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by Steven Carney on January 20, 2015

This is post #117 on the site, about an encounter with another unprofessional doctor named Kelley Hails, MD.

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Recently, I had the unfortunate experience of encountering Dr. Kelley Hales in a LN discussion group (an integrative medicine group with over 10,000 members). The topic was a important one, about how holistic practitioners can help to improve the overly expensive medical industry, including treating symptoms and the numerous deaths from prescription drugs.

Initially, Dr. Hails seemed to understand the financial influence and corruption in medicine when she listed some of those issues in her first comment. She said, in part:

Western medical systems are NOT run by doctors. They are run by non-physician executives, lawyer, lobbyists, now politicians, and giant pharmaceutical companies that lobby these groups. The “private practice” in America is essentially obsolete. The practices have all been bought up by hospitals, HMOs, and other large corporate groups. Primary care MDs in particular are now treated like cattle.

But as an MD, she quickly returned to her roots, and proceeded to misrepresent my work, and blame me personally for medical problems I’ve had in the past. This was apparently because I outlined some additional issues about medical corruption and research in a comment. I also included a link to my post called 5 Big Medical Lies (that article is well sourced with over 100 expert medical quotes and 200 expert source links).

Dr. Kelley offered twisted views and attitudes about me as a patient and a writer, blaming me for the bad medical encounters I had in the past, even though she knew nothing about them. She also consistently manipulated my work, comments, and misquoted and distorted the work and lives of some historic figures.

As the comments went on, I partially disclosed some of the pain and suffering I endured during those bad medical practices but she showed not a molecule of compassion for any of it. She also did these things without humanity, accountability or apology, even though it will become clear that she was acting in a grossly unprofessional manner. It quickly turned into another example of the terrible doctor encounters I’ve written about. As you will soon see, Dr. Kelley represents the same self-serving, twisted world view that embodies medical corruption.

Some history

I’ve had numerous bad encounters with doctors, both in real life and online, too many to count (I’m guessing over 100 by now). I’ve been talked down to, treated with contempt, verbally abused, injured and mistreated multiple times by these so-called medical practitioners in healthcare. I have every right to raise the serious issues and problems I and many other have experienced, which is millions annually.

Some of these terrible experiences go back to my childhood (many decades ago), when I had a serious illness. The medical care was primitive and terrible then, but it fits the long history of horrors for allopathic medicine. People forget the history of allopathic medicine and its often deadly treatments: radium, lead, mercury, lobotomies (destroying tens of thousands of lives alone), cruel surgeries without anesthesia, and the killing and injuring of tens of millions for over 100 years (allopaths is the former name for modern doctors, a term some people still use today).

And never forget that, in the name of money, profit and greed, the AMA has run organized campaigns to attack and demonize alternative health practitioners for over 100 years! The AMA also endorsed cigarette smoking for decades, putting doctors in their cigarette ads to help promote smoking! I kid you not (these topics are covered in detail in the 5 big Medical Lies post on this site).

Indeed, tens of millions are misdiagnosed, injured and killed by the medical industry annually, as you will see later in the comments. These grim statistics are well-known and have been documented in medical studies and records for many years.

What’s more, many medical practices and procedures are actually unproven and simply based on guess work (independent medical studies have verified that only about 10%-15% of drugs and procedures have just one study that supports them). The rest often have no or little credible evidence behind them or show actual harms. No wonder millions are injured and killed.

As the comments went on in that Linkedin discussion, Dr. Kelley Hails revealed her penchant for misdirection and evasion, treating me with a unwarranted level of arrogance and disrespect. It’s a God Complex and I will call it that from this day forward (this was indeed the last straw for me), and I will use it anytime a doctor acts like an ass (hey Dr. Kelley and other docs, here’s my quip for you: What you sow, you reap)! A friend calls it GMO: God Move Over (the doctor is here)!

All of this came about because Dr. Hails apparently looked at a few posts on my blog (maybe just 1?) and jumped to the conclusion that I was a medical hate-monger. But I have over 100 well-researched posts about nutrition, health, wellness and anti-aging topics. Her comment was a gross distortion of my work by any measure.

No matter, Dr. Hails went on the attack right away, implying I was the reason for the medical incompetence, botched procedures, unnecessary pain and suffering, and the name-calling I have been subjected to by MDs for years (they routinely do that online to undercut my research and effective lifestyle approaches to health, even as they revealed their nutritional and research ignorance).

