Some client comments:

“It’s been a wonderful experience!”

“I really enjoyed being coached by you. You are very personable and inspiring!”

“Steven, you’re the greatest!”

“Steve is funny and friendly to work with and is very personable.”

“Steve has helped me with my life goals and career plans.  .  .in a matter of two weeks!”

1. You can get a free, 30-minute consulting call with some tips.

2. For continuing clients, a weekly expert support call to discuss progress, ideas, etc.

3. For continuing clients, I include supporting article links and info by e-mail each week.

4. For a limited time, a few expert life or health coaching/training sessions are available for new clients at a special price of $29.00 for 2 calls (reg. $29.00 each, see below for details).

5. Sessions include e-mail follow-ups so you have a reminder of tips, goals, etc.

6. The discounted price for a 4-step “Live to 100,” “Easy, no-diet weight loss,”  “Help find drug Alternatives,” or any other 4-call package is only $79 (a savings of $37.00 over the regular-session fee). I will guarantee results for clients who buy 4 calls or more. See button below to buy a 4-call package.  To request an additional multi-step plan, or ask a question, contact me: steve@endsicknessnow.com

7. If you are struggling with your health, life or business and need a coach but are short of funds, I’ll try to work with you. It never hurts to ask!

For a free 30-minute call to discuss a no-diet weight loss plan, a chronic condition, help with non-drug alternatives, or other life or biz issue, click here to contact me and we’ll set up a time: steve@endsicknessnow.com (I’ll include some free tips). As of June, 2013, I was also certified as a Small Business coach, in addition to my other coaching certifications (see About page for more info about my background). I also plan to offer a guarantee for the biz coaching: see that page for details (Please read Terms and Conditions at bottom of this page).

1. Regular expert coaching session $29.00 (see #2-3 above for details):

2. Special Limited-time offer for Summer of 2017: 2 for 1 expert coaching calls for $29.00 (#4 above, new clients only):
Would you like to reach boost your health with a few calls? Get help in feeling/looking better, including no-diet weight loss, chronic condition help, more energy, better sleep, etc.). Try our new Summer of 2017, 2 for 1 mini-package! I’ll help you set goals and meet or exceed them! Click below for a 50% off mini-package (2 sessions for the price of 1 or pay by check if you’re in the U.S.):

3. Here is the button to buy the 4-call expert discount package:

Bonus coaching is available! For regular clients, I’ll offer a bonus coaching session for new referrals. Just let me know of 2 friends or family members who are interested in life or health coaching and I’ll give you an extra session at not charge!

Important Terms and conditions: I enjoy helping people and coaching is a special relationship based on teamwork. It’s most effective for people who are driven to succeed and willing to learn and grow to achieve more success. Maturity is also helpful, so I work best with clients who are 40 or older (I’m willing to discuss exceptions for motivated, younger people).

I reserve the right to end coaching with any client who shows a pattern of missed appointments, cancelled or rescheduled calls, a lack of commitment/motivation, making excuses for why you didn’t follow through on things you agreed to, asking for help or input when you are not paying, changing the normal weekly schedule, telling me you are broke when you are spending freely on other things, etc. I keep my fees low to help people and clients need to do their share or it’s not coaching.

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