Life Expectancy Drops!

by Steven Carney on September 27, 2012

A new study reveals a troubling drop in life expectancy, especially for those without a high school diploma. White females in that group dropped 5 years between 1990 and 2008, and their expected age dropped from 78 years to about 73 years. The study looked at a range of lifestyle habits and found unhealthy habits, such as smoking, excess weight and drug use as main contributors.

When the researchers looked at the education variable, they uncovered more than 10-year’s difference in life expectancy between women with a high school education and those with a college degree (they had a life expectancy of about 84 years). That’s a huge difference!

There were similar comparisons for men, with a difference of 13 years for high school vs. college degree and life expectancy. In a recent post on obesity, I mentioned early death as one of the consequences of obesity and related health problems.

There was another small drop in life expectancy reported in 2008. Other groups have also tended to stagnate over the years, with little forward progress. Together, these studies show that we have reached a peak for life expectancy now, and we are leveling off or retreating depending on the group studied. As the initial study outlined, the reasons originate mostly in lifestyle as opposed to contagious diseases or other non-lifestyle problems. That also means it’s fixable!

The report concludes that we are approaching a time of social divergence, where more educated people will continue to extend their lifespan while others will fall behind will continue to be worse off! Again this is fixable with some education and coaching.

As a health/wellness coach, I’m very troubled by this news. Although it’s predictable that an unhealthy lifestyle, with its high intake of processed foods and lack of healthy activity leads to declining health, it’s clear that people are dying much younger than necessary.

I can help you understand these issues and I can guide you toward better choices. I make the process easy by helping you to take a few small steps, ones which will bring big rewards in weight loss and improved health and vitality! Some healthier food, maybe a few supplements, and you’ll be on your way! It often happens in a week or two!

So drop me a line with any questions or comments. Let’s change this unnecessary drop in longevity and get back to health well into our 80s or 90s! If you want it, it’s possible to do just that!

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