Coaching Brings Success

by Steven Carney on October 15, 2012

Not everyone seems to know how personal coaching works (as opposed to sports coaching), so I thought I’d offer some insights.

Personal coaching is a success-oriented process where the client gets support, encouragement and help to create a better life for themselves. The changes and improvements can often filter down to those they love too!

Coaching will help you gain clarity about your desires, create new plans, and achieve goals you couldn’t reach before. Coaching is also great for working through blocks and obstacles, learning to use old skills in new ways, and helping you to break free from the life issues you have, especially if you want more success, money and fulfillment.

Coaching makes progress easier! For example, if your challenges seem like you are climbing Mount Everest (so daunting that you feel stuck where you are), personal coaching will help you find easier, more gradual trails and secret paths to help you to reach the top! Yes, you can have the life of your dreams!

Coaching is great for those who want more success in life, including:

  • A more fulfilling career
  • Better relationships
  • Better work/life balance
  • Improved organization
  • Optimum health
  • Higher energy
  • Healthy longevity

It’s holistic

When I coach, I’m very holistic. I see you as a total and unique person, with all your needs and desires going at once. I see the whole you, not you in parts like other people might see you. This especially true for our medical and health system because it’s based on a false notion of disease in different body parts, each one treated separately (one pill for each symptom or disease). I know for a fact that most chronic health problems are often related and can often be healed through wellness coaching: simple changes to your nutrition and activity (those changes can activate genes for health and longevity. See my other posts/articles on lifestyle and genes). And these areas do affect your brain, mood and emotions so again, it’s not just about different body parts, rather you are a functioning whole being!

One of the reasons I keep my fees so affordable is that I love to see client’s get those “Ah-ha” moments where they get that flash of insight and make a breakthrough. I also love it when they tell me they are making progress and feeling the benefits. Those are moments I live for!

In short, personal coaching can set you free so you can soar higher and achieve the things you feel are too difficult.

BTW, I’m a CPC (Certified Professional Coach) which covers all areas of coaching, from job and career, to work/life balance, time management, organizational skills and relationships of all kinds (work and home). It also includes all other issues related to your happiness and success.

I’m also a Certified Nutrition/Fitness and Wellness Coach and I often find that life and health issues affect each other. For example, if you are unemployed or underemployed, you may cut back of healthy nutrition, leading to a decline in energy, activity and a loss of positive emotions. Or, if you are feeling stressed, you may crave and eat more junk foods and put on weight. So coaching can help you to understand how the choices you make affect your life and health in ways you didn’t realize, helping you to feel better, younger, and to live longer!

Some client comments:

“It’s been a wonderful experience!”

“I really enjoyed being coached by you.”

“You are very personable and inspiring!”

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