5 Big Medical Lies

by Steven Carney on February 15, 2014

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I’m writing this post because I’ve been a victim of the deceptive medical industry before, and I’d like to help millions of Americans avoid what I’ve been through. I urge everyone to become more informed about the corruption in medicine so you are not a victim too. By choosing to be more informed, you can also help your loved ones from being harmed as well.

Below, I expose 5 big medical lies, ones you probably believe. If so, this may challenge your trust on a deep level. Many of us have been indoctrinated to believe that medicine is scientific. This post will dissect that belief, laying bare the real story and hidden motives behind medicine. So if the truth matters to you, please read on.

You will soon discover how deeply dishonest medicine is. You may feel utterly betrayed after you read this (I know I do).

Most of the story will be told by courageous medical insiders who have developed a conscience, and have decided to expose the true dealings of medicine, dealings that put your life at risk any time you enter that system. 

Some background

With the exception of serious accidents and injuries, where lives at risk are saved in ER departments, modern medicine kills and injures millions annually, a problem most doctors are loath to discuss. They don’t want to acknowledge the deaths and injuries that result from their often risky, unproven treatments (credible studies show that a significant majority of drugs and procedures are unproven or harmful, details in lies #3-5 below).

Those risky treatments include everything from prescribing dangerous and addictive drugs, misdiagnosis, medical errors and $750 billion in wasteful practices annually, practices which benefit medical providers handsomely.

This post explores the shocking corruption that puts millions of patients in harm’s way every day, using 100 insider quotes from MDs, medical experts, independent researchers, and ex-drug sales people. You will soon discover why so many people are killed and injured by modern medicine (hint: it’s not an accident).

Medicine accepts the millions of injuries and deaths as a part of doing business, a business based on maximizing profits (always remember that medicine is a business first). In fact, the checkered history of modern medicine is littered with dangerous and deadly practices, such as blood-letting, lobotomies, toxic lead and mercury cure-alls, surgeries without anesthesia, deadly radium treatments, etc. We have always been, and continue to be, guinea pigs for medical practitioners.

I include a related area of misinformation and corruption: well-financed campaigns to attack vitamins and supplements as useless or dangerous, a blatant abuse of science.

Anti-vitamin researchers often accept millions from drug companies to attack vitamins, money that permeates every corner of medical practice (yes, biased researchers and docs are often for sale, as you will see), and they run sham studies claiming supplements pose a danger when they don’t. We’ve had a slew of them in recent months, and I include many links to credible debunking articles below.

If you believe the anti-vitamin claims in these bogus studies, you should know this:

  • Comprehensive reports from over 55 U.S. Poison Control centers have found zero (0) deaths from vitamins, minerals or amino acids in 27 years (at around 60-billion doses annually now).
  • In that same 27 years, there have been 3 million deaths of family and loved ones from prescription drugs.
  • There are 4.5 million annual visits to ERs and doctor’s offices for serious drug side effects (which is about 12,000 per day)!
  • There is simply no basis for the wild claims that supplements are dangerous—it’s drugs that kill and injure millions annually, and they have for decades!
  • I can also assure you that the extreme claims for vitamin dangers or deaths are based on statistical manipulation, not proof!

It’s more than ironic that many docs (and the media) ignore ongoing medical carnage, preferring to attack vitamins instead (see links below in Background section for more eye-popping details about vitamin safety and drug dangers).

In fact, read these startling quotes from a 2013 article on the Refusers site called, Big Pharma and FDA: A Marriage Not Made in Heaven, showing the collusion between the drug industry, the FDA and medical journals to attack supplements with junk science (see link below for full details):

Drug companies and the FDA are not alone in wishing to suppress supplement alternatives to hyper-expensive patented prescription drugs. They have allies among both politicians and doctors. For example, the Archives of Internal Medicine, run by the American Medical Association, and supported financially by drug companies, often publishes flimsy studies attacking supplements, and generally ignores the considerable scientific evidence in their favor.

One such study, published October 10, 2011, by University of Michigan researchers, purported to show that taking supplements could shorten your life. It caused a media feeding frenzy, with headlines everywhere. The problem was that this study, like its predecessors, was junk science. The women in the study were asked every six years what they had taken. They were supposed to remember what they had taken for the six-year period. The reports did not have to be specific: the word “multivitamin” could mean anything. Who knows what was taken or even it if was taken? It could also be synthetic or natural.

