My mission is to End Sickness Now!

In the U.S. and other western countries, common sickness like colds/flu, allergies, chronic health problems and depression are widespread! And believe it or not, most of those problems are driven by lifestyle choices, not age or genetics! (See my numerous posts and articles on this site.)

People get colds and flu and allergies more often than they need to. Other, more chronic problems can fester for years without symptoms, such as excess weight/obesity high blood pressure, prediabetes and diabetes, high cholesterol and triglycerides, atherosclerosis, and more! And many of these health problems and painful things like depression or anxiety are also driven by unhealthy choices in nutrition, activity and lifestyle.

About 66% of Americans are overweight or obese and about half of those are obese. Diabetes and other health problems are growing rapidly. When left untreated, these sicknesses will shorten you life significantly and can kill you suddenly (a heart attack can kill you in a few minutes)!

I can help you enjoy an optimum health Happy womanand life!

As a holistic health and wellness professional (and with 20 years of study and research into nutrition, health, disease and lifestyle), I can help you enjoy optimum health and longevity! I use a supportive, encouraging approach based on a positive coaching model. A trained coach works with you once per week to help inspire progress toward your health and life goals. We look forward to map out the most effective path to meet your health and life goals!

As we focus on your future, I’ll be your guide, helping you to make the forward progress you desire. In a few weeks, you’ll be on your way, improving and resolving your health or life challenges! How about fewer colds and flu? Maybe improved allergies? Other chronic health problems can also be improved or resolved as I work with you on a holistic level.

A recent client said this about my health coaching after he started feeling better (see Fees page for more endorsements):

“Steve is one of the most educated and caring people on the topic of health and how to achieve it. . .he cares because he is oozing with knowledge and ideas and he goes well beyond the confines of our agreement to provide me education and the things that I am concerned about.”

My Bio/History:

I’m committed to helping everyone find greater prosperity with their health, life and business (coming March 2013).

I’m certified through the Venice Nutrition/Fitness Program (August 2011) and for Life/Professional Coaching, through Fowler Wainwright International (March 2012). I was also certified as a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) about 10 years ago, and in May, 2013, I also became a certified Busienss Coach so I can ehlp clients with money and business issues too!

I’ve overcome many life challenges so I’ve walked in your shoes multiple times! I had Polio at age 3, and I learned what it’s like to be hospitalized and go through shots, surgeries, pain, etc. It was a great lesson in what happens when you lose your health and have to start over! I had to learn how to walk again! My outer left thigh now runs across my stomach! But I’ve overcome all those challenges, including getting rid of a limp I had until I was 35!

My passion for health and nutrition and research goes back 20 years and I read health articles/research daily. I have  reviewed or read thousands of articles, books and clinical studies about health, disease, supplements and drugs. I also follow articles about jobs, careers and relationships. 

I’ve overcome other life challenges, such as dyslexia, being chronically late, extra weight, allergies, blood sugar problems, knee problems/pain, a thyroid issue (I needed more iodine like the many people who have deficiency these days), etc.

I was also in a car accident a few years ago and had to heal neck and back problems/injuries (they wanted to fuse my neck vertebrae, but I said no. I’ve healed all of these health and life problems, using a natural approach with no drugs or surgeries. And I’m in better shape than I was 20 years ago!

Here is a recent video from CNN by the creator of the nutrition program I took (and simplified) in 2011: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/health/2012/01/06/gupta-new-year-new-you.cnn

A few of my health stats: BMI is around 21 (top 10% for my age), body fat around 16% (fitness level), waist is around 32 inches. BP runs around 115/70, with cholesterol, TSH and PSA all in good range. Fasting glucose runs in the 80s, and my hsCRP was less than .5, which is very low levels of inflammation (most adults over 50 are 3 or more). I can do 70 85 push-ups, then 20 45 more after a 60-second break! People say I look 15 years younger than my age.

The bottom line is that my experience and methods will work for you. It’s easier than you think!

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