3 Harmful Nutrition Myths

by Steven Carney on November 5, 2013

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Whether I’m online, watching some TV docs or talking to people I meet, I encounter harmful nutrition myths often. Many people, including docs, are terribly misinformed about nutrition, supplements and areas like optimum health (remember, true health is not just the lack of disease)! Here are 3 harmful nutrition myths I encounter often:

Myth #1. Count calories to manage weight or lose weight

This is a false concept for many reasons! Calorie content in food is based on an old-fashoned lab test where the food is processed and burned in a chamber. The heat given off causes the temperature in a surrounding water tank to rise and that increase in temperature claims to be a measurement of calories and energy in the food (technically, the amount of energy needed to raise 1 kilogram of water 1° C).

But those tests are neither accurate or useful. Your body does not function the way the test is done! Many foods and meals change over time, so these lab measurements done on a sample or two can vary and easily mislead. Plus, many experts say the process can underestimate the calorie content of foods, causing people who count calories to eat more!

This lab test doesn’t replicate what a body does after a meal, and won’t account for your food choices, unique metabolism or lifestyle. But the real issue is that calories are not a significant element when considering nutrition, digestion and metabolism. 

Take a can of soda and a broiled chicken breast, each at around 150 or 160 calories. What those foods do in the body and how they digest and metabolize are completely different, leading to virtually opposite health effects!

For example, the soda will:

  • Spike glucose levels within an hour and stress the liver where the fructose is processed
  • Cause insulin to be released which will increase fat storage/weight gain
  • Raise triglyceride levels (a type of blood fat, also from sugar and carbs)
  • Steal B vitamins and minerals like chromium, magnesium and zinc from other foods or tissues to facilitate break down
  • Offer no useful protein, fat, fiber or micronutrients
  • Add to greater tooth decay
  • Throw off mineral balances/contribute to osteoporosis from phosphoric acid
  • Fuel inflammation and disrupt immune function
  • Is an unhealthy beverage, void of useful or balanced nutrition

The chicken breast will:

  • Digest slowly and not spike blood sugar
  • Provide about 25 grams of healthy protein
  • Provide vitamins A and B, plus minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium
  • Include a few grams of healthy fats
  • Include some healthy omega-3 fat (also slows digestion)
  • Provide a more balanced food which won’t tend to add to weight gain

With about equal calories, the nutrient content, digestive speed, metabolism and health benefits of the soda and chicken breast are 180 degrees apart! They are as opposite as they could be, as are the resulting health effects. It’s a good example of why calories don’t matter! What matters is the quality and balance of nourishment in food, because that directly affects digestion, metabolism, hormonal functions, sustained energy and health.

The idea that calories are all important for tracking food ignores critical nutritional elements, such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants (micronutrients) and fiber, all of which slow digestion, stabilize metabolism and hormone levels, significantly affecting health. This includes gene activation: healthy, balanced foods will tend to activate health genes and foods like soda and processed foods/refined carbs will activate disease genes. Yes, you are what you eat!

This same situation applies to a meal comparison, such as a broiled chicken breast, veggies and a brown/wild rice mix with green tea vs. a small burger with bun, fries and soda, each meal with 480-500 calories.

See the first link below for a more complete analysis but the result is the same as the example here: The more processed burger meal will cause similar health problems as the soda vs. the more whole, healthy chicken breast and veggie meal which will provide more balanced nourishment, stable energy and weight, and better nutrition and health in normal portions.

The bottom line is that calories are NOT very important because they don’t provide accuracy or predictability. What we need to focus on are the other nutritional aspects of the food: how processed is it (preservatives, dyes, etc.), how many refined carbs it has, how many micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.), and how much protein, healthy fat and fiber? All of those considerations have a far more direct impact on digestion, metabolism, hormones and health. That’s where the fucus should be if you want longevity and health for the long run!

In another failure of meaningful science, calories and counting calories is dogma for many doctors, dietitians and other medical people. It demonstrates now fundamentally old-fashioned and uneducated those people are when it comes to understanding nutrition on a deeper level of complexity and health outcomes!

One other important note about weight loss. If you are looking at any program which is built on a system of calorie restriction, you should now realize those are bogus! There is no need to starve yourself or cut calories and nutrients which will damage your health over time, or buy into a program of prepared or packaged foods, meals, shakes, special supplements, or other form of long-term dependency. Don’t buy it! You don’t need it! Those are all done to separate you from your money and to keep your money going to them! Don’t be a victim of these predators!

