Healthy Mini-fruits and Berries!

by Steven Carney on October 8, 2012

There are some healthy, almost perfect fruits, one’s that are easy to eat, portable, and nutritionally packed! They are the mini-fruits like berries, cherries and grapes. They are my favorite fruits for several reasons:

  • They are portable (home, work or on the go)
  • They are packed with nutrition (vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants)
  • They don’t need pealing or cutting (just wash thoroughly and eat)
  • They are bite sized with little mess

As for which berries are best, here is a list of common mini-fruits with some highlights for each one:

  • Blueberries: A top berry, with great nutrition and numerous antioxidants and polyphenols
  • Strawberries: High in vitamin C, minerals, with anti-cancer potential of ellagic acid
  • Raspberries: Similar nutrition to a strawberry with ellagic acid and high fiber
  • Blackberries: Like a cross between raspberries and blueberries with great nutrition
  • Cranberries: Have antibacterial properties along with antioxidants
  • Cherries: Great nutrition, plus anti-inflammatory, pain relief and better sleep potential
  • Grapes (red or black): Great nutrition, help with cholesterol, plus anti-aging resveratrol

These small fruits are all superfoods, packed with nutrition and health benefits. They don’t spike blood sugar because they have so many other elements like vitamins, minerals and fiber that slow digestion (normal portions will keep you full but won’t add to weight gain).

And their small size is perfect for kids and their smaller hands! I would suggest that you buy organic if possible because many fruits and veggies, especially those with thin skins or leaves can have higher chemical residues. If not, wash and rinse multiple times to remove as much possible residue as possible.

And during non-summer months, many of these berries and small fruits can be bought frozen. Just don’t cover them in sugar! Lean to enjoy the natural sweetness and the flavor complexity they offer. Add them to Greek yogurt, on granola, or as a perfect snack or dessert (mix together or combine with other fruits)!

If you like more savory-type fruits for variety and snacking, don’t forget about olives. They are fruits as well! They come in lots of varieties (the darker ones, like dark fruits, are especially good for their antioxidants). See my post called, “Amazing Olives” for more details.

As a nutrition and health coach, I can help you tweak your habits to include more of these nutritious superfoods, one’s which will give you a health boost! Feel free to ask a question or drop me a line! Use the social media icons in the upper right.

Helpful links:

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A new human pilot study from 9/13 that shows significant benefits for blueberries and artery and heart health:

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