And this is so telling: She never once asked about any of the specific medical problems I went through, and never once asked about any of the times or circumstances when doctors unfairly called me names and treated me with contempt. Without knowing any details whatsoever, she just “went for it” with a sense of entitlement. Gee, there’s that God complex again!

Dr. Hails shows her true colors

Given my introductory material, see if this comment seems twisted to you (after initially agreeing with my observations about lobbying and money influences in medicine):

After reading your blog, which appears to hate-monger those in medicine, who can blame them for rebuffing you as well? We each carry around an energetic imprint pattern that everyone- not just those of us trained in energy work- can feel and react to. I suspect until you change the pattern of attitude you carry around with you, you will always experience the same problems. What you resist, persists. This is how Ghandi freed India, and changed the world- by peaceful nonresistance. Our own consciousness is what creates our experience in the outside world (outside of ourselves, of course.)

Where to begin? How to unravel her inaccurate, self-serving and judgmental comment?

First, this is a classic ad hominem attack, turning a discussion about medical costs, problems and deaths into a personal attack, blaming the person’s attitude and undermining their character (many people will tell you that this type of attack is a sign of immaturity and weakness, see links below). The comment is also full of distortions.

As mentioned above, my blog has 116 posts that cover a broad range of health topics, including nutrition, micro-nutrients, fitness, exercise, no-diet weight loss, GM foods, aging myths, wellness tips, genes and longevity, how to improve health through lifestyle changes, etc.

She decided to ignore all of those post topics and those hundreds of pages of content because I have some posts on medical corruption. In fact, it’s abundantly clear that she didn’t “read my blog” (it’s probably 1,000 pages)! By any measure, her comment is a gross distortion of reality. Besides, I tell the truth in my writings, and all those medical articles are well-sourced and documented! I think people have a right to know.

Only about 15% of all my posts are focused on medical corruption and problems (I did a quick count the day after most of these comments were made). As I said, those posts rely on numerous medical experts, including courageous doctors, researchers and previous drug sales people who were willing to stand up, tell the truth and expose the financial corruption, fraud and carnage that pervades medicine. I guess in Dr. Kelley’s mind, telling the truth about these serious issues is taboo and we aren’t allowed to do it?

Second, the idea that a person is responsible for all their bad medical experiences is preposterous! She is using the underhanded “blame the victim” narrative to try to rationalize medical incompetence and abuse. And many of the bad medical encounters I had were many years or decades before I was a blogger. There is no connection or relevance whatsoever.

In addition, many of the online doctor attacks, with name-calling and put-downs (“quack” “dangerous” “a nobody” and more), were not because doctors read my blog, they occurred online and on social media sites because I debunked bad anti-vitamin research and talked about other nutrition and aging myths. So her leaps of logic and attacks are unfounded on that basis as well.

Third, her approach was presumptuous and arrogant as she talked down to me (again, at this point, she knew nothing about me, my past medical history, or other encounters with doctors). No problem! Dr. Kelley (like other doctors I’ve known) apparently sees herself as the authority figure, able to pass judgement on people she assumes are beneath her (and spiritually misguided at that). No wonder medicine fails so many people so often!

In truth, she comes across as simplistic and amateurish, and a skilled manipulator of psychological and spiritual theories and practices. It’s also clear that she is in a state of denial about the depths of medical corruption, injuries and deaths that are caused by medical doctors and staff daily. I predict my comments hit too close to home (I explore this more later).

Fourth, she is clearly trying to blame me for all the medical mistakes and problems I been through, even going back to when I was a child of 3, and even though I was doing what these so-called doctors told me to do, including drugs and procedures. So it’s blame the patient and blame the messenger. How twisted and cruel is the world view of this doctor? You know the answer!

And let’s be clear that Gandhi did not say what she implies. It was Carl Jung, the psychologist who apparently said, What you resist, persists. Not only is it irrelevant and inappropriate to the discussion of explosive medical costs and corruption, it’s a distortion of Jung’s work (I studied psychology for many years, including Jung, and I’ve also studied Eastern religions like Buddhism and Hinduism). Jung didn’t say that to enable people like Dr. Hails to blame patients for past medical abuse or support her denial of medical industry problems and deaths.

The saying has a very different meaning: what you refuse to acknowledge within you will remain unresolved. What you resist, persists is a simplified way of describing the internal struggles people have when they deny their feelings, fears, and inner emotions. As people resist and repress emotions from their “shadow” side, those feelings and emotions will persist and remain. Fundamentally, Jung was speaking about the need for self acceptance and psychological integration between the shadow and the persona.