I can teach you in 4-6 calls how to lose weight without dieting or creating a system of dependency! Once you learn the right steps for your lifestyle, you will be able to make the right decisions every day! That’s how you reach a healthy weight and healthy life!

Myth #2. You can get your vitamins from your food

This is something I continue to hear from docs (on TV, online, etc.), and it’s clearly false! This is the kind of thing docs have been taught for decades but it’s not true!

Multiple studies have demonstrated the falling nutritional content in foods as the decades have progressed. The reason is largely due to our high-yield, industrial farming, focused on profit rather than nutrition or health! Many experts say nutrition has fallen for years and that crops have less vitamins and minerals, probably dropping by about 20-75%, depending on the crop and nutrient studied.

One study from Donald Davis and the University of Texas looked at 43 veggies and fruits from 1950 compared to 1999. They found:

. . .declines in the amount of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin C over the past half century. . .

Efforts to breed new varieties of crops that provide greater yield, pest resistance and climate adaptability have allowed crops to grow bigger and more rapidly,” reported Davis, “but their ability to manufacture or uptake nutrients has not kept pace with their rapid growth.” There have likely been declines in other nutrients, too, he said, such as magnesium, zinc and vitamins B-6 and E, but they were not studied in 1950 and more research is needed to find out how much less we are getting of these key vitamins and minerals.

(See link below for full details.)

Most U.S. adults have nutrient deficiencies

We live in a pseudo-scientific nation where hype, drama and propaganda matter more than facts. If you think about vitamins and what many doctors say (we don’t need them, get them from food, etc.), they will talk about the levels set by medical boards and government agencies. But those are all based on our faulty and hugely expensive disease-model, where nutrient levels are set to only avoid disease, not to optimize health! And there is a big difference if you want to prevent chronic health problems in your life!

For optimum health, many micronutrients need to be 2-3 times those disease-avoidance levels, depending on age, gender and your unique health needs (pregnant women often need higher vitamins and mineral intakes). The medical industry thinks supplements are unproven and claim they only give you expensive urine (as I mentioned, all 3 network TV docks commented on this on Dr. Oz)! What those statements show is how little training, background and understanding they have about nutrition and health!

The Most common deficiencies

Some of the most common vitamin deficiencies are:

  • B-complex vitamins, especially B12 (water soluble/not stored)
  • Vitamin C (water soluble/not stored)
  • Vitamin D (a hormone, deficiencies for optimum health are over 50%)
  • E-complex (hard to get all 8 forms)
  • Vitamin K2 (not very available in most U.S. foods)

Some of the most common mineral deficiencies are:

  • Calcium (common in women and older adults)
  • Magnesium (common at 50% or more)
  • Chromium (deficiency is common)
  • Iodine (deficiencies are common, perhaps 50%)
  • Iron (women are especially vulnerable)
  • Zinc (up to 40% deficiency)

Plus, omega-3 fatty acids like those found in fish oil. Americans have an unhealthy ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fats from their diets, which are low in fish and seafood, high in refined veggie oils and fried foods.

So the reality is that you can’t get all your vitamins with your knife and fork because food nutrition has fallen for decades. It’s necessary to supplement and especially to have a good balance of nutrients as vitamins and minerals work together in combinations and groups for optimum health.

Myth #3. Saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease

This was always false and has been debunked for decades by a growing number of medical experts. The theory is based on biased research from over 50 years ago! Yet, most doctors and other medically trained people still claim that heart disease is caused by high saturated fat and cholesterol! Lets get some perspective from medical experts who know cholesterol and heart disease better than most doctors.

The first quote is from George V. Mann, MD, and Co-director of the well-known Framingham Heart Study (sadly, he passed away this July at age 95. RIP George. . .and thanks for your wisdom):

The diet-heart idea (the notion that saturated fats and cholesterol cause heart disease) is the greatest scientific deception of our times. This idea has been repeatedly shown to be wrong, and yet, for complicated reasons of pride, profit and prejudice, the hypothesis continues to be exploited by scientists, fund-raising enterprises, food companies and even governmental agencies. The public is being deceived by the greatest health scam of the century.

