Broken Healthcare

by Steven Carney on March 14, 2013

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I thought I would begin this post with some personal history so you’ll understand what I’ve been through with our healthcare industry, a misguided industry corrupted by power and greed. I had my most significant exposure to the medical industry in childhood, but later experiences also had bad or terrible outcomes, with messes and outrageous expenses to fix!

My childhood illness resulted in numerous shots, a spinal tap, scalding hot packs (I still cringe when I smell wet wool), and multiple surgeries to my legs, feet, abdomen and hips. I had to learn to walk again at age 6 (a great struggle). I did my best but I was left crippled, with a terrible limp until I decided to take more action in my 30s.

I understood anatomy well enough to create a mix of chiropractic adjustments to fix my badly curved spine (caused by my uneven walk), along with deep-tissue massage and Rolfing (a type of tissue realignment). I understood that the soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia layers) is the key for how my body moves and works, including the spine. The outcome was good and my limp has been gone for years!

Years ago, I was given drugs for depression. I was told there was a family history/genetic basis and that I needed drugs because my brain chemistry was not working properly. The side effects were terrible and they changed my personality for the worse. They also increased my episodes of mania. But years ago, I learned how to eat and live better, and I haven’t been depressed since, even though it was proclaimed to be genetic!

At one point about 10 years ago, I developed a rash on my back (we had a very hot summer that year) and I was told to take a prescription to help get rid of it. I took the drug as directed and felt really terrible the next day (light-headed, confusion, shortness of breath, fast heart rate, etc.). The doctor told me to get some blood tests but it didn’t go well. The drive to the lab was hard and I couldn’t move around at the lab, holding onto furniture and leaning against walls for balance and stability (really scary). The lab people were concerned and they had me go to their spare bed in a back room. They ended up calling an ambulance and I was taken to the ER.

I had the most serious side effects the drug offered, none of which were mentioned by the doctor! The ambulance and ER bills were thousands of dollars for a few tests and an IV to help flush the drug out of my system. Later I mentioned the drug to another doctor at a social event and he said that’s a very terrible drug, one he would never use, something I found out the hard way! I filed a complaint with the FDA but they didn’t seem to take it seriously! I don’t think they care much as they approve these drugs.

I had a car accident a few years ago (I got T-boned on my side), and I was getting more chiro, massage and rehab. One morning (a Sunday), I had really cold-sensations in my arms. I couldn’t warm them up so I finally decided something was wrong and I went to the ER. The nurse felt my arms and said they were indeed cold to the touch. I told the ER docs of my ongoing treatment for my neck and upper back injuries.

They paid no attention to the 5 torn and herniated discs I had in the neck and upper back (I also suffered a dislocated sacrum and muscle tears around the left shoulder and ribs). The ER docs gave me some powerful drugs to sedate me. The side effects hit me hard and I felt drowsy and developed double vision. They ran an expensive CT scan of my head thinking I had a stroke. Wrong! It was the terrible drug side effects (I looked them up when I got home and I had the worst ones again, right off the common side effects list)!

And again, the doc didn’t mention them at all! Once again, I racked up thousands of dollars in a few hours, for tests and treatments that didn’t help. When I got up the next day (Monday), I had the cold forearms again. I was able to see my chiro and she said my neck was badly out of alignment (that’s where the nerves that feed the arms and hands originate). One adjustment and the problem was gone, never to return!

My overall experience with the U.S. medical industry (a money-hungry, CYA business), is one of shocking failure and incompetence! The lack of common sense and attention to detail, such as drug side effects, along with its massive corruption is simply staggering! It puts us all at risk because medical people kill and injure millions annually!

Are you at risk?

