How to End Pain!

by Steven Carney on July 26, 2012

Everyone feels pain at some point, whether it’s headaches, muscle aches, back pain, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes from a cold or flu, inflammation or emotional pain! In fact, the IOM estimates that more than 100 million Americans have some form of chronic pain!

Pain can take various forms that extend from mild and diffuse to sharp and acute (I’ve had them all at some point). Pain can even arise from more subtle causes like impinged nerves from swelling and inflammation.

There is also emotional pain, from feeling lonely, to life upheavals from job loss, divorce, low self-esteem, depression, death, or other areas of loss, including the recent movie shootings in Colorado (see my last post, Coping With Tragedy).

Pain is not the problem!

Remember, pain is a signal and a symptom. It’s there to warn you that something is wrong and needs attention! When I used to sell custom office chairs (with adjustable lumbar supports), I had many customers who took aspirin or other pain pills to cover up their back pain, sometimes for years!

The pain pills didn’t fix the problem and those clients didn’t get better on their own, until I helped educate them about posture and using my ergonomic chairs. I also urged them to take hourly breaks, stretch more, and improve fitness, plus see a chiropractor who used the activator method (a special low force, scientific method).

Every day, people take pain pills that never solve the underlying problem, they mask the reason your body is sending the message, stopping the alarm that something needs treatment!

Covering chronic pain with drugs doesn’t make any sense at all! But the money trail tells the story. The drug industry wants to make money by selling drugs, and they have conditioned us to buy drugs to mask pain and other symptoms while not fixing the reason you have the problem to begin with!

What’s causing the pain?

This is the question that needs to be asked and answered, then the most basic and direct approach should be followed to fix it for good! For example, if it’s muscle or skeletal issues (joints and ligaments, including your 24 vertebrae), taking pain pills for a short time so you can function, until you can see a chiropractor (the same after a significant injury). I’ve gone to chiropractors for 25 years and I recovered from scoliosis (spinal curvature) and a bad limp I had for 30 years! Now have great function without pain and go for wellness visits every 5-6 weeks to stay aligned and pain free! It works!

It you have some joint degeneration, work with a health coach to improve your nutrition (yes, it matters and you can rebuild your joints with the right approach and steps). Adding more healthy, anti-inflammatory foods is important (the American diet is too inflammatory), and maybe include some supplements to help cool chronic inflammation. Also include appropriate movement and activity to keep joints more flexible.

Pain can originate in organs and tissues, including heartburn, bloating or discomfort from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), food allergies, or other organ problems. Here again, diet and nutrition really matter and should be the first approach to calm inflamed tissues and swelling, working back toward more healthy function. Activity also supports improved metabolic/organ function.

For psychological and emotional pain, lifestyle still matters a lot (your brain is like other tissues, it relies on the right mix of glucose, fats, and other nutrients)! Eating lots of fast foods/junk foods and sugars along with inactivity will exacerbate your bad feelings while healthy, whole foods (Power Foods, see my previous post) and more regular activity will improve your brain function/ neurotransmitters with more healthy nourishment. I know about this one too because I suffered some depression in my 30s but haven’t had a problem in years!

Some of my pain issues:

I’ve also recovered from a serious childhood illness, multiple surgeries, knee cartilage degeneration (all healed now), and a more recent car accident where I had significant back and neck injuries (all healed with no surgeries or drugs, even though they were recommended).

I had chronic pain for about 2 years after the accident (I learned to live with it), partly because the physical therapy was too rigorous for my injuries. I cut back on their program and rebuild my muscle tone, strength and stamina at a slower pace and have no pain any more!

As a health and fitness coach, I’m here to help you deal with your pain and to get to the bottom of it so we can get it resolved with few or no drugs. And I have lots of life experience and training to help you!

I’ve picked up lots of tricks, tips and strategies to heal your problems forever! Feel free to ask a question or make a comment to this or other posts. You can also follow me on Twitter, FB, and other sites (see icons in upper right).

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