Unfortunately, I see these fraudulent studies often, including doctors who embrace them. Even as I was writing this post, I encountered multiple docs and their ignorant colleagues (they hang together like a gang, voting each other’s comments up and dissenter’s down, to suppress comments they don’t agree with). With that crowd, no debate is allowed. Repress and steamroll those who don’t buy your biased views or agree with you. I’ve experienced it many times!

And those same doctors often refuse to look at the links I provide, ones to health and medical experts who debunk the sham anti-vitamin studies the doctors embrace. Several docs said they believed the bogus studies because they were in their favorite medical journal. Case closed!

I’ve seen this closed-minded attitude all my life, where docs believe they know it all already, no need to explore new ideas or insights. That’s totally anti-science, of course.

Most doctors quickly forget: Medical science is supposed to be a process of ongoing discovery, not a system for living the good life at the expense of sick people! Sadly, I have yet to meet a regular doctor online or in real life who is open to learning new things in the areas of nutrition, health, wellness, disease prevention, anti-aging, etc.

I’m also confident that most doctors don’t read or analyze either pro-drug or anti-vitamin studies in detail, nor do they seem to notice the obvious study bias found in press releases (that’s because it feeds their existing biases and beliefs!).

Some examples of anti-vitamin bias in recent studies are: Just 3 nutrients were called a “multivitamin” (since when?), and the multivitamin used in one study was a cheap brand with sub-standard nutrient levels, well below what most health experts recommend. These studies are designed to bring negative results and there are numerous ways to ensure negative outcomes.

As highlighted above, most anti-vitamin studies often rely on a few questionnaires covering many years, without objective blood tests to measure actual nutrient levels in the blood. These kinds of failings mean the studies are junk (there are many others, as the debunking links below will show)!

In fact, these anti-vitamin studies are so poorly done, they could never be used to get a drug approved. But it’s okay to use these pseudo-scientific methods to bash vitamins, and it’s done all the time. That double standard is one of many, pervasive flaws in research today, as you will soon see.

Here is a revealing quote about the most recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the one the media went wild for in mid-December, 2013. The quote is from a Sott.net article and it reveals strong study bias and manipulation, designed to arrive at a predetermined conclusion (bias means slanted or manipulated research which favors one outcome, rendering the study’s conclusions unscientific. See link below for more debunking details):

The authors of the study admitted they started out with a hypothesis that supplements wouldn’t add to life. It appears, although it is not revealed, that the supplement users actually lived longer than the non-supplement users. But the authors just manipulated the data until they got what they wanted and more: Supplements not only didn’t help – they were killers! And the lazy, biased, or naive major media took it from there.

That last part might sound like a harsh comment about the media, but this dishonest, anti-vitamin propaganda campaign has gone on for decades, largely unchallenged by any major media. If you think using the term, “propaganda” is too strong, propaganda refers to slanted, emotionally focused writing, used to shape beliefs rather than offer facts or balance, which is exactly how these studies and media campaigns are run.

And the media seems to believe that every study sent to them in a press release is real science, untainted by money or political influence. That belief is horribly misguided as the quotes below will demonstrate (single studies are meaningless in the scientific process anyway, it takes multiple studies to reach a threshold of credibility).

It’s time the media did its job and looked more deeply into the money, motives and bias of these anti-vitamin studies before disseminating so many falsehoods that risk your health and life (I’m offering to help train any media person in what to look for free of charge).

Education or indoctrination?

Belief lives in emotions not the intellect — my observation

Let’s begin with a look at medical education with this eye-opening quote from Dr. Robert Rowen, MD, talking about corruption in the medical industry, and its negative effects on education (see link below for full article by this doctor):

You probably know that our medical system is the most corrupt medical system money can buy. I’ve detailed many of the corrupt deals that go on between our government and big business. But it goes far beyond the Big Pharma-owned FDA. It extends right into the academic white ivory towers. So even the education our up-and-coming doctors receive is corrupt.

Now ponder this quote from Dr. Marcia Angell, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), from an article on Sott.net called, Big Pharma, Bad Medicine: How Corporate Dollars Corrupt Research and Education, about industry and medical education (see link below for full content):

Conflicts of interest are equally troubling in medical education, where industry influence is perhaps greatest and least justified. The pharmaceutical industry devotes much, if not most, of its vast marketing budget to what it calls the “education” of doctors. The reason is obvious: doctors write the prescriptions, so they need to be won over.

