Best Foods to Stay Slim This Holiday

by Steven Carney on December 18, 2013

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As we move into the peak of the holiday season, I thought I’d do a new post about the best foods to help you stay slim during the holidays! Whether you do the cooking or go out to parties, these simple tips will spare you gaining all those extra pounds so you won’t have to work them off after New Years!

1. Best appetizers:

The key is to focus on more whole, complex, slow-digesting appetizers, including:

  • Cut veggie platter (use any colorful mix of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, asparagus, radishes, peppers, mushrooms, etc.,) and just use a little dip to moisten (try guacamole, humus or plain Greek yogurt with herbs and spices instead of traditional ranch or onion dips)
  • Pickles, olives, cherry peppers, artichokes, caper berries, etc.
  • Nuts and seeds (raw/unsalted are best, but plain-roasted are okay)
  • Light proteins like shrimp, herring, sardines, salmon, crab and chicken skewers
  • A few slices of cheese, especially those with holes like Swiss, higher in vitamin K2
  • Mini-fruits, including grapes, berries, figs, dates, etc.

And be sure to minimize your offering or intake of chips, crackers, breads, pretzels, fried foods with breading/wrappers, cookies and refined-carb foods made from wheat, potatoes or corn. Those salty/sweet refined carbs ignite cravings, digest faster (which spikes glucose), and will quickly add those extra holiday pounds you have to work off later!

Consider making appetizers on top of sliced cucumber or zucchini, or stuff mushrooms with a whole range of tasty fillings: crab/salmon/seafood, veggies, beans, olive spread, goat cheese and herbs, etc.

2. Best drinks

Hydrate with a glass of water between drinks, or keep a glass of water handy so you can stay hydrated as you go. Also, eat some food before you leave so your stomach isn’t empty. If you drink, it will help to slow the alcohol metabolism. You will also feel less hungry so have a light protein snack or pick some foods from the list above. They are all good choices!

If you drink an equal amount of water for each drink you have, you will be more focused, sleep better and feel better the next morning. Red wine and microbrews can be good choices compared to mixed drinks because the amount of alcohol and mixers is so variable. So go easy on mixed drinks with any soda or sweetened juices/syrups/flavors with dyes. Drink slowly and aim for 1 or 2 drinks total.

3. Best main dishes

Here again, the key is to focus on whole, complex, slow-digesting foods:

  • Lean proteins, including turkey, pork/ham, fish, seafood or chicken
  • Veggies, especially those prepared simply with light sauces like herb-butter or EVOO and seasonings. Sweet potatoes are also healthy, so fill your plate with colorful veggies
  • Wild rice, quinoa, and amaranth are all healthy side choices (they are all seeds, not grains)
  • Beans, peas and legumes are also good if prepared simply
  • Cranberries, if served in whole berry form are okay but often loaded with sugar so use like a topping or garnish

By focusing on lean proteins, veggies, seed grains and beans (higher in protein), there will be little room for white, starchy foods like potatoes, white rice, bread stuffing, rolls and breads because again, all those white/refined carbs will add pounds far faster than the proteins, veggies and seeds!

If you want to participate and share, try a small sample of mashed potatoes or stuffing, again, add like a topping or garnish. You will help yourself greatly by having minimal amounts of those foods! Yes, what you eat really, really matters! By sticking to more whole, balanced and complete foods, you will tend to gain less pounds and not have that food hangover where you want to nap!

And don’t slather everything in gravy! It’s often thickened with wheat or starches. A light touch (maybe 1-2 tablespoons max.) should be enough. A little butter or EVOO is also a good choice to add a little moisture if needed.

4. Best desserts

As you should be pretty full, why not take a few small samples for dessert instead of taking full portions? Just say you are full but that you’d like to try a few. You could share or have half-portions of dessert:

  • Fruit and cheese platter
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Fruit pie/tart
  • Add a small dab of toping if you want

This way, you can sample the deserts and have the equivalent of 1 total serving! And with a small dab of topping, you are participating and sampling as you minimize the intake of sugar and refined carbs, the real origin of weight gain!

5. Best vitamins

Before you go out, take an extra multi-vitamin/multi-mineral. That will help supply extra vitamins and minerals, in a good balance, to help break down any sweets, carbs and alcohol you drink, keeping you out of deficits (you need vitamins and minerals to digest and metabolize the sweets and refined carbs you do eat).

The overall approach is to focus on whole, balanced foods and lean proteins with veggies, nuts, olives, etc. Keep the carbs and sweets to small, sample sizes and you will avoid gaining most, if not all of those extra holiday pounds. And what you do gain should be gone in a few days as you return to a normal, health eating pattern!

The hydration will also keep you fuller so you’re be less prone to overeat. This eating/drinking style should actually save you several extra pounds of weight compared to your usual eating habits, keeping your stress down and your mood more stable too.

Finally, make sure you stay active during the holidays. Even brisk walking for 15 minutes on a night of indulging will help keep everything moving and helping to use up the excess glucose you might accumulate!

By following these simple tips for his holiday season, you can enjoy yourself all the more! No need to worry about all your usual weight gain! So have fun with family and friends this year!

Drop me a line at: if you have any questions, and let me know how things worked out!

Were you able to have fun and hold your weight pretty steady?


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