September 2012

Life Expectancy Drops!

September 27, 2012

A new study reveals a troubling drop in life expectancy, especially for those without a high school diploma. White females in that group dropped 5 years between 1990 and 2008, and their expected age dropped from 78 years to about 73 years. The study looked at a range of lifestyle habits and found unhealthy habits, such […]

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Fish Oil for Health!

September 24, 2012

You may have heard about recent study that claimed fish oil failed to prevent heart attacks or deaths. As is too often the case, the study’s methods and analysis were flawed and biased. Even so, the media went into a frenzy by covering the study’s dramatic, unsupported headlines. As usual, they left out all the […]

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Obesity to Explode!

September 20, 2012

A new study is just out, one that projects an explosive rise in U.S. obesity rates. The report is from the Trust for America’s Health and their projections show that in about 15 years, by 2030, 50% of Americans will be obese (up from about 35% of adults currently, while about 17% of children are obese now). The report also […]

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Green or White Tea: Which is Better?

September 17, 2012

I know you may have heard of green tea. You might drink it already or you’ve had it at your local Chinese restaurant. Green tea is a common beverage in many Asian countries. But how does it compare to white tea? Green tea is harvested from the Camellia plant’s younger leaves and has minimal processing. […]

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Massive Waste in Healthcare!

September 13, 2012

A recent report from the IOM (Institute of Medicine) has some truly shocking estimates of waste, fraud and failures in the U.S. healthcare system! Their new report, and articles written about it, expose the structural dysfunction and corruption of the system. Some highlights (or should I say, low-lights) are as follows: Unnecessary services waste 210 […]

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Are Eggs Healthy or Not?

September 10, 2012

It seems that every month or so, a breathless media personality tells us that eggs are good, then bad, then good, then bad again! This unscientific debate also happens with other foods and nutrition, driven by exaggerated headlines and often biased, manipulated research. The reason is simple: Most reporters and news people have little or […]

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Wheat: The Bad and the Ugly!

September 6, 2012

NOTE: Please check out the multiple link updates for this post! Although many people think wheat is healthy, modern wheat, with it’s numerous manipulations and hybridizations is no longer a good choice! Its nutritional benefits are largely a myth now! Wheat comes in many forms, from breads, crackers and pasta to many processed foods containing wheat flour, gluten, […]

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The Skinny on Fats

September 3, 2012

Dietary fats are important for health, energy and cellular function, but not all fats are equal. Many people don’t know the important differences in fats or which ones are best. Not only do fat compositions vary greatly, but their effects on metabolic function and health can run the spectrum from deadly to healthy! Worst to best […]

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