And here is an insightful quote from Dr. Nick Campos, summarizing a study about drug marketing to medical students (see link below for more details):

Researchers at Harvard Medical School analyzed published studies that included a total of 9,850 students at 76 medical schools in the United States. The investigators found that most of the students had some type of interaction with drug companies and that this contact increased during the clinical years, with up to 90% of clinical students receiving some form of marketing materials from drug makers.

Here is another troubling quote from Dr. Marcia Angell, again on Sott.net, as she exposes industry marketing activities masquerading as Continuing Medical Education/CME (see link below for more shocking revelations about drug research, education and corrupt practices. I broke quote into 2 paragraphs for easier reading):

One of the most flagrant examples of the merging of education and marketing is Pri-Med, which is owned by M/C Communications, one of the largest of the medical-education companies. In partnership with Harvard Medical School, Pri-Med provides CME conferences throughout the country at virtually no cost to those who attend, courtesy of the huge income it receives from industry sponsors.

The programs feature industry-prepared symposia during free meals, as well as academic talks by faculty during the rest of the day. The two types of talks are listed separately, but take place at the same meeting, where there is also a gigantic exhibit hall for industry sponsors. The Harvard name and logo figure prominently in Pri-Med’s advertising and at the conferences, in return for which Harvard Medical School receives direct income, as well as payments to participating faculty.

Can you begin to see the impact of industry money and marketing on education? Do you think you would go to free conferences with free meals, and develop a favorable view of the sponsors? Of course you would! That’s why drug companies buy a doctor’s loyalty early and often!

Here’s another stunning and insightful quote from Dr. Angell in the New York Review of Books, from an article called, Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption, covering the history, money influence and corruption on medical education and faculty (see link below for more, citation numbers removed to avoid confusion. I broke into 2 paragraphs for easier reading):

A few decades ago, medical schools did not have extensive financial dealings with industry, and faculty investigators who carried out industry-sponsored research generally did not have other ties to their sponsors. But schools now have their own manifold deals with industry and are hardly in a moral position to object to their faculty behaving in the same way.

A recent survey found that about two thirds [66%] of academic medical centers hold equity interest in companies that sponsor research within the same institution. A study of medical school department chairs found that two thirds [66%] received departmental income from drug companies and three fifths [60%] received personal income. . .

I’ve read many articles on the multiple ways doctors receive payments from industry, including consulting, speaking, education, etc. See my post with numerous source links called, Medical Corruption: Don’t be a Victim, linked below.

Here is another bombshell quote from Dr. Angell from the previous source, showing how deeply drug money corrupts research, medical practice, education and disease creation (more about this in Big Medical Lie #4, see link below, citation numbers removed to avoid confusion):

No one knows the total amount provided by drug companies to physicians, but I estimate from the annual reports of the top 9 U.S.-based drug companies that it comes to tens of billions of dollars a year in North America. . .the pharmaceutical industry has gained enormous control over how doctors evaluate and use its own products. Its extensive ties to physicians, particularly senior faculty at prestigious medical schools, affect the results of research, the way medicine is practiced, and even the definition of what constitutes a disease.

And this 2011 insider quote about how drug companies court favor with med students through trips and perks from an article called, Flacking for Big Pharma, on the American Scholar site, covering what is essentially bribery in medical education (again, broken into 2 paragraphs for easier reading):

Pharma’s journal ads tout not only products but also its hundreds of thousands of subsidized “educational opportunities.” Drug and medical-device makers spend $2 billion annually for more than 300,000 seminars and training opportunities, often held in the Bahamas or the Caribbean.

The wolfed-on-the-run free pizza for harried medical residents that the industry has so sanctimoniously forsworn bears little resemblance to the sumptuous feasts, flowing wines, chartered flights, cruises, luxurious lodgings, golfing, snorkeling, and remarkably attractive sales reps that characterize these island educational junkets.

Can you see how students are given a taste of money and the good life, with these vacation perks, being wined and dined at tropical resorts? Would you like that for yourself? Would you be excited to tell your friends about how great it was and would you go back?

And now this troubling quote from Dr. Angell, again on Sott.net, as she exposes yet another way schools have merged education practices with industry, including faculty members invited to sit on company boards, all to preserve drug industry influence on medical schools:

Schools, too, have deals with industry. Academic leaders, chairs, and even deans sit on boards of directors of drug companies. Many academic medical centers have set up special offices to offer companies quick soup-to-nuts service. Harvard’s Clinical Research Institute (HCRI), for example, originally advertised itself as led by people whose “experience gives HCRI an intimate understanding of industry’s needs, and knowledge of how best to meet them” – as though meeting industry’s needs is a legitimate purpose of an academic institution.