Aside from some ER/ED docs who do save lives after serious accidents or injuries, there are many risks of injury or death if you should enter the medical industry, including drugs. One recent study adds to the annual carnage: The study showed that every year, at least 150,000 people are misdiagnosed with the wrong condition or disease, resulting in deaths and serious injury. The misdiagnosis covered a wide range of health conditions, such as:

  • Kidney failure
  • Heart failure
  • Cancer
  • Pneumonia

Other conditions were also mentioned, including stomach aches or shortness of breath as a source of wrong diagnosis. Those 150,000 deaths and injuries add to the terrible deaths and injuries from other sources (all things your doctor doesn’t want you to know):

  • 100,000-125,000 people are killed annually by taking drugs as prescribed
  • 200,000 people are killed in hospitals from preventable errors annually, costing an extra 19 billion for treatment!
  • 575,000 people died from preventable hospital mistakes between 2000 and 2002
  • 1,500,000 patients are injured annually by medication errors, costing billions more for treatment.
  • Healthcare wastes 750 billion annually on misguided tests, fraud and overpricing, excess administrative costs, lack of prevention, etc.
  • The US spends the most on healthcare by far, but is way down the list in longevity and health quality! The system is broken!

These are indeed shocking statistics and they are the result of an industry riddled with corruption and greed.

Cholesterol myths and statin drugs

Let’s look at high cholesterol and statin drugs as our poster child for research bias and industry corruption. More than 50 years ago, some researchers studied possible connections between diet and heart disease. An infamous researcher named Ancel Keys chose data from only 7 countries (out of the 22 countries available where no obvious pattern existed between fat/cholesterol intake and heart disease was shown).

By choosing only the 7 countries (one’s which appeared to show stronger correlations), Key’s proclaimed a scientific connection between fat intake, cholesterol and heart disease. His sloppy science only appeared to show a correlation but never actual causation (The U.S. and Canada were included in the 7 countries). The research has been debunked numerous times, especially recently. No matter!

Our government decided this biased research was “real” even though it didn’t prove what Key’s claimed. Keys was politically active and was able to get on the board of the American Heart Association (he then helped to get dissenters to his work off the AHA board). The AHA began to issue guidelines to cut fat/cholesterol intake, along with recommending more carbs, veggie oils and margarine in the diet, a disastrous and misguided approach for the nation’s health!

I can still remember what dietitians and doctors told us for years: avoid eggs, shrimp, nuts, olives, avocados and butter because of their fat and cholesterol content, and eat more margarine, cereals and carbs (margarine, made with deadly trans fats, causing about 30,000 deaths annually)! Talk about bogus!

We were constantly steered away from many whole, healthy, satisfying foods in favor of obesity-provoking carbs, trans fats and “low-fat” junk foods! It’s been a 30-year disaster, full of misinformation, exploding weight/obesity, and tragic illness and death.

Given the arrogance of most doctors and medical industry people I’ve encountered (ever get into a nutrition or supplement debate with your doctor?), have you heard any apologies for misleading us for a generation or more? Heck no! In fact, most doctors are so behind the research curve, they will still tell you need to take a statin if your basic cholesterol looks high.

The real cause of atherosclerosis and heart disease is driven by refined carbs like sugar and wheat, oxidized veggie oils and inflammation, not saturated fat or dietary cholesterol! The standard cholesterol test is almost useless and you should NEVER take a statin based on that basic, misguided test (the LDL is not even measured, it’s calculated, leaving room for error. Plus, it doesn’t provide you with the source of the most critical cholesterol information: particle size, with the smallest and worst from carbs).

If your cholesterol looks high (again, the regular test for total/HDL/LDL cholesterol and triglycerides will tell you very little), ask for a particle size test like the VAP or NMR test. You can get your own because most states allow consumers to get their own tests (I have a discount lab link on the website). Also get a hs CRP test to measure your systemic inflammation and get your vitamin D and thyroid levels tested too. Those tests will give you a more useful and complete picture of your heart disease risk than the tests most doctors order. The ultimate test is a heart CT scan (no dyes needed).

Those tests will tell you far more about your heart/artery health, immune function, and the origins of any small, dense cholesterol particles (carbs generate the most, unlike eating chicken, eggs or butter). I’m happy to help you interpret the results and create a plan to get healthy because again, most doctors won’t give you the correct info or lifestyle tips to improve your health. They will put you on useless drugs and you’ll still die.

The bottom line is that the most atherosclerotic LDL particles come from sugar and wheat, not from fat and cholesterol! Athero is also driven by oxidized veggie oils and fried foods. The saturated fat and high cholesterol scare is bogus but makes billions for the drug companies annually! Don’t take my word for it. See several links below and my previous posts for more details.

