Excess Weight/Obesity Costs Billions Annually!

by Steven Carney on May 1, 2012

Extra weight is a significant contributor to health problems and sickness. If you’ve gained 10 pounds or more since you were 21, you will benefit from some supportive, expert, weight loss coaching.

A recent article from Reuters explores the staggering costs of excess weight/obesity for healthcare, insurance and other areas of the economy. The total is thought to be around 190 billion annually (yes, billion). This is a huge sum of money, one that is mostly unnecessary! Some additional highlights of the article:

  • The higher costs run everywhere from installing more sturdy equipment, such as stronger hospital toilets, to consuming a billion of extra gallons of gasoline since 1960.
  • Insurers charge more in premiums and everyone pays more to cover the extra costs.
  • The number of people who are obese has risen significantly since 1960, to over 30%.
  • Obese people lose an average of 30 days of work each year.
  • Annual medical expenses are 6 times higher for obese people than for average patients!

This article has lots of relevant details and it covers many important points! Be sure to watch the video at the end from “The Doctors” show on how obesity affects many areas of health. BTW, overweight is having a BMI over 25 and obesity is having a BMI over 30. Check my Links/Articles page for a calculator to find out your BMI and body fat percent.

Also, see the Health News, Tips, and my other site pages for help in easy weight loss through better nutrition and fun activity! Small changes to your lifestyle can reap big rewards in weight loss, energy, confidence, and improved health!

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