As you can see, a doctor’s education is intensely shaped by drug industry money and influence, reaching every possible forum and location, money that is little more than bribery. You will soon see that the education process is designed to cultivate a belief system about medicine, one based on the notion that drugs and procedures are proven while alternative approaches are quackery. Neither position is true. 

Big lie #1: Doctors study nutrition

Healthy nutrition is the foundation of life — my expression

Most people think that doctors study nutrition, a field basic to human health and wellness (remember, we all have to fight cancer with our immune systems daily, and we need to replace about a billion cells every hour). But the vast majority of doctors don’t study nutrition in school, as the following quotes will demonstrate. In fact, doctors aren’t educated in a wide range of health-related areas, from nutrition and exercise, to fitness, disease prevention, improving immune function, lifestyle modification, etc., all areas that form the very foundation of health!

Why does that matter? Read this 2009 quote from Science Daily News, showing that most chronic disease (heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, etc.), is preventable through lifestyle modification, based on a report in the Archives of Internal Medicine (see link below for more details):

Cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes—chronic diseases that together account for most deaths—are largely preventable, according to background information in the article. “An impressive body of research has implicated modifiable lifestyle factors such as smoking, physical activity, diet and body weight in the causes of these diseases,” the authors write.

And these 2012 quotes, from an article by Lola Butcher on the Modern Healthcare site, again showing that lifestyle drives chronic disease, even as doctors get no education in lifestyle modification (see link below for full details):

Dr. Dexter Shurney, medical director of the employee health plan for Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, considers lifestyle medicine to be the antidote to America’s healthcare cost crisis. Chronic diseases drive about two-thirds of a plan’s costs, he says, and at least 75% of chronic diseases are preventable.

“There’s a whole science on health behavior change and why we do what we do,” he says. “And physicians have zero training in it, and they are typically terrible at it. And the (healthcare) system makes them terrible at it in giving them only five or 10 minutes with a patient. You can’t do anything significantly productive in five or 10 minutes.”

. . .”If your system is just pills and procedures to treat consequences and never treat the causes (of chronic disease), it’s never going to work—I don’t care how efficient you get.”

So if research shows 70-80% of most diseases are preventable, why aren’t more Americans being educated and coached in the areas of nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and prevention? That would save millions of lives and billions in wasted costs? Why aren’t these critical, life-saving, cost-effective approaches the real focus of medicine and medical education?

At least some experts understand that a lifestyle approach is effective for prevention and treatment, and they are getting great results. I’ve followed some of these practitioners for years (especially enlightened MDs, such as Drs. Hyman, Fuhrman, Lustig, Davis, Brownstein, etc.), and their insights have helped me broaden my understanding of health and prevention.

I have hundreds of links to those and other experts, including their whistle blowing. I’ve also compiled lists of common ways studies are biased and manipulated (see the Anti-vitamin Propaganda link in the first section or my previous post called: Medical Bias and Research Fraud).

Let’s look in more detail about what really goes on in medical school, especially for areas like nutrition, lifestyle and prevention. Let’s begin with this startling quote from Dr. Strand, in an article by medical author, Emanuel Barling, et al., describing Dr. Strand’s lack of education in nutrition and supplements and how it affects their practice (see link below for full details):

. . .Only approximately 6 percent of the graduating physicians in the United States have any training in nutrition. Medical students may take elective courses on the topic, but few actually do… the education of most physicians is disease-oriented with a heavy emphasis on pharmaceuticals — we learn about drugs and why and when to use them.”

Dr. Strand, also observed that doctors usually make good teachers, but not good students. Most doctors fear not knowing the answers to medically-related issues and will try to present themselves with as much authority as possible.

Dietary supplements are a very foreign subject for most doctors, and most doctors show no interest in learning more about them. He opines that doctors are not taught much in medical school about the power of nutrition in medicine – only about the power of prescription drugs and surgery as treatment for diseases.

That quote echoes my experience, and explains why so many docs refuse to admit they are wrong or haven’t studied areas like nutrition or prevention, simply claiming they are all unproven when they are not! How about this quote with information about a study on doctors’ nutritional knowledge, with many doctors failing a nutritional test (see link below for full details):

The study concluded that doctors think they know enough about nutrition, but actually don’t — with the average medical student’s score being lower than an “F.”