So her comments are grossly misguided on so many levels. She comes across like a political operative, not a healer! Funny, that’s the same problem I’ve seen in doctors for years (because it’s there, and they are)! Think about it? How often does your doctor mention his or her misdiagnosis, mistakes, injuries or deaths? I know the answer: Never! It’s all about denial and pretend!

I’ve raised legitimate issues of medical corruption and fraud because people suffer and die needlessly; the system is broken and needs to change. The media almost never reports on these serious issues and carnage (preferring to attack supplements), and neither does your doctor.

And for decades, I’ve spent countless hours reading and researching to find safe and effective alternatives for a long, healthy life, (which I practice) and why I help people improve their lifestyle through coaching (I’m certified in 4 coaching programs among lots of other education).

And it’s also telling that she inaccurately invokes the names and lives of powerful figures as I already pointed out (much more below). I’ve been around the block a few times and this is often how insecure people create leverage and bring attention to themselves with some drama and name dropping (I know about this or that famous person).

The obvious question

The obvious question is this: Is there any basis or rational for Dr. Kelley’s unprofessional, ad hominem attacks against me? No, I did nothing to merit her tacky, irrational and unprofessional comment. But hey Dr. Hails, thanks for your self-serving, abuse-enabling, misinformed pop-psychology!

Here are links to info about ad hominem attacks, abuse and immaturity:




Dr. Kelley strikes again

After I rebutted her comment with an overview of my site contents and some other information (see comments below), she continued with the same ad hominem scapegoating:

Our own consciousness is what creates our experience in the outside world. I’m looking for blame in my statements. You say it is there, you could be right, and I’m just not seeing it right now. I don’t find any excuses in my statements either. I advocate taking responsibility for our own thoughts and behaviors. One of those thoughts might be “I’m a victim.” This is a disempowered thought by which we keep ourselves down. Automatically we are giving away our power to someone we see as bigger, stronger than ourselves. I would question it’s merit, and it’s hidden benefits too. 

Here’s more of Dr. Kelley’s self-serving psychobabble (probably taken right from the Secret, which many have rightfully debunked as shallow pop-culture nonsense)! And again, she is distorting these spiritual concepts to judge me; it’s obviously like a weapon she uses to project blame, even as she continues to avoid the real issues about her industry’s corruption and carnage, in a thread about excessive medical costs and deaths from prescription drugs! Are her comments focusing blame on me remotely rational or defensible? You know the answer!

But this new comment added more to her arrogant and corrupt approach; she apparently feels entitled to make all these ridiculous, false ad hominem attacks. Linkedin is simply not a place for this, nor is it acceptable in any other circumstance. As a coach, I wouldn’t approach a client like this, blasting them for their attitude and claimed spiritual failures! If nothing else, it will create blowback (and here it is)! It’s also abusing another human being to create leverage and power. It’s not spiritual or enlightened in any way. In fact, her comments reflect spiritual bankruptcy!

Although we’re only a few comments into the discussion (with some other’s comments here and there) and it’s obvious she has decided to focus on me, avoiding herself and other doctors as she presents them as victims. She exempts them from their professional and personal responsibility, just after she claimed we are all responsible for our own actions! The hypocrisy is stunning.

These comments and attitudes reveal a twisted, anti-social world view and a penchant for manipulation. So let me be very clear about Dr. Kelley Hails’ so-called spirituality: it’s a fraud! These are NOT spiritually-enlightened positions or philosophies at all, they indicate a shallow persona, adopted and worn like a cheap Halloween costume.

After her ridiculous second comment blaming me again, my alarm bells were going off about this woman. I could see her manipulative and controlling style, her intolerance for the truth about her industry and her deep insecurities as she projected blame on me as a patient and writer.

BTW, the excuses she referred to came from my comment because I called out her early claim that doctors were the victims of the lobbying and political system (as she said in her first quote above), which I cover below. Obviously, she is on a campaign, using put downs and blame for medical problems that happened to me for decades, still oblivious to her own manipulation and hypocrisy.

Can you see what a twisted and manipulative world-view Dr. Kelley has? Do you think she has been fair or rational? Do you see any compassion or healing instincts? Throughout the comments, it was clear she was in her own denial about the carnage, suffering and unnecessary deaths caused by medicine. She refused to address any of my specific details (see the full comments below)!