I think Dr. Mann was being nice in the way he worded that, but the meaning is clear: high cholesterol is a massive scam and deception! Here is a similar quote from Edward Pinckney, MD, former co-editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association:

If you believe that you can ward off death from heart disease by altering the amount of cholesterol in your blood, whether by diet or by drugs, you are following a regime that still has no basis in fact. Rather, you as a consumer have been taken in by certain commercial interests and health groups who are more interested in your money than your life.

Dr. Pinckney also makes it clear that cholesterol is an unproven cause for heart disease! But I have more quotes from medical insiders that will shock you as well! For example, read this quote from K. L. Carlson, a former pharmaceutical sales rep. It will cast a bright light on how those cholesterol guidelines were influenced by drug industry money and pressure:

Cholesterol guidelines have been created to increase pharmaceutical profits, not to improve peoples’ health. I know from my experience as a pharmaceutical sales representative for a statin drug. We were trained to emphasize to physicians the new lower LDL guidelines that were ostensibly created by health experts. The truth is the majority of the experts who created the lower guidelines have multiple financial ties to pharmaceutical companies. One expert was found to have ties to ten drug firms.

So in spite of the lack of scientific evidence for cholesterol as a cause of heart disease (or any disease), it’s estimated that 30-40 million people in the U.S. are taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol, with no real proof that these drugs make any difference (genetic problems for high cholesterol are quite rare, perhaps a few percent). Talk about corrupt!

The original cholesterol-heart theory gained a foothold because of biased and manipulated research going back almost 60 years. A scientist named Ancel Keys, considered a key insider and AHA (American Heart Association) power player, helped to originate the cholesterol-heart disease theory.

Whether or not you’re taking a statin, you probably believe that high cholesterol causes heart disease. The underlying claim for these overly prescribed drugs, that high fat and cholesterol levels cause heart disease, has been debunked by many health experts, including me, for years. Why doesn’t your doctor know?

The real cause of heart disease/athero

The origins of HD are more complex and are largely driven by problems like inflammation and the SAD (Standard American Diet). Lifestyle choices also play key roles. Let me say it this way: Dietary cholesterol or blood cholesterol from fat is not the cause of heart disease!

Foods like refined carbs, wheat and sugar, plus refined, easily oxidized veggie oils along with inflammation are the main culprits. Also fried foods, tran-fats and habits like smoking and inactivity contribute to HD. Eggs, butter, cheese and Greek yogurt? Not really, especially in moderation (1 or 2 servings daily should be okay for most people, especially if they replace refined carbs/processed and junk foods)!

The process of athero/HD works like this: Once the delicate artery walls are inflamed (often by the unhealthy dietary and lifestyle habits listed above), they begin to accumulate more fats, oxidized LDL (think rancid oil), and immune cells as the body tries to repair the damage. It’s similar to an autoimmune condition. The body tries to repair the wound and the process becomes inflammatory itself! It can take decades before people have symptoms and many die without chest pains or other symptoms.

But it you believe that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease, you’ve been lied to! Your family and loved ones too! A deception that makes billions for the drug industry and your doctor every year! A big lie that puts your health and those you love at risk daily. You should feel angry because statins cause serious side effects that can kill and injure, yet it’s all become acceptable by doctors, hospitals, the FDA and the government.

If you take a statin and believe you are protected from a heart attack, you are not! You can still have a heart attack without any warning, and about 50% of people do. You can die from the very first attack, as many do (and don’t forget, heart disease is the number 1 killer of woman too)!

If you are ever in a position to be put on a statin, based on the standard cholesterol tests (HDL/LDL/triglycerides), ask for (or get) a VAP or NMR test first (I can show you how)! Those measure cholesterol particle sizes and provide far more important information that can show your true heart disease risk and its origin, such as the carbs and wheat mentioned above. I’d also recommend a hsCRP test to find your systemic levels of inflammation. Keep this in mind: statins generate $20-30 billion in global revenue annually. It’s a massive, massive fraud!

In truth, statin drugs only lower risk of a heart attack by 1-2%, about the same as placebo, but show no benefit at all for all-cause mortality. That’s because people who take statins often get serious side effects, including muscle weakness/pain, liver problems, diabetes, strokes, nerve problems and a weaker heart from lowered Co-Q10!

So I hope these 3 nutrition and health myths offer you some insights or things you didn’t know! Remember that 70% of doctors get little or no nutritional education, whereas I’ve been at this for 20 years!

And if you have questions, or you would like some nutrition coaching or a make over (and how to move away from drugs), drop me a line at: steve@endsicknessnow.com and I will get in touch soon!

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