The study asked doctors a list of basic questions about diet and cardiovascular disease, with the average test score being lower than a fail grade of 64%. For example, 71% of medical students incorrectly answered that avocados contain cholesterol, when in fact they do not.

Now add theses insightful quotes from the Cancer Compass site about medical education and indoctrination, emphasizing the influence of the drug industry and its money, at the expense of nutrition and prevention (see link below for more info and a moving video by Eddie Albert who was involved in his wife’s cancer care before she died, quote again broken into several paragraphs):

The pharmaceutical industry is involved in every aspect of the training of medical students and doctors, all geared at removing creative thought and promoting a pharmaceutical-based agenda. This indoctrination starts in medical school, by providing funding and materials which dictate how medical students are taught, and then moves into the continuing education courses that doctors are required to take throughout their careers, and by providing research dollars that continue to push the pharmaceutical-based agenda.

Once established in a practice, pharmaceutical representatives continually call on doctors, spending millions of dollars providing meals and perks to influence how doctors practice medicine. . .

When asked why hospitals don’t offer nutrition or cancer prevention education to their cancer patients, former American Cancer Society president Robert J Mckenna responded. “It’s not sexy, its not economically sensible. Insurance companies pay for treating sick people-they don’t pay for treating well people.”

Can you see a pattern here? Money buys access and influence, shaping student beliefs and what they learn and don’t learn. And does that last paragraph give you some insight about how shallow and money-driven medicine is?

Do you begin to see why more people get diseases like cancer, because medical training is heavily focused on pushing drugs and surgeries after people are already sick, rather than focused on prevention as quotes have already shown?

Can you also see how doctors are given a distorted, alternate reality about nutrition, supplements, lifestyle and prevention? It’s especially shocking because the Standard American Diet (SAD) is one of the worst in the civilized world, known to drive excess weight, inflammation and chronic disease. Think about this situation in relation to the earlier quotes that most chronic disease is preventable with lifestyle changes, not drugs or surgeries.

The disconnect between what should be done vs. what is done is obvious. Is it also becoming clear that medical students and doctors are focused on treating (but not curing) people who are already sick and desperate, as opposed to helping patients prevent lifestyle-driven diseases like cancer and heart disease (only about 10% of cancers are genetic).

How about these truly startling quotes from an article called, Indoctrinated Doctors/Tough Questions About Modern Medical Education by Helke Ferrie (see link below for many more details):

. . .The medical schools themselves are largely financed by Big Pharma as well, and 70% of the committee members generating practice guidelines have direct financial ties to the drug companies whose products they recommend.

Dr. Drummond Rennie, one of the editors of the Journal of the American Medical Association, said that “medical education is down the toilet” because the research taught to the medical profession cannot be trusted anymore; its data are “doctored” to satisfy the drug companies, which pay for about 60% of all medical research, as well as for most continuing medical education programs.

. . .the free hand-outs and perks cost Big Pharma about $30,000 per year, per doctor, in the US. Is this the education we want our doctors to have? Especially when the evidence suggests that for Big Pharma, “human life is just road-kill on the highway to profit”, as former Health Canada safety expert, Dr. Michelle Brill-Edwards, puts it.

That last quote is stunning! Does anyone think doctors are given all those gifts and perks because drug companies are nice?

Drug companies clearly use that annual $30,000 (or whatever the exact sum is now) as an effective marketing investment, designed to bring in future drug sales. And it’s this kind of corrupt influence on doctors’ education that explains what I encounter: docs who believe in drugs while bashing nutrition and supplements. There is no way to see this as anything other than what it is: companies bribing doctors to get billions in future drug sales.

Here is an additional quote from Dr. Strand, from the previously cited article by Emanuel Barling, et al., about his switch toward more nutrition in his practice, and getting great results from it:

For the first twenty-three years of my clinical practice, I simply did not believe in nutritional supplements. During the past seven years, however, I have reconsidered my position based on recent studies published in the medical literature. What I’ve found is so astonishing, I have changed the course of my medical practice…

Physicians seem content to allow the pharmaceutical companies to determine new therapies as they develop new drugs… physicians are simply too busy treating disease to worry about educating their patients in healthy lifestyles that help avoid developing degenerative diseases in the first place.

As I have applied these principles in treating my patients the results have been nothing short of amazing.