It’s also true that for most people, statins do not save lives; deaths occur with or without statins at a similar rate (statins also cause other health problems)! The difference is less than 1%!

It’s also known that up to 50% of people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels. No matter, the drug industry is out to make their billions at any cost, and they make billions off statins annually pushing statins and other bogus drugs on us constantly, now wanting to force them on teens! It will take decades for doctors to start giving patients truthful advice but they can never undo the damage they and dietitians have caused.

How many millions have died because they believed what their doctor told them: take these drugs for your cholesterol or other chronic problems even though most cure nothing? Harsh? There’s more, much more!

Statins are but one example

Statins are only one example of the fraud and greed that drives drug and medical research. Did you know:

  • Many drugs for chronic conditions (costing $3 of every $4 for medical care) are only about as effective as a placebo!
  • Most drugs for chronic conditions (hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, pain, diabetes, depression, anxiety, cancer and many other non-contagious conditions are designed to treat symptoms but not cure, keeping you buying year after year! Those drugs are sold based on a campaign of fear and designed to mask symptoms, giving you the false sense that you are better when you aren’t. They disconnect you from your normal bodily functions and feedback signals.
  • Many drug studies are highly biased, using design and statistical manipulation to exaggerate the benefits and minimize the side effects. For years, drug companies have taken small differences (say 1-2%) between placebo and their drugs, and magnified that into a 30-50% improvement by math manipulation! Most doctors have no clue about research methods or details but they buy the hype and are rewarded for it!
  • The drug industry spends 50 billion a year on marketing (with more than 50% going to doctors)! For comparison, that’s 10 times the cost of our last election (in 2012).
  • The drug industry has been fined more than $5 billion for false and illegal drug marketing, including drugs pushed on children, seniors and vulnerable people overseas!
  • The drug industry is built on corrupt marketing practices, offering trips, vacations, gifts and bloated speaking fees for doctors to speak at drug-industry conferences. They often use sub-contractors to hide their money trail. The docs get even more inflated egos from these inflated fees, thinking they have more expertise than they do, hungry for more!
  • A recent study showed that drug companies spent 84 million on marketing in 1 year in Washington DC, including about 19 million in gifts to area doctors and hospitals to drive their drug sales! Corrupt is the only word you can use to describe the Tsunami of cash dumped on that one city (no doubt this is repeated around the U.S. and other countries)!
  • The average American spends almost $1,000 on drugs every year, a waste of money for most!

Here is an important quote from a comprehensive study on drug-research bias (see link below, bold is mine):

“Regarding pharmacological [drug] interventions, cases of reporting bias were, for example, identified in the treatment of the following conditions: depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, pain, migraine, cardiovascular disease, gastric ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, urinary incontinence, atopic dermatitis, diabetes mellitus type 2, hypercholesterolemia [high cholesterol], thyroid disorders, menopausal symptoms, various types of cancer (e.g. ovarian cancer and melanoma), various types of infections (e.g. HIV, influenza and Hepatitis B), and acute trauma.”

Medical and aging myths abound!

Although I could go on for many more pages about corruption and greed in he medical industry, let’s conclude by summarizing some common myths that most doctors, their staff, and the media will tell you daily (you probably believe most of these too):

  • It’s normal to gain weight with age: False! Your lifestyle determines your weight.
  • It’s normal to slow down with age: False! Your lifestyle/diet determines your energy.
  • It’s normal to develop chronic diseases with age: False again. It’s mostly lifestyle!
  • It’s normal to have more joint/back pain with age: False! Lifestyle and treatments like chiro and massage can often cure you!
  • It’s normal for hormones to drop with age: Again false! Your lifestyle can keep them at more normal levels or make them much worse if you eat the SAD.
  • It’s normal to get ED or an enlarged prostate with age: Again false! Nutrition and lifestyle matter, including alcohol, carb/fat intake and activity levels.
  • It’s normal to have weaker immunity with age: False! Again, your lifestyle is at play.
  • Family history indicates genetics: False! It’s been assumed but not widely proven. If your lifestyle is similar to your parents, then yes, you’ll probably get the same chronic conditions and diseases they or your siblings developed. But live better and enjoy a better outcome. Live to 100 if you want!
  • It’s normal to turn gray with age: Again, lifestyle matters! Unhealthy nutrition and falling catalase levels are big contributors to hair health and color.
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia are genetic diseases: False! It’s mostly lifestyle that cause these!
  • Doctors are trained in nutrition, exercise and disease prevention/health: False! Only a small percentage take any nutrition courses, about 70% do not! Most doctors are nutrition/supplement amateurs and know little about prevention or optimum health!
  • Drugs are proven to be safe and effective. False and false! Many drug studies are biased and manipulated, such as the statin example mentioned above!
  • Atherosclerosis is permanent; it can’t be removed naturally. False again! I’ve done it and Dr. Davis, a cardiologist does it all the time!
  • There are many more myths, platitudes and falsehoods that medical people tell patients daily!

