’s not therapy because we focus on the futures and on forward progress rather than looking back a lot. For now, I’ll follow the same overall structure with a free trial session, phone calls and affordable fees that I use for my health services.

Some recent clients have said this:

“It’s been a wonderful experience!”

“Steven has coached me on my issues for a few weeks and it has helped me tremendously.”

“I really enjoyed being coached by you. You are very personable and inspiring!”

“I would like to say how helpful our coaching sessions have been.”

 His techniques use  your own thoughts and ideas, brought to realization, which makes it stick.”

.  .  .in a matter of two weeks!”

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Here are some helpful links to career and job resources/info:

A jobs article for October that shows improvement with details on how the numbers are estimated initially (the media usually gives the numbers as hard facts when they are not! Same with the GDP numbers, which go through 3 revisions before the are finally known):

Here is an article about finding your passion in life:

Need some inspiration? listen to the virtual chorus by Eric Whitacre called, “Sleep:”

A TED video about finding your passion:

Here is a cool study from July, 2013, about how choir members have synchronized heart rates:

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If you have ever been bullied at work or online, here is a study with some helpful info:

Here is a recent study showing that powerful people in the workplace often punish workers more harshly:

Here is a video to help you de-stress at work or home (stress is detrimental to health and well-being:

Here’s a tropical stress break video for the winter blues:

A large study on a positive attitude/happiness and it’s effects on heart health (don’t worry if you have frustrations in life, work with a coach who can offer help and support):

An interesting study that overlaps health and life coaching practices and benefits:

An interesting and revealing study that concludes Americans find diet and lifestyle more difficult than doing their taxes:

An insightful article (and reason to hire a life and health coach) about job insecurity and it’s health and emotional effects on people:

A research study that says education is one of the best predictors of longevity (I can help educate you for how to live a better lifestyle and live longer):

A worthwhile study about how attitude can influence health for the better (it’s what I do):

A study that indicates greater risk for a heart attack when unemployed:

An interesting study of family cultural types and how they affect children and development:

A recent study that shows that futures retirees might be worse off than their parents:

A potentially useful overview of some ineffective boss behaviors and how to cope better:

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An insightful video about why the economy has been so sluggisy (July, 2013):

A new video with the jobs and industries most in demand and and areas of shrinking demand:

A recent article (October, 2013), showing some industries with good projected growth: 

A similar article with info about jobs and industries with the biggest job losses:

An interesting video and article about a company who helps convince companies to have mass layoffs:

A new take on why this recovery is so slow and sluggish, including job growth:

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