Notice that he mentioned the lack of “belief” in nutritional supplements early in his comment, an observation that fits with my experience and the true lack of science in medicine. As you go through this article, that “belief” issue will be more obvious, along with the shocking lack of science in medicine. He is also acknowledging the focus on disease, something else I will debunk as we go.

Ponder this insightful quote from Gary Wade on the lack of nutritional education and training to recognize nutritional deficiencies and their connection to chronic, degenerative disease (Note: I broke into 2 paragraphs, see link below for more details):

. . .Of the 129 medical schools in America only 22 of them [17%] have any required courses in nutrition. And these nutrition courses only supply the beginning rudimentary information about nutrition. Medical students are not trained to see the connections between many degenerative diseases and prolonged sub clinical malnutrition.

Nor [are] they trained to treat many degenerative diseases with what is often wrongly called mega-nutritional supplements by mainstream allopathic doctors [those who use drugs and surgeries]. Instead allopathic doctors are taught the proper sanctioned surgical or sanctioned pharmaceutical treatment. As often as not these surgical and pharmaceutical treatments are ineffective or only mask symptoms, but do not cure or alleviate the root problem or ailment.

And finally, this quote from the previously cited article called, Indoctrinated Doctors/Tough Questions About Modern Medical Education, outlining recent medical textbook editions and what is now excluded and glossed over (see link below for full medical text history):

Gone are discussions on ethics, conflicts of interest, economics; complementary medicine is dismissed with a nasty diatribe – again without evidentiary support. Yet, the discussions on vitamins and minerals later on are factually good; even St. John’s Wort, Echinacea and Saw Palmetto are treated with respect. But suddenly the RDA is now “overly generous”, supplements carry “potential risks”, and it is hammered in to the reader that the amount of each vitamin (e.g. 80 mg of C per day, no matter what the circumstances) must be the total derived from food and supplements. Doctors are told that we get all we need from our diets. Perhaps, the food industry wrote this section.

This last quote fits what I see often: Doctors who believe that 80 or 100 MG of vitamin C is a “megadose” a dose which in fact offers little health or therapeutic value (for example, less than 30 million of Americans have adequate levels of vitamins C. See link below). These unscientific labels of megadoses for modest amounts of vitamins are misleading and dishonest! And yet I see this kind of indoctrination and ignorance often!

For more insights about this last quote (RDAs, supplements, nutrition from diet, etc.), see my series of links below that include information and studies on decades of soil depletion, nutrient losses during shipping and storage, and the widespread deficiencies of vitamins and minerals in the U.S.

The bottom line on nutrition is this: The claim that you can get all your vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients from diet alone (or from your “fork and knife” as docs claim) is simply false, and reflects the shocking ignorance most doctors have about nutrition (remember, most failed the nutrition test). People in the U.S. have widespread nutritional deficiencies and along with a terrible diet, the SAD (see Vitamin and Mineral post links in the nutrition section below for complete information about deficiencies, sources, etc.).

The willful ignorance that most doctors have about nutrition and lifestyle fuels to the high rates of chronic and infectious disease we see now. Remember, your health and immune system relies on a good supply of nutrients and a healthy lifestyle so you can function at your peak.

Once you get sick from their lack of education and false claims about food and lifestyle, the doctor is happy to offer “treatments” that are self-serving and almost never cure you or your loved ones (more shocking details about this issue in lies #2-#5).

Widespread anti-vitamin bias

So is it any wonder that we get so many biased and poorly done studies on vitamins and supplements? These researchers are often clueless about the complex synergy of micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.), as they mix with food, along with other lifestyle issues like activity, stress and sleep.

I’ve read dozens of anti-vitamin study debunks (maybe hundreds), doing some myself. They clearly show that author bias can carry from the underlying design (funding often from drug-friendly sources), to subject selection (often older, sicker populations with chronic disease, many taking drugs that interfere with metabolism and nutrient levels), data gathering (often questionnaires, not objective blood tests), poor compliance and data manipulation that all lead to undeniable research fraud.

The current anti-vitamin media darling is Dr. Offit, and he has received lots of media coverage lately (he has an anti-vitamin book to sell after all). No surprise, he is one of the most biased, anti-vitamin, vaccine-pushing doctors around. The old studies he loves to quote about vitamin dangers have all been debunked for years or decades. I’ve collected many troubling links about Dr. Offit. See previous post and links: Propaganda: The Dark Side of Ignorance.