Here are a few articles and comments that have a more reasoned interpretation of Jung’s work (in some cases they are very revealing about what’s really going here):




https://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120409102110AA6xFWj  (especially the last answer)

Just for fun, some different takes on “the Secret” and what it doesn’t mean:




Dr. Kelley went on to claim that peaceful non-resistance was how Gandhi freed India (in yet another shallow, amateurish and self-serving version of Gandhi’s complex life)! Gandhi was an activist and stood up to authoritative corruption. And it’s another irrelevant leap of logic from the internal work of Carl Jung to Gandhi (once again, she seems to have no idea what she’s talking about)!

A truer, more complex Gandhi

Gandhi’s life was far more complex and multifaceted than Dr. Kelley indicated. Here are some links that delve into that complex life and history, including his activism. Gandhi’s life and work were largely about challenging power; he fought against discrimination, segregation, oppression and injustice. He organized civil disobedience, strikes, protests, marches, campaigns, boycotts, uprisings, and he was the leader of the Indian National Congress. BTW, Gandhi’s activism resulted in thousands of injuries, beatings and deaths, so there was indeed, significant violence and suffering:





So based on Dr. Kelley’s shallow, immature, twisted world view, including her misguided claims about Gandhi, when medical doctors mistreat patients or people they encounter online, those people need to just take it and smile. The pain, suffering and abuse are all the patient’s problem because their consciousness created it all. These patients should be more like Gandhi and use peaceful nonresistance, nodding approvingly as the doctor injures them or calls them names!

How scrambled and twisted is Dr. Hails self-serving view (especially in light of Gandhi’s true activism, campaigns political organizing and associated violence)? Dr. Kelley, why do you continually distort history and reality, offering up misinformation? And why am I’m supposed to take all the abuse from medical doctors but they have no responsibility? You told me that:

I advocate taking responsibility for our own thoughts and behaviors.

Where is your responsibility to know what you are talking about? Where is your responsibility for the pain and suffering you have caused or contributed to in 30 years of medicine? Where is the responsibility and accountability of other doctors who injure and abuse? You avoided these issues at every turn! Yes, I noticed!

Apparently, all the pain and suffering I had throughout my childhood, carrying well into my late teens was all my doing because my attitude made it happen. The docs are blameless in every situation! Think about that. Her comments are demonstrably twisted, cruel and irrational. Do you think Dr. Kelley should be a doctor? Would you trust her with your life?

Why I fight back against medical corruption and abuse

Because I’ve been abused too often by arrogant and incompetent doctors (and I refuse to tolerate their abuse any more), I continue to fight back. In this case, I rebutted every outrageous claim she made, adding details of my encounters, pain, cover-ups and other medical abuse.

And not one time did she ever respond to those details, never showing a molecule of compassion or concern (see comments). Again, I caused it, I drew these problems with my thoughts and my attitude. It’s total BS!

Dr. Kelley’s words are very revealing, so I’ll make some predictions:

I predict that in her almost 30 years working as a doctor, she has made medical mistakes and misdiagnosis. I predict that she has contributed to injuries, complications and deaths (whether from drugs or procedures), with hundreds if not thousands of patients and lives affected. I predict that her attacks on me as the patient and messenger are connected to her dislike of being reminded of the pain, suffering and resulting guilt.

Remember, she claims we create the experience we have:

Our own consciousness is what creates our experience in the outside world.

So how often did she cause injuries and deaths and bring grief to families and friends? How many lives has Dr. Kelley harmed? And where is her responsibility and accountability for all these problems?

That’s why I predict that she uses these corrupted spiritual techniques on other people, including patients, so she can deflect the problems and bad outcomes away from her and onto them as she applies her obvious double standard. That allows her to pretend she didn’t contribute to injuries, misdiagnosis or deaths (but of course, she surely has). That’s probably why she runs away from these issues. Her denial and evasion probably allows her to keep these issues out of her mind and away from her reality.

And yet, what you resist, persists! That’s what Jung was really referring to! Dr. Kelley, you can’t run away from your problems, conflicts and emotions. You can’t escape them. They are alive inside you.