Update: A recent online encounter with an RD and some of her colleague docs are a textbook example of how deeply indoctrinated these people are against vitamins and toward drugs and procedures. It was based on an article about a recent study about vitamin D, a vitamin I often recommend for better health.

The study looked at how vitamin effects the health of adults. For some reason, the RD (Registered Dietitian), who works with dialysis patients, was invading all the comments of people who took more vitamin D, often after their levels were tested too low, and was telling everyone that vitamin D was dangerous! Of course, it’s healthy for most people. With kidney failure, it’s an issue because the kidney’s help to activate Vitamin D, so it requires more monitoring. Some medical people fear that vitamin D will cause kidney stones but that’s an old myth! Research has disproved that!

None of the hysterical comments she made had anything to do with the article in question, which was about normal adults and how vitamin D could help their immune systems (which it does). The RD forced her comments in anyway, attacking people who commented in support of vitamin D, including me, telling me my recommendation for blood testing and higher levels for deficiency were wrong! 

I challenged her assertions several times but she wasn’t there to listen or learn. She was there to tell us off (I’ve seen the arrogance of RDs before online many times; they are taught that they are the real experts about nutrition, a falsehood!).

As she was losing the “relevance” argument, some of her doc friends jumped in (also dialysis docs), and they attacked me too, saying I was giving dangerous advice (silly, I follow the latest expert advice and more enlightened doctors like Dr. Davis, Fuhrman, etc.). Both docs used ALL CAPS in some of their responses (childish), and still used the term “vitamin D1″which is an old term that few in nutrition use anymore.

All 3 were eager and determined to project the problems of their dialysis patients onto a healthy population, while refusing to address that very point when I raised it! They mischaracterized many of my comments and ignored questions I gave them. They called me “ignorant” and other names, acting like aggressive, arrogant bullies. They piled on, not there to learn anything, but to trash those they deem are beneath them!

Remember, these are the people in charge of our healthcare, and they match the stories I already outlined at the beginning of this article! Yikes!

In closing, I know this was a long article but I want to spare you and your loved ones from this terrible system, one which kills and injures millions, without accountability or apology! But you can take action now, and put a stop to most useless and expensive drug use.

I’ll teach you how to improve your nutrition and activity so you can toss your pills in the garbage (where most belong)! You’ll slim down naturally without dieting. And after a few weeks, you’re ready to take flight. No long-term dependency on me. You’ll enjoy optimum health and a long life. Live to be 100 if you want to! I’ll help you enjoy those extra 15-20 years as productive and happy ones!

Feel free to request a free initial consult at:

Helpful links:

An updated article/video from 4/5/13 about the depth of #drug research bias, fraud, and drug #deaths:

On 5/7/13, Dr. Oz (who has become too much of a Hollywood showman this year), did an investigative report on spinal steroid shots (not approved by the FDA although many docs say they are), and how many people have been injured or killed by mistakes giving them (I was offered one of these years ago for my car accident, and fortunately, I said no thanks). The investigation also uncovered the total greed factor. It’s another case study for broken healthcare and also revealed his lack of knowledge for chiros:

I also ran across this info on 5/7/13 on 6 common but dangerous prescription drugs (including statins):

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If you have doubted every word I have said in these posts about the corruption of the U. S. and western medical industry, please see this shocking link information. In part, the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) editor said this: “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

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