His views on supplements reflect ignorance not insight! Would you ask young kids to help you do your taxes? That’s silly of course; they don’t have the knowledge or skill. Likewise, most doctors are nutritional and health amateurs and “children,” unable to provide meaningful help or expertise in nutrition, supplements, health improvement or disease prevention, including helping you to improve any unhealthy behaviors you might have!

Yet we are told to ask our doctors about it and the media loves to get a doctor’s quote for their latest anti-vitamin propaganda story. It’s ego and marketing, and you’ll get terrible advice!

Did you know? Dr. Rima Laibow, an MD, has collected 10,000 credible studies on supplements and their effectiveness (see link below for those details), and she discusses the corruption of medicine often, including Dr. Offit.

As Dr. Greger comments in his recent video, talking about dietary patterns, modern medicine, ineffective medical treatments, etc., from NutritionFacts.org, (see video link below for whole video):

Preventive medicine is, frankly, bad for business!

I hope the above quotes helped to pull back the curtain on the corrosive influence industry has on medical education, including the reality that most doctors don’t study nutrition, fitness, lifestyle change or disease prevention, areas that form the very foundation of health! 

There is no way to defend the lack of basic nutrition and prevention education! What’s worse, medicine has a history of attacking those very approaches as quackery (see Big Medical Lie #5 for the sordid histories of the AMA and FDA). As many experts and authors stated, medical education is a form of indoctrination, steering beliefs toward more dangerous, often ineffective drugs, while dismissing and attacking safer, effective nutritional and alternative approaches.

Below, the lies and fraud in drug research and medical effectiveness will be exposed in more surgical detail. As we tackle the remaining 4 big medical lies that form the very foundation of medical practice, I hope you will see why those lies put your very life at risk, including the lives of your loved ones.

As the post is quite detailed, feel free to read only one section or big lie heading at a time (I have included subheads to help provide structure and additional points to stop and start). I include dozens more quotes from medical doctors, credible research experts and drug insiders, letting them tell most of the medical-corruption story (including many additional links below that aren’t quoted but loaded with important details).

As this post was a bit lengthy, I’ve created a special report/PDF file (including over 200 source links), available by request at this e-mail: steve@endsicknessnow.com

Here is a brief summary of each lie beyond this first one, all included in the special report:

Big Medical Lie #2 is called: Research is trustworthy

This in-depth section exposes numerous and hidden ways research is slanted, biased, exaggerated and faked, with many researchers now indicating that a majority of medical research findings are false!

The first section provides numerous quotes about areas of manipulation and bias, resulting in what’s called, Reporting bias.

The additional subsections covering research fraud are:

Hiding Negative Studies (publication bias)

More Research Fraud: Ghostwriting

More Research Fraud: Peer Review

Fraud Lives On and On

Journals Add More Corruption

Journals and Media campaigns

Big Medical Lie #3 is called: Medicine is scientific

The initial info includes quotes and research review information regarding the low level of actual evidence or proof of medical drugs and procedures. The conclusion is that only about 10-15% of drugs, procedures and surgeries are supported by evidence! That means about 85% of the things your doctor does is unproven and NOT based on evidence!

Additional subsections are:

Connecting the dots to here

Deaths, injuries, errors and misdiagnosis 

Big lie #4 is called: Treating symptoms is healing

This section begins with an inspirational list of incredible body facts that show how incredible the body is! This section goes on to explore some basics of drugs an the fallacy that treating symptoms is useful or leads to healing.

Additional subsections are:

Why side effects kill and injure

Big fines, more corruption

Two problems, same outcome

Many drugs are placebos with side effects

Statin nonsense

More diseases, more drug sales

Big Lie #5 is called: The AMA and FDA put you first

This section has the shocking history of the AMA, its criminal activities, profiteering, corruption and support of horrific medical procedures and their contributions to deaths and injuries. It includes the cozy relationship to the drug industry, from millions in journal ads to combined lobbying efforts to protect their medical monopoly and stranglehold on medical practice.

Additional subsection are:

The FDA, like the AMA, puts themselves first

What about cost?