I also predict that Dr. Kelley has significant insecurities, fears and doubts. I wouldn’t be surprised that she had some kind of trauma as a child or teenager (and seems to be emotionally stuck around that time frame). I’ve seen this all my life when traumas become internalized; the pain and anguish get frozen in time and stunt people emotionally. And often, abused people become abusers when they incorporate the abusive behavior into their own psyche, acting out the same behavior that happened to them (easily explaining her ad hominem attacks, blame and attempts to overpower me). I studied psychology for many years, remember?

In fact, as shown above, she demonstrates a rather teenage-world view in many of her comments. Remember, what you resist, persists! That could also explain her attempts to blame others to leverage her internal sense of authority and power by dropping historic names and misusing spiritual philosophies as a source of perceived power, because she really doesn’t feel like she has authentic internal power on her own (she claimed I was being inauthentic in an earlier comment).

Also (and I usually wouldn’t remark about this), Dr. Kelley is in her 50s but looks closer to 30 (it’s not really a compliment). As she is in the cosmetic surgery biz, and probably makes many times what average people make, I predict that she’s had multiple procedures done (not a gray hair or wrinkle in sight for someone in their 50s). Like her faux spirituality, her outward appearance also seems inauthentic.

Normally this would not be something I would delve into (focusing on someone’s physical appearance), but I predict that growing older is something that adds to her fear and insecurity. I predict that she seeks out compliments about her looks and that she doesn’t feel authentic confidence on the inside. She probably focuses on her external appearance as a way of boosting her confidence, seeking an external solution to an internal discomfort (what you resist, persists).

Hey Kelley, there are numerous dietary and lifestyle approaches that directly affect your genes and help you to stay young and healthy without resorting to procedures (I’ve written about them many times). There’s also something called aging gracefully and authentically. Some wrinkles and gray hair can be a sign of wisdom, personal growth and confidence! In other words, wrinkles and gray hair can be assets, not liabilities!

It’s for these reasons of projection, in-authenticity and deception on many levels: misrepresenting my blog, the ad hominem attacks on me, misrepresenting the work and lives of Jung and Gandhi (I predict neither would approve of what Dr. Kelley did to me in her comments), misusing her so-called spirituality as a weapon, blaming me for decades-old medical failures while holding her peers blameless and the real victims, etc., that I raise these more personal issues as part of a pattern.

And her willingness to use Gandhi as leverage against me is beyond ironic. I’m confident that she is nothing like Gandhi, partly because she presents an inauthentic view of his life and partly because she probably spends many thousands on her external appearance annually (clothes, shoes, hair, etc.), the kind of conspicuous consumption and material wealth that Gandhi rejected for much of his life. BTW, after she said her picture was new, I asked her if she had cosmetic procedures. She never responded! If it was no, just tell us. Her evasion was again, telling.

As this summary ran a bit longer than I planned, I’ll turn the full comments into a PDF file and insert it below. There is more revealing info in those. And based on my experience with her, I would never and could never recommend Dr. Kelley Hails to anyone for any reason.

BTW, one other significant distortion is that Dr. Kelley presented doctors as victims (remember, patients who have bad experiences are the cause of their own problems; it’s the docs who are the real victims), because medical school costs $800,000, in yet another indication of her penchant for exaggeration and manipulation.

Her number is inflated without her disclosing where it came from. Her number includes add-ons like debt interest and hours not worked because you are in school (even as she ignores other professions like lawyers, accountants or anyone who gets an advanced degree, all of whom have similar costs and challenges). The actual cost for medical school is closer to $250,000-$275,000. Some good schools can be as low as $20,000 annually (more expensive schools can cost over $50,000 annually). So like anything in life, people need to shop around!

And one reason for the high cost of medical education she also leaves out? The AMA intentionally limits which schools can offer medical degrees, keeping competition down and salaries up. So yes, doctors here are paid far more than many other developed countries (often 3-4 times as much). I think I covered this very topic in my 5 Big Medical Lies! Does Dr. Kelley ever know what she’s talking about? So far, not really.

Here are some links that debunk her “doctors are victims” narrative:





I wrote this post because once again, I think people have a right to know about a doctor who comes across as abusive and corrupt. And without question, I also think Dr. Kelley Hails’ needs a big reality check and a wake-up call. I hope this post does just that.

In the meantime, Dr. Hails, I’ve decided to add you to my Hall of Shame, for your incredibly shallow and judgmental world view!

Here is the PDF file with full comments:

LN Comments with Dr. Kelley Hails 12014

If I have any updates, I’ll add them here:


© 2015 by Steven Carney/End Sickness Now

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