Life-saving tips

In closing

Helpful links (NOTE: many links below are not a quote source but are included to support the comments I make in the main text and only cover the first sections posted here):

Background section 

Here are links to articles and sources showing no vitamin or supplement deaths:









Here are 9 (of many) links that debunk the recent anti-vitamin studies and clearly demonstrate they are pure junk:










And this debunk of the recent 2014 study on vitamin E, antioxidants and cancer, again mixing irrelevant mega doses in mice with human needs for vitamin E (hint, another preposterous study with zero (0) scientific credibility, and again, the media goes wild for this irrelevant junk: 


Education or indoctrination section


Dr. Angell quotes: 









Big lie #1: Doctors study nutrition 




Quotes from Dr. Strand on his education: 


Doctors fail nutrition study: 





Watch this video from MDs if you really want to understand the lack of nutrition training, prevention and how medicine works for its own benefit and greed, not yours: 





Widespread anti-vitamin bias 


A helpful video pointing out how rare our chronic diseases are in people with more whole-food diets: 


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AScottBrown February 16, 2014 at 10:24 PM

Thanks for the article. I really appreciate the passion you bring to the topic.

In my opinion, one of the problems with ‘experts’ in any field is that they constantly feel the need to display their expertise. For doctors that often means sending people off to fancy, and invasive procedures, instead of simply adding or taking away from our diets, a fruit or mineral for example.

We are fortunate that where we live, China, despite many problems in health care, herbal treatments are always considered as an option. Every hospital has a fully stocked western and herbal pharmacy on the premises.

Steven Carney February 17, 2014 at 8:11 AM

Yes, good points! One of the quotes was exactly about how doctors dont’ like to admit they don’t know about health issues.
I just commented to a thread about TCM on Quora a few days ago. The question was if TCM would fade away as western medicine takes over. I said, “I hope not” and gave some reasons, including the thousands of years of historical use, low risk of injury or death, etc.

AidaG February 18, 2014 at 12:50 AM

Great article. I particularly like the last part of making people aware that they have to look out for themselves and not trust that their doctor/medical facility will always act in their best interest. It’s a really important message to get out there!!
Explore all options and don’t sign your life away on the dotted line before you have made absolutely sure what they are about to do is the best option for you!

Steven Carney February 18, 2014 at 7:44 AM

Sounds ike you read the whole thing! I figured most people would do a little at a time, maybe take a week! How does it square with what you find with people you work with?

AidaG February 18, 2014 at 2:38 PM

I did it in 3 sessions and have only opened one link so far. Don’t think I’ll open all of them, but plan to have a look at a few more when I have time. I think you are hitting the nail on the head. There are some really good doctors out there, but the majority fit the same mould. Some of them are great people and do their best with the knowledge they have (which is lacking due to their education). They are not all corrupt, but something needs to change. The university that I have been attending scrapped “nutrition” as a subject for nurses a couple of years ago. It needed a re-vamp to catch up with research/reality for sure, but I’m not sure that was the best move. Nutrition is such a basic tool for health, it should be a pre requisite for ALL health subjects in my opinion. Ignorance is NOT bliss. What you do not know CAN hurt you!

Steven Carney February 18, 2014 at 2:56 PM

Great insights as always! and it’m sure you see lots you don’t like. My sister became an RN here (another state), and did a stint as a surgical nurse. She told me how arrogant the docs were. She said they woud often curse the nurses out, sometimes drawing tears. She left that job and ended up doing home health care. I hope you survive it all!

AidaG February 18, 2014 at 5:18 PM

Luckily the hospital I work in now is not that bad. Many of the doctors there are actually quite approachable and do take time to listen to important input from nurses who tend to get to know the patients better as they spend more time with them. However I have come across some extremely arrogant ones in other hospitals.

sylverster February 19, 2014 at 12:53 AM

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Anonymous February 19, 2014 at 6:44 AM

I like looking through a post that will make people think.
Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

addi February 20, 2014 at 3:35 PM

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Anonymous February 21, 2014 at 11:09 PM

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Anonymous February 24, 2014 at 1:57 PM

This was a really wonderful article. Thank you for supplying this information.

Tyson February 24, 2014 at 9:44 PM

I just want to tell you that I savored you’re new post. I plan to bookmark your site.

Steven Carney February 19, 2014 at 8:12 AM

Sorry I didnt get back. We had a windstorm and my fence belew down so I’m repairing it.

You’re lucky you have some decent docs there. My experience has been quite bad, and I especially call out the online world with so much arrogance and name-calling from docs. Even the med studients still think cholesterol causes heart disease! So fresh batches of grads taught the same lies and falsehoods!

I’ve stopped using Yahoo because they get so aggressive, calling me dangerous and a quack! But other sites are rough too, as docs slam me an anyone else